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Yorkville Township,
Racine County, Wisconsin

(Exploring Family Ties)

compiled by: Mary Anne Falk April, 1991

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This book was designed to preserve the memory of a once "budding little metropolis" in the heart of Racine and Kenosha County farmlands. It is dedicated to the descendants of the early pioneer farm families who still call this lovely part of America's heartland -- HOME! Mary Anne Culshaw Falk

SOUTH DIVISION BLOCK 1-LOT 1-SD-Christian Heidersdorf, Owner INSCRIPTION Father/Christian Heidersdorf/Feb. 22, 1813-May 5, 1878/At Rest Mother/Margaret/wife of Christian Heidersdorf/Dec. 29, 1836-Sept.18, 1913 At Rest Frank C./July 12, 1862-March 5, 1908/At Rest Uncle/William Heidersdorf/Nov. 25, 1816-March 4, 1875/At Rest Early Residents of Somers Township Christian & William Heidersdorf Christian Heidersdorf(Sr) was born in Prussia on Feb. 22, 1813. He was the son of Conrad & Minnie(Griese) Heidersdorf, both of whom died in Germany. He worked for several years in the mines in Germany. After serving his time in the German army,he came to America in June of 1849 with his brother William. They settled first at St. Louis, MO, but when an epidemic of cholera broke out, they came to WI and settled in Somers Twp, Kenosha Co. This family had farms in Section 1, Paris Twp(Wm), and Section 6, Somers Twp(Christian), Kenosha Co. Christian Heidersdorf was married to Margaret Myers (born Dec. 29, 1836 in Hessen-Homburg, Germany) on Feb. 15, 1857 on the Heidersdorf farm. They had 10 children: 5 boys & 5 girls. Christian died on May 5, 1878. His wife died on Sept. 18, 1913. They are buried at Sylvania Cemetery. CHILDREN OF: Christian Heidersdorf & Margaret Myers(Meyer,Meier) William E. Heidersdorf-born Dec. 11, 1857 in Somers Twp, Kenosha Co; married Alice Murray, daughter of Patrick Murray of Kenosha Co on Apr. 8, 1891; had 2 children-William Harold & Edna(Thom); lived in Paris Twp, Kenosha Co; was a merchant in Chapin, Kenosha Co; William died on Dec. 20, 1939; buried at Sunset Ridge Cemetery, Kenosha; Christian E. Heidersdorf-born Jan. 21, 1860 in Kenosha Co; married on Dec. 13,1882 in Kenosha Co to Caroline Biehn(born May 4, 1861 in Paris Twp), daughter of Heinrich(Henry) & Margaret(Meyer) Biehn;had 4 children; he died in 1934 & his wife died on July 7, 1942; buried at Mound Cemetery, Racine, WI; Children of Christian & Caroline: Edith Margaret-born Oct. 29, 1884; died Dec. 7, 1895; buried in the Emmanuel Lutheran Church Cemetery, Paris Twp; Frances Maria-born Nov. 7, 1890; married to a Hamer; Ethelyn-born Nov. 20, 1896; married to Harold Christensen; Alvin George-born Dec. 20, 1990; Mar. 5, 1918; buried at Mound Cemetery, Racine; Frank C.Heidersdorf-born July 12, 1862 in Kenosha Co; twin to Fanny; died Mar 5, 1908; buried Sylvania Cemetery; Frances(Fanny) Emilia Heidersdorf-born July 12, 1862 in Kenosha Co; twin to Frank; married on Dec. 13, 1882 in Kenosha Co, to Henry Biehn, son of Heinrich(Henry) & Margaret(Meyer) Biehn; 2 children: Camilla Margaretha Fonk(July 10, 1884 & Howard(May 13, 1898); lived in Paris Twp, Kenosha Co; Fanny died on Jan. 22, 1937; Margarette(Maggie) Heidersdorf-born Dec. 29, 1866 in Kenosha Co; married Apr. 14, 1886 in Kenosha Co to William Coughlin(born Jan. 1, 1854); 2 children-Frances(Larsen) & Stanley; she died June 2, 1932 & husband died Feb. 12, 1904; buried in Union Grove Cemetery; Harriett(Hattie) Heidersdorf-born Sept. 3, 1868 in Kenosha Co; twin to Adaline; married(Kenosha Co) on Apr. 6, 1892 to Frank Holmes, son of David & Sarah(Proctor) Holmes of Kellogg's Corners; had 2 children-Ross & Roy; she died on Dec. 12, 1948; buried in Union Grove Cemetery; Adaline(Addie) Heidersdorf-born Sept. 3, 1868 in Kenosha Co; twin to Harriett; married on July 4, 1888 in Kenosha Co to Myron A. Gould, son of Amon T. & Laura(Baker) Gould(Block 2, Lot 11, SD); had 4 children-Loren Jay, Max A., Gladys Tabbert, & Bernice, who died in infancy; lived in Somers Twp, Kenosha Co; husband was a blacksmith at Somers Station; she died on Feb. 19,1954; Wilhelmina(Minnie) Heidersdorf-born Aug. 21, 1870 in Kenosha Co; married to John Woodward on Dec. 1, 1922; lived in Racine, WI; died June 29, 1968; buried West Lawn Cemetery; Henry Walter Heidersdorf-born on Jan. 21, 1872 on the farm; married to Elsa Augusta Alma Reck, daughter of Karl & Paulina(Meier) Von Reck, on Sept. 6, 1922; had 5 children; farmed the father's farm with brother John; Henry died on Apr. 17, 1947; his wife died Dec. 20, 1961; they are buried in Sunset Ridge Cemetery, Kenosha; Children of Henry & Elsa Heidersdorf: Dorothy Elsie-born Aug. 10, 1923; married Clarence Halldin on July 1, 1944; 4 children; Henry Carl-born Nov. 16, 1924; married Margaret Jensen on Oct. 28, 1944; 4 children; divorced; Robert William-born Dec. 11, 1926; married Elizabeth Bender on Dec. 30, 1950; 3 children; Margaret Pauline-born June 8, 1928; married Fred Burrows,Jr on Dec. 5, 1947; 5 children; divorced; married Wayne Raffelson; one child; Lillian Louisa-born Apr. 19, 1931; married John Jacobs on July 23, 1949; 5 children; John Heidersdorf-born on Aug. 3, 1875 on the farm in Kenosha Co; never married; farmed father's farm with brother Henry; died Aug. 16, 1954; buried in Sunset Ridge Cemetery, Kenosha; Frank C. Heidersdorf (son of Christian) SIBLINGS OF: Christian Heidersdorf(Sr.) William Heidersdorf-born Nov. 25, 1816 in Prussia; farmed with Christian; died March 4, 1875; buried here Lisetta(Eliza) Heidersdorf-born Nov. 26, 1820 in Prussia; married Jacob Barnes(May 13, 1820-Sept. 23, 1895), on Dec. 31, 1875; lived in Paris Twp,Kenosha Co, and later in Union Grove, WI; she died on Jan. 19, 1907; Fanny Heidersdorf-Nothing is known about her at this time; BLOCK 1-LOT 2-SD-James Buckley, Owner INSCRIPTION James Buckley/born Lancashire, England/May 14, 1824/died May 6, 1905 Sarah/wife of James Buckley/died Oct 16, 1883/ae 57-6-8/Born Lancashire, James L./died Jan. 7, 1863/ae 3-1-21 England Emma J./died Jan. 26, 1865/ae 7 yrs, 23 ds. Children of J. & S. Buckley Ann Buckley Fink/1855-1918 Early Residents of Paris Township James H. Buckley James H. Buckley was born at Manchester, Lancashire, England on May 14, 1824, to Robert and Mary Buckley. He came to America from England in April of 1849. He married Sarah( Lawton) Haigh(born about April 8, 1826 in Lancashire, Eng.), daughter of James & Mary Lawton, on July 2, 1853 at the home of John Howarth, Justice of the Peace of Yorkville Township, Racine County. Sarah was the widow of John Haigh, resident of Paris Twp., Kenosha Co., who died in California in Dec. of 1852. He had gone to CA in 1849 with the lure of the Gold Rush, but it was believed that he was lost in the mountains and starved to death. James Buckley was the hired man on the Haigh farm. Sarah (Lawton) Haigh had 4 children with her first husband. On Jan. 29, 1856, James Buckley was granted guardianship of these children.He acquired land in the NE quarter of Section 2, Paris Twp, Kenosha Co, and across the road in the SE quarter of Section 35, Yorkville Twp, Racine Co. There are 4 known children of James & Sarah(Lawton) Haigh Buckley. Sarah Buckley died on Oct 16, 1883 and James died on May 6, 1905. They are buried at Sylvania Cemetery. CHILDREN OF: James Buckley & Sarah(Lawton)Haigh(her second marriage) Armitage Buckley-born Feb. 24, 1854; married to Anna Maria Martin, daughter of John & Mary(DeHule) Martin, on Nov. 7, 1871; died April 10,1926; farmed father's farm; buried Sylvania Cemetery; Anna Buckley-born June 14,1855; married Charles Edward Fink, son of James & Charlotte Fink, on Dec. 25, 1877 in Kenosha Co; died July 23, 1918 in Racine Co; buried Sylvania Cemetery; Emma J. Buckley-born about Jan. 3, 1858; died Jan. 26, 1865; James L. Buckley-born about Nov. 16, 1859; died Jan. 7, 1863; *****This is an account of Sarah Buckley's children by first marriage. CHILDREN OF: John Haigh & Sarah Lawton Enoch Haigh-born Feb. 24,1844 in Paris Twp, Kenosha Co; married Charlotte Bowers,daughter of Isaac & Sarah(Lee) Bowers(Block 1,Lot 3,ND), on Oct. 31, 1871 in Racine Co; died Nov. 19, 1917 in Kenosha Co; was a farmer in Somers Twp, Kenosha Co; Sylvania Cemetery; Mary Jane Haigh-born Aug. 25, 1846 in Paris Twp, Kenosha Co; married John Henderson, son of James & Ann(Schelton) Henderson, on Dec. 24, 1866 in Racine Co; died on July 7, 1924 in Racine Co; farmer in Yorkville Twp, Racine Co; buried Sylvania Cemetery; John Allen Haigh-born June 15, 1848 in Paris Twp, Kenosha Co; married Jennie M. Pollack, daughter of James H. & Eveline C. Pollack of Yorkville, on Nov. 2,1878 in Racine Co; was a farmer in Somers Twp, Kenosha Co; died Dec. 5, 1915; buried in Union Grove Cemetery; Elizabeth Haigh-born about 1851 in Paris Twp, Kenosha Co; no other information found on her; *****It is possible that John Haigh was a brother to George Haigh(Block 1, Lot 8, SD). BLOCK 1-LOT 3-SD-Henry Toase(North) & Wm. Smithana(South),Owners INSCRIPTIONS Henry Toase/died Dec. 10, 1868/age 70 yrs. Mary, wife of Henry Toase/died Feb. 1, 1892 Henry Toase Henry Toase was born in Lancashire, England about 1798. He came to America in May of 1846. He was married to Mary Croft, daughter of John & Dorothy Croft. They had a son William and daughter Mary Ann. They lived in the NW quarter of Section 31, Mt. Pleasant Township, Racine County. Henry died on December 10, 1868. Mary(called Ann) married again to George Haigh, a recent widower, on July 16, 1871 in Racine County. She died on September 2, 1893. Henry & Mary are buried at Sylvania Cemetery. CHILDREN OF: Henry Toase & Mary Croft William Toase-born Apr.24,1836 at Lancashire, England; married Sarah Maria Longwell (born Dec. 2, 1840 at Yorkshire, England), daughter of Hugh & Letta Maria Longwell of Somers Twp; he was very musical and organized many programs in the community; adopted Sarah's sister's child-May (born Nov. 22, 1878) who married Horace Lee as his 1st wife on Sept. 10, 1898; Sarah died on Sept. 2, 1893; Wm. died on Mar. 28, 1903; Sylvania Cemetery; Mary Ann (called Ann) Toase - born July 15,1838 in England; married Wm. Drinkwater (his 2nd wife) on Dec. 26, 1860; she died Apr. 28, 1893; buried Sylvania Cemetery; INSCRIPTIONS William Toase/born April 24, 1836/died March 28, 1903 Civil War veteran/1st Wis. Art. Sarah/wife of William Toase/born Dec. 2, 1840/died Sept. 2, 1893 William Toase William Toase was born in Lancashire, England on April 24, 1836. He served in the Civil War. On June 18, 1868, William married Sarah Maria Longwell(born Dec. 2, 1840, Yorkshire, England), daughter of Hugh & Letta Maria Longwell of Somers Twp, Kenosha Co. They were married in Kenosha Co. William was very musical and organized many programs in the community. He and his wife adopted a girl who was named May(Mary). Mrs. Toase died on Sept. 2,1893. Wm. died of diabetes, which caused gangrene to set in. He died on Mar. 28, 1903. They are buried at Sylvania Cemetery. ADOPTED CHILD OF: William Toase & Sarah Maria Longwell May(Lettie) Toase-born Nov. 22, 1878 in WI(She was Sarah Longwell Toase' sister's child); married Horace Lee as his1st wife on Sept. 10, 1898; died May 31, 1910; buried Sylvania Cemetery; INSCRIPTIONS William Smithana/1890-1957 Della Smithana/May 11, 1892/December 5, 1989 Dorothy/daughter of Wm. & Della Smithana/1917-1925 Della Marie(Blackburn) Smithana was born in Union Grove, WI on May 11, 1892. Her parents were George & Fanny Ida(Drinkwater) Blackburn(Fanny is buried in Block 4, Lot 11, ND). Della is also a granddaughter of William & Mary Ann(Toase) Drinkwater(Block 3, Lot 17, SD). She married Wm. Smithana(born Aug. 27, 1890), and had 4 children. The Smithanas were caretakers of Sanders Park in Racine for many years. William Smithana died on July 26, 1957 and Della died on December 5, 1989. CHILDREN OF: William Smithana & Della Blackburn Dorothy Marie Smithana-born May 10, 1917 in Racine, WI; died Sept. 3, 1925; William Francis Smithana-born Nov. 9, 1924 in Racine, WI; married Frances Ricciardi; retired in Buena Park, CA; 3 children; Donald Robert Smithana-born Sept. 25, 1928 in Racine, WI; married Anna Lee DiSalvo; lives San Diego, CA; 2 children; Lois Marie Smithana-born Nov. 27, 1929 in Racine, WI; married Ray L. Young; lives in Kenosha Co, WI; 5 children; BLOCK 1-LOT 4-SD-John Henderson, Owner INSCRIPTION James Henderson/died Sept. 23, 1850/67 yrs. William/son of J. & A. Henderson/died June 15, 1860/ae 31-5-7 Civil War veteran James Henderson James Henderson was born in Scotland about 1783. His wife Ann Schelton was born there about 1800. She is not listed as being buried here, but she was so much younger that she may have married again after he died. Their children were born in Ireland. The James Henderson family lived in Paris Twp, Kenosha Co, WI. James died on Sept. 23, 1850. He is buried at Sylvania Cemetery. KNOWN CHILDREN OF: James Henderson & Ann Schelton William Henderson-born about Jan. 8, 1829; died June 15, 1860; was a Civil War veteran; buried Sylvania Cemetery; Alexander Henderson-born about 1834 in Ireland; Sarah Henderson-born about 1836 in Ireland; married Joseph Naylor(born Lancashire, England), son of Thomas & Esther Naylor, a farmer of Paris Twp, on Oct. 14,1860; their daughter married Hiram Bowers, son of Isaac Bowers; Margaret Henderson-born about 1838 in Ireland; Thomas Henderson-born about 1840 in Ireland; John Henderson-born June 20, 1844; see account below James Henderson-married Mary Elizabeth Pollack, daughter of James N. & Helen Pollack of Yorkville Twp, on March 14, 1871. INSCRIPTIONS John Henderson/1844-1934/Co. M. 1st Regt. Wis. Cav Vol. Mary Jane Henderson/1846-1924 (Son of James) John Henderson John Henderson was born on June 20, 1844 in Ireland. He was married in Racine Co, to Mary Jane Haigh, daughter of John & Sarah(Lawton) Haigh, on Dec. 24, 1866. She is a sister of Enoch Haigh & daughter of Mrs. James Buckley. Mary Jane was born in Paris Twp, Kenosha Co on Aug. 25, 1846. They lived on their farm in Paris Twp, Kenosha Co until 1884, when they moved to Racine. John & Mary Jane both died at Racine; she on July 7, 1924 and he on June 9, 1934. There were no children. They are buried at Sylvania Cemetery. BLOCK 1-LOT 5-SD-James Robinson, Owner There is evidence that someone is buried on this lot because there is a sunken place in the middle of the lot. (There are no stones or markers on this lot, but James Robinson is listed as the owner.) James Robinson came to America from England in May of 1852. He had land in the SW quarter of Section 26, Yorkville Township, and in the NW quarter of Section 35, Yorkville Township. James Robinson was born in England in 1824, the son of Robert & Sarah Robinson. He married Mary Jane Lake, daughter of Enoch & Jane Davis, on Nov 6, 1858 in Racine County. Nothing more is known about James Robinson at this time. There is evidence that someone is buried on this lot because there is a sunken place in the middle of the lot. BLOCK 1-LOT 6-SD-Nathan Varney, Owner INSCRIPTION Grandma/born Jan. 20, 1805/died June 6, 1888 Grandpa/born Oct. 7, 1802/died April 1, 1872 Frank/born 1846/died 1864 Helen/born Jan. 2, 1846/died Feb. 6, 1870 Marah/born 1841/died March 1860 To the memory of/Mrs. Rhoda Linsley Bean/who died/Nov. 8, 1861/age 87 years Nathan F. Varney Nathan F. Varney was born in Vermont on Oct. 7, 1802. His wife Mary(possibly the daughter of Rhoda Linsley Bean) was born in Vermont on Jan. 20, 1805. The Varneys evidently came to WI by way of IL because a daughter was born there about 1841. Nathan Varney settled in Section 7, Somers Township, Kenosha County. Nathan F. Varney died on Apr. 1, 1872 and his wife Mary on June 6, 1888. They are buried at Sylvania Cemetery. KNOWN CHILDREN OF: Nathan F. Varney & Mary Mary Adelaide Varney-born Mar,1835 in Vermont; married Chester C. Shepard, son of Reuben & Sarah Shepard,on Feb. 22, 1853 in Kenosha Co; died Aug. 27, 1857 at the age of 22, possibly in childbirth; left one son Gaylord R. Shepard; buried Sylvania Cemetery; Ann Marah Varney-born about 1841 in Illinois; died March, 1860;Sylvania Cem Helen A. Varney-born Jan. 2, 1846 in WI; died Feb. 6, 1870; Sylvania Cem. Frank George Varney-born 1846 in WI; died 1864 in Civil War; possibly a twin to Helen; Sylvania Cemetery; *****It is possible that Rhoda Linsley Bean was Mary Varney's mother. She lived with the Varney family ever since they came to Wisconsin. ***** Nathan & Sarah Varney raised their grandson Gaylord R. Shepard, who was the son of their daughter Mary Adelaide(Varney) Shepard who died in 1857. This could be why the stones for Nathan & his wife say Grandpa and Grandma, because this grandson buried them. He also had their land after they died. *****(Son of Chester) Gaylord Shepard Gaylord R. Shepard was born on Jan. 16, 1854 in Kenosha Co. He was raise by Nathan Varney. Gaylord farmed in Somers Twp, Kenosha Co and Mt. Pleasant Twp, Racine Co. He married R.(Rowena) Estella Clemons (born Apr. 11, 1854), daughter of Hosea Clemons on June 28, 1880 in Racine Co. They had at least 3 children: Velma F.(Dec. 5, 1892-Nov. 4, 1895), Chester & Helen. Estella died on on Mar. 29, 1909. Gaylord married again to Emma N. He died on June 26, 1928. He and his 2 wives are buried in Mound Cemetery, Racine. BLOCK 1-LOT 7-SD-Thomas Lee, Owner INSCRIPTION Thomas Lee/died Feb. 28, 1868/aged 73-8-11 Charlotte/dau. of T. & A. Lee/died May 1, 1850/age 17 yrs-8 mos-28 ds *****Ann Lee/wife of Thomas(buried here according to 1892 Racine Co. history) Thomas Lee, Sr. & his son Thomas came to America in 1842 from Wigan, Lancashire, England. His wife Ann(Edwardson;father John) Lee & the other children came 4 months later. Thomas, Sr. was a weaver and manufacturer in England. Thomas and Ann had 8 children who were all born in England. Thomas Lee lived in Section 25, Yorkville Township. He died on February, 28, 1868. His wife Ann married again to Uriah Spaulding and was living in Somers Twp. After Uriah died, Ann lived with her son Hiram Lee. According to a family story in the 1892 Racine County History, Ann, wife of Thomas Lee is also buried in Sylvania Cemetery. CHILDREN OF: Thomas Lee & Ann Edwardson Richard Lee- born July 29, 1819;(Block 2, Lot 3, SD); see account there; Mary Lee-born about 1823 in Lancashire, England; was married to Joseph Hamlet in England before coming to America in 1842; 1st child was born in England; at least 5 more born in Yorkville Twp, Racine Co; children were: Betsy(1842), Martha(1844), James(1846), Sarah A.(1847), Thomas(1849), & Mary(1851), maybe more; lived in MO by 1892; Thomas Lee- born March 27, 1824; buried here; see account below; Edward Lee- born January 26, 1827; died Sauk Co, WI on May 29, 1909; 2nd wife & children are buried in Block 4, Lot 14, SD; see account there; Sarah A. Lee-born Nov. 14, 1829 at Lancashire, England; married to Isaac Bowers (Block 1, Lot 3, ND); see account there Charlotte Lee-born about Aug. 1832; died May 1, 1850; buried here; John Lee-farmer in CA; nothing else known about him at this time; Hiram Lee-born April 5, 1839; buried Block 1, Lot 2, ND; see account there; INSCRIPTIONS Thomas Lee/March 27, 1824-May 21, 1906 Julia/wife of Thomas/June 8, 1833-April 2, 1897(Buried in Racine) Thomas Lee, Jr. was born on Mar. 27, 1824 in Lancashire, England. He came to America with his father in the Spring of 1842. He married Julia Shiel(born June 9, 1833), daughter of Martin Shiel(Shield, Shields), on July 1, 1850 in Racine Co. Thomas Jr. lived in Section 30, Mt. Pleasant Twp. They had 6 children. Julia(Shiel) Lee died on April 2, 1897 and is buried at Holy Cross Cemetery in Racine. Thomas died on May 21,1906 and is buried here. CHILDREN OF: Thomas Lee, Jr & Julia Shiel James F. Lee-born about 1851 in Mt. Pleasant; died Aug. 18, 1869; he was a brakeman on the Western Union Railroad and fell from the cars and was run over by the train; buried Holy Cross Cemetery, Racine; Martin Lee-born about 1852 in Mt. Pleasant; John Thomas Lee-born Sept. 4, 1854 in Mt. Pleasant; married Evaleen Powderly on Oct. 25, 1883 in Racine Co; died Feb. 24, 1928; William E. Lee-born Nov. 10,1856 in Mt. Pleasant; died Aug. 27, 1919; buried Holy Cross Cemetery, Racine; Maria Lee-born Feb. 14, 1859 in Mt. Pleasant; married James C. Burns; died Feb. 10, 1955; had 2 daughters; buried at Calvary Cemetery, Racine; Michael H. Lee-born Mar. 17, 1861 in Mt. Pleasant; died Feb. 22, 1934; buried Holy Cross Cemetery, Racine; BLOCK 1-LOT 8-SD-George Haigh, Owner INSCRIPTION George Haigh/died Jan. 28, 1890/aged 79 yrs. Hannah, wife of G. Haigh/died Sept. 16, 1867/aged 63 yrs. George Haigh was born in England in 1811. He came to America in 1842. He was the son of John and Sarah Haigh who lived in Kenosha County, possibly Somers Township. He married Hannah Butterworth(born about 1804), at Southport on November 9, 1844. They had 2 children. George Haigh lived in the SW quarter of Section 25, Yorkville Township. He also had some land in Section 35, Yorkville, later on.Hannah(Butterworth) Haigh died on September 16, 1867. George married again to Mary(Croft) Toase, widow of Henry(Block 1, Lot 3, SD), on July 16, 1871 in Racine County. George died on January 28, 1890. CHILDREN OF: George Haigh & Hannah Butterworth William Haigh-born Aug. 25, 1845; buried here; see account below; Ann Haigh-born about 1848 in Yorkville Twp; married Henry Howarth(Moss), adopted son of John & Sarah Howarth(Block 4, Lot 5, SD), on March 16, 1871 in Racine Co. She was his 1st wife; had 2 daughters: Annie & Sarah; died between 1872-75(between when last child was born & when Henry married again; possibly buried by husband in Howarth lot; INSCRIPTIONS William Haigh/born Aug. 25, 1845/died Dec. 10, 1923 Mary, his wife/Sept. 25, 1848/May 25, 1920 William L. Haigh/1886-1910 Lydia H./infant dau. of Wm. & Mary J. Haigh/Nov. 21-Nov. 21, 1881 Bessie J./infant dau. of Boyd & Minnie Haigh/Fell/1898 William Haigh(son of George) was born on Aug. 25, 1845 in WI. He married Mary Jane Myrick(born Sept. 25, 1848), daughter of John Jay & Lucy(Myrick)Myrick(Block 2, Lot 10, ND), on Nov. 9, 1874. William & Mary Jane Haigh lived on land in Section 36, Yorkville early in their marriage. After his father died, William owned the Haigh land in Section 25 & 35. William & Mary Jane had 5 children. Mary Jane Haigh died on May 25, 1920 and William on Dec. 10, 1923. CHILDREN OF: William Haigh & Mary Jane Myrick Luminda(Minnie) Ann Haigh-born June 27, 1876;married first to Boyd B. Fell, son of Henry & Edna(Hicock) Fell, on Oct. 15, 1896 in Racine Co; Their baby Bessie J. is buried here; Minnie was married a second time to Pont Ishler and lived in Chehallis, WA. Esther Jane Haigh-born Aug. 7, 1878; married to Jonathan S. Parsons on Apr. 2, 1902; had 2 children;died Dec. 29, 1956; buried Mound Cemetery, Racine; Lydia H. Haigh-born Nov. 21, 1881; died at birth; buried here; George John Haigh-born in Oct, 1883; married Edith Irene Peterson(Sept. 19, 1877 -Sept. 9, 1962), daughter of Johan W.(Grethe Johannesen) Peterson, on June 3, 1908 at Raymond; died June 9, 1952; William LeRoy Haigh, Jr.-born Jan. 21, 1886; married Vinnie North, daughter of Reuben(Sarah Full) North, on June 16, 1909; had a daughter Georgia; died in 1910; buried here; BLOCK 1-LOT 9-SD(DESIGNATED CHURCH LOT) INSCRIPTIONS Emogene A./daughter of J.E. & E.L. Grant/died Nov. 9, 1859/age 2 yrs. 5 mos. Charles A./infant son of/W.A.W. & Anne Howe/died March 5, 1848/age 3 mos BLOCK 2-LOT 1-SD-Matthew Taylor, Owner INSCRIPTION Sarah/wife of Matthew Taylor/died Feb. 15,1848/ae 40 Matthew Taylor lived in Mt. Pleasant Township, Racine County. After his wife Sarah died, he married again to Amaret E. Hunter on March 2, 1852. Her parents were not listed on the marriage record, so it is not known if she is related to the Adam Hunter family(Block 4, Lot 7, ND). BLOCK 2-LOT 2-SD-Aaron Bennett, Owner INSCRIPTION Jamima, widow of Aaron Bennett/died Oct. 3, 1848/ae 66 BLOCK 2-LOT 3-SD-Richard Lee, Owner INSCRIPTIONS Richard Lee/born July 29, 1819/died Feb. 24, 1888 Ellen, wife of Richard Lee/died April 27, 1893/ae 70 yrs. William/21 yrs/Co F 4th Wis Inf/Fell in Battle Port Hudson LA/1863 Richard or Henry/age 7 yrs.(This stone is gone.) Grandma Mother Father Richard Lee Richard Lee was born on July 29, 1819 in Lancashire, England. He is the son of Thomas & Ann(Edwardson) Lee. Richard's wife was the former Ellen Rothwell. They lived in the NW quarter of Section 7, Somers Township, Kenosha County, WI. They must have been married in England, because their first son was born there in 1842. They must have arrived in America between 1842 & 1844, because daughter Betsy was born in WI. Richard went to CA during the Gold Rush with his brother Edward, brother-in-law Isaac Bowers & William Drinkwater. Richard Lee died in Somers Township on February 24, 1888 and his wife died on April 27, 1893. They are buried at Sylvania Cemetery. CHILDREN OF: Richard Lee & Ellen Rothwell William H. Lee-born about 1842 in England; died in the Civil War in 1863; buried at Sylvania Cemetery; Betsy Lee-born Feb. 3, 1844 in WI in WI; married to Joseph Grimshaw,son of George & Jane Grimshaw, in Racine Co on Feb. 17, 1864; see account below; Isabella Lee-born Jan. 2, 1846 in WI; married Alexander Price Bailey,son of Norman & Lavina Bailey in Kenosha Co on Dec. 9, 1868; buried Sylvania Cemetery; see account below; James C. Lee-born about 1848 in WI; married Eunice Gillett, daughter of Thomas & Esther Gillett in Racine Co; moved to Harbine, NE; had a daughter Jessie A., who lived in Long Beach, CA; BLOCK 2-LOT 3-SD(cont.) INSCRIPTIONS Alexander Price Bailey/Mar. 25, 1846/Sept 1, 1923 Isabella Lee Bailey/Jan. 2, 1846/Feb. 26, 1928 (Isabella Lee) Alexander Price Bailey Alexander Price Bailey was born in Auburn, NY on Mar. 25, 1846 to Norman & Lavina (Remington) Bailey. He came to Somers Twp, Kenosha Co, with his parents in 1848. At the age of 23, he began to farm on his own, and continued to farm until 1905. He married Isabella Lee, daughter of Richard & Ellen Lee, in 1868 in Kenosha Co. They had 2 children. In 1905, they moved to the village of Somers, where they lived for the rest of their lives. A.P. Bailey died on Sept. 1, 1923 and his wife died on Feb. 26, 1928. They are buried at Sylvania Cemetery. CHILDREN OF: Alexander Price Bailey & Isabella Lee William Norman Bailey-married Alice Bush, daughter of Wm. Bush; they lived on the father's farm; LeRoy Frank Bailey-married Etta Bush, daughter of Wm. Bush; had one child-Orilla Alice May; BLOCK 2-LOT 4-SD-James Lee, Owner INSCRIPTION James H./son of A.H. & E. Carroll/died July 5, 1872/aged 5 yr 5mo 18ds Andrew Carroll was born in Brighton Twp, Kenosha Co, about 1840 to Thomas & Bridgett Carroll who came to America from Ireland about 1839. Andrew's wife Elizabeth was born about 1839 in England and is the same age as Elizabeth Lee, daughter of James & Alice Lee who came to America and settled in Yorkville Twp in 1842. James Lee is the owner of this lot. Andrew & Elizabeth Carroll were listed in the 1880 census of Caledonia Twp. with 2 daughters, age 10 & 3. The James that is buried here could have been born between the 2 girls. *****Description of lot owner's family: James Lee James Lee was born in England about 1809. He and his wife Alice came to America with 4 children in May of 1842. One of their children was born on the Atlantic Ocean in 1842. They must have settled in New Jersey for a while, because a child was born there in 1846. The next child was born in WI in 1849. This family settled in Yorkville Twp, Racine Co, WI. This James Lee may be a brother to Thomas Lee(Block 1, Lot 7, SD), because daughter Susannah married Edward Lee, son of Thomas,as his first wife. On the marriage license, it said they were intermarried, which possibly means first cousins. CHILDREN OF: James Lee & Alice Richard Lee-born about 1831 in Lancashire, England; Susannah Lee-born Sept. 22, 1833 in Lancashire,England; married Edward Lee on July 9, 1850 in Racine Co; had 4 children; died on June 29, 1858; buried in Columbia Co, WI; see account of family in Block 4, Lot 14, SD; James Lee-born about 1837 in Lancashire, England; married Lucy Ann Potter on Sept. 19, 1875 in Racine Co. Elizabeth Lee-born about 1839 in Lancashire, England; believed to be married to Andrew Carroll(born about 1840), son of Thomas & Bridget Carroll of Brighton Twp, Kenosha Co, WI; see account above; Gabriel Lee-born in 1842 on the Atlantic Ocean; Alice Lee-born about 1846 in New Jersey; Martha J. Lee-born about 1849 in Racine Co, WI BLOCK 2-LOT 5-SD-Augustus Baker, Owner INSCRIPTIONS BAKER Augustus 1827-1893 Mary 1833-1879 Frank 1871-1871 Minnie 1867-1879 John _____-1879 Lois _____-1879 Grandfather Grandmother Father Mother Augustus L. Baker was born in Putnam Co., NY on April 27, 1827. He came to Wisconsin with his parents, Ammi(Amcy) & Sarah Baker in 1847. He married Mary Dorning, daughter of Jonathan Dorning(Block 2,Lot 7, SD), in 1851. They lived in the NW quarter of Section 34, Yorkville Township, Racine County, WI. He was a farmer and a carpenter. Augustus & Mary had 7 children. Mrs. Baker died January 21, 1879. It is possible that Grandfather is Ammi (Amcy) Baker(born NY about 1795) who died between 1860 & 1870. Grandmother could be Mrs.Ammi(Sarah) Baker(born NY about 1801) who died between 1850 & 1860. They were Augustus Baker's parents. Augustus died in 1893. CHILDREN OF: Augustus Baker & Mary Dorning Jonathan Baker-born Oct. 16, 1851 in Yorkville Twp; died March 24, 1879 from war wounds; buried here; Joseph Baker-born Oct. 30, 1853 in Yorkville Twp; married Mary Jane King on July 20, 1879; died on Dec. 13, 1929; he & his wife are buried in Calvary Cemetery, Racine; possibly had a son Joseph A. , who is also buried there; Lewis Baker-born June 13, 1857 in Yorkville Twp; married to Caroline(1859- 1939); he died in 1928; he & his wife are buried in Mound Cemetery, Racine; Augustus Baker-born Mary 8, 1862 in Yorkville Twp; married Maud M. Weldon (born Newcastle, New Brunswick, Canada), daughter of Wilson (Wilton) & Emeline (Hecks)Weldon, on Nov. 25, 1883 in Racine Co; her brother is buried in Block 2, Lot 14, ND); Augustus Baker lived in Omaha, NE; Samuel Baker-born Aug. 6, 1864 in Yorkville Twp; married Fannie Bush of Somers on Nov. 10, 1897; died Oct. 24, 1942 at Somers, WI; buried at Sunset Ridge Cemetery, Kenosha, WI; Minnie(Mary Agnes) Baker-born Sept. 8, 1867 in Yorkville Twp; died April 20, 1879; buried here; Francis Baker-born July 24, 1871 in Yorkville Twp; died Sept. 24, 1871; buried here; *****Lois(sometimes listed as Louisa) Baker was a sister of Augustus Baker. She always lived with her parents and then with Augustus' family as a domestic.It is possible that the Lois on the tombstone is this Lois Baker. BLOCK 2-LOT 6-SD-Thomas Gillett, Owner INSCRIPTION To the Memory of Thomas E. Gillett/who died Oct. 23,1879,aged 69 yrs, 7 mos Esther C., wife of T. M. Gillett/died Dec. 27, 1876/ae 62 yrs Clarissa died Sept. 9, 1850/ae 14 ms. Harriett died Sept. 23, 1854/ae 5 ms. Children of Thomas and Esther Gillett Thomas Gillett was born about October, 1810 in England. His wife Esther was born about 1814 also in England. They lived in the SE quarter of Section 29, Mt. Pleasant Township, Racine County. There are 7 known children at this time. Esther Gillett died on Dec. 27, 1876 and Thomas died Oct. 23, 1879. KNOWN CHILDREN OF: Thomas E. Gillett & Esther C Elizabeth Gillett-born Feb. 20, 1836; married Nicolas Langlois, son of James & Rachel Langlois, on July 4, 1866 in Racine Co; had 4 children: Florence, Mabel, Etta, & Archie; Clark C.(Christopher) Gillett- born Jan.12, 1837;married Amanda Medora Pratt, daughter of Benjamin (Fannie Kaiser) Pratt of Sun Prairie, WI; buried Block 1, Lot 5, ND; see account there; Hugh Thomas Gillett-born about 1840; married Nellie Marie Whipple on March 31, 1867 in Racine County. Eunice Gillett-born about 1845; married James Lee, son of Richard & Ellen Lee (Block 2, Lot 3, SD), on December 22, 1875 in Racine County; moved to Harbine, NE; Clarissa Gillett-died Sept. 9, 1850 at the age of 14 mos. Albert Gillett-born about 1852; Harriett Gillett-died Sept. 23, 1854 at the age of 5 mos. Eugene Gillett married Lizzie Sims, daughter of John F. & Adelia A. Sims, on September 26, 1878 in Racine County.(not sure where he fits ) BLOCK 2-LOT 7-SD-Ann Dorning, Owner INSCRIPTION Jon Dorning/died Feb. 8, 1853/ae 62 yrs. Joseph Dorning/died Nov. 16, 1857/ae 70 yrs. Samuel Dorning/died in defense of his country/Aug. 6, 1863/ae 20-5-21 Co. G 2 Regt. Wis. Cav. Jonathan & Joseph Dorning were brothers who came to America from England sometime in 1844. Joseph was born about 1787 and Jonathan about 1791. Joseph was a bachelor. Jonathan was married to Ann Harrison. They had 9 children. The Dorning farm was located in the N half of Section 24, Yorkville Twp, Racine Co. Jonathan died on Feb. 8, 1853. He was found dead in his stable. His wife Ann married again to William Simmons by 1858. His brother Joseph died on Nov. 16, 1857. According to Racine probate records, Jonathan's children were the heirs in both wills. CHILDREN OF: Jonathan Dorning & Ann Harrison Mary Dorning-born about 1832; married Augustus Baker(Block 2, Lot 5, SD) in 1851; see account there; Joseph Dorning-born Nov. 9, 1837 in England; married Mary Nugent in Racine Co on Nov.28,1865; children: Jennie(born 1866) & Carrie (born 1868) Jonathan Amos Dorning-born about 1840 in England; married Fannie Ann Yates, daughter of James & Elizabeth Yates(Block 3 Lot 9 SD) on November 2, 1865 in Racine Co; children: Frankie(1866), John(1867), & Eliza (1869); Robert Dorning-born about 1841 in England; married Barbara Ellen Swart in Racine County on January 3, 1863; children: Sam(1864), Lucy(1867), Ruby(1868), Ann(1869), Fanny(1870); Samuel Dorning- born about 1843 in England; He died at Rolla, MO while stationed there during the Civil War-Aug. 6, 1863; buried here; Margaret Dorning-born about 1845 in WI; married to Joshua Orson Pierce, son of George(Nancy Fuller) Pierce, on June 25, 1866 in Kenosha County. Peter Dorning-born about 1847 in WI; married Ida C. Smith on February 28, 1877 in Racine County. John Dorning-born about 1849 in WI; married Josephine Wright, daughter of James Parish & Lizzie Spafford on Jan. 30, 1872 in Racine Co. Anna Dorning -born about 1852 in WI; married Robert Crane, son of William & Caroline Crane, on May 6, 1875 in Racine County. SIBLINGS OF: Jonathan & Joseph Dorning Hannah(Dorning) Monks & Mary(Dorning) Mort BLOCK 2-LOT 8-SD-Jabez Collier, Owner INSCRIPTION William Collier/born July 17, 1805/died Aug. 23, 1882 Margaret/died March 6, 1878/ae 71 yrs. William Collier William Collier was born near Manchester, Lancashire, England on July 17, 1805. He married Margaret Ridyard(born about 1807) in England. He was a silk weaver in England. Their son Joshua came to America in 1848 and William and Margaret followed a few years later and settled near their son in the NW quarter of Section 25, Yorkville Township, Racine County. William Collier died in Yorkville on August 23, 1882 and Margaret died on March 6, 1878. They are buried at Sylvania Cemetery. CHILDREN OF: William Collier & Margaret Ridyard Richard Collier-nothing is known about him at this time; Joshua Collier-born Oct. 6,1832 at Lancashire, England; married Alice Hurst on Dec. 25, 1861; had 5 children-Joshua Z., Alice, Ella, Louisa, & Effie; was an early minister at the Kellogg's Corners Methodist Church; died Sept. 17, 1884; buried Sylvania Cemetery; Jabez Collier-born about 1837 in Lancashire, England; wife was Martha (possibly Bell); had 11 children-Adelia, Joshua, Frank, Abraham, John, Martha, Mary, Joseph, Alfred, Charles, and Lorey; moved to Gladstone, Rollins Co, Kansas in 1880's; Mary Ellen Collier married William Creighton(born Huntington, Eng.), son of Wm. & Anna Creighton. He was a bookkeeper in Champaign Co, IL BLOCK 2-LOT 9-SD-Jacob Brigham, Owner INSCRIPTION Azubah F., wife of Ezk. Jacobs/died Sept. 13, 1850/ae 25 yrs. Ezekial H. Jacobs was born about 1820 in New York. His wife Azubah F. was born about 1825 in New York. Perhaps Azubah was a Brigham since this lot belonged to Jacob Brigham. Ezekial & Azubah are listed in the 1850 census of Paris Twp., Kenosha Co. They had a son Charles E. Jacobs who was born about 1844 in WI. Ezekial married again on Dec. 25, 1853 to Eliza Collett, daughter of John & Ann Collett(Block 3, Lot 1, SD). BLOCK 2-LOT 10-SD-Adaline Baker(North), Norman Bailey(South), Owners INSCRIPTION Deborah Baker/died 1875/age 58 yrs 9 mos 18 ds Myron A./son of E. & Adeline Baker/died at Owasco, NY, Sept. 4, 1838/ae 2yrs 8 ms & 27 ds Elisha Baker/died May 6, 1857/ aged 45 yrs. 11 ms. Frances A.(dates illegible) Ervin H./ son of A.T. & L. B. Gould/died Feb. 12,(year illegible) Norman Bailey/died 1875/aged 58 yrs. 9 mos. 18 ds. Elisha Baker was born about 1811 in the state of NY. He married Adeline R. Bailey (born NY about 1814), sister of Norman Bailey, in NY . Daughter Laura & son Myron (2nd Myron) were born in Owasco, Cayuga Co, NY. Elisha was a cashier in a bank in Syracuse, NY for many years. He was a captain in the New York State militia. He came to WI in 1838 and became a farmer in Paris Twp, Kenosha Co. Two children were born in WI: Frances A. (Abigail) and Warren E. Elisha died on May 6, 1857. His wife died in June, 1889. The 1892 Racine-Kenosha Co. History states that they are both buried in the Sylvania Cemetery. There is no stone with her name on it anymore. It is not known who Deborah Baker was, but this stone is almost illegible(could be Elisha's mother, because she came West with the Baker family). Elisha's father was a Revolutionary War soldier and died in New York. His mother Lois came West and died in Kenosha Co. Adaline(Mrs. Elisha Baker)'s father also served in the Revolutionary War. Mr. Bailey married Abigail Price who came to WI and died in Kenosha Co. Abigail(Price) Bailey, mother of Adaline R.(Bailey) Baker could also be buried here. She lived with her daughter on the farm in Paris Twp. She died on April 13, 1866 at the age of 65 years. CHILDREN OF: Elisha Baker & Adaline R. Bailey Laura B.Baker-born about July 1, 1833 in Cayuga Co, NY; married to Amon T. Gould; buried Block 2, Lot 11, SD; see account there; Myron A. Baker-died Owasco, NY, Sept. 4, 1838 at the age of 2 yrs,8 mos. 27 ds; (born about Dec 8, 1835); Myron A. Baker-born Aug. 26, 1837, Owasco, Cayuga Co, NY; married on July 1, 1868 to Rachel F. Burgess, daughter of Daniel C. & Sylvia Burgess of Salem Twp, Kenosha Co; had 7 children; was an attorney in Kenosha; first enlisted man from WI in the Civil War; had 7 children-Myron E., Norman L.,Robert V.,Leone A.,Adeline R.(Mrs. Daniel Goodwin),Ethel D., Portia E.; Frances A. Baker-born about 1842 in Kenosha Co, WI; married Frank. B. Dunning; lived in Madison, WI & Englewood, Chicago; Warren E. Baker-born about 1844 in Kenosha Co, WI; was a carpenter in Somers Twp, Kenosha Co; wife's name was Martha P.; 2 children by 1870 (Edgar-age 2; Laura-age 1); lived later in North Chicago; SIBLINGS OF: Elisha Baker Anne Baker Weed,Abel Baker,Rood(?) Baker(male),Lois Baker,Huldah Baker, Thomas Walker Baker,William Baker(lived in Paris Twp, Kenosha Co); SIBLINGS OF: Adaline(Bailey) Baker Norman Bailey(Block 3, Lot 11, ND) Alexander Bailey(born 1824 in NY State), who lived at Brighton Twp., Kenosha Co. may also have been a brother. He had a wife Betsy(born 1823-NY), & 4 children: Ellen J.(1844), Frances(1846), Eugene(1848), & George(1849) listed in the 1850 census. BLOCK 2-LOT 11-SD-A.T. Gould, Owner INSCRIPTION Father/Amon T. Gould/died March 15, 1899/ae 68-5-2 Mother/Laura B. Gould/died June 6, 1896/ae 63-11-5 Amon T. Gould Amon T. Gould was born in NY about Oct. 13, 1830. He came first to Kenosha, where he worked several years as a carriage builder, blacksmith, and horseshoer. Later he came to Kellogg's Corners where he was a blacksmith on the south side of Racine-Kenosha County Line, just east of Hy. 41(I-94). He married Laura B. Baker, daughter of Elisha & Adaline(Bailey) Baker..She was born about July 1, 1833 in Cayuga Co, NY. A.T. Gould was very active in community and church affairs. The post office for the area was located in a corner of his blacksmith shop. He was Sunday School Superintendent for the Kellogg's Corners M.E. Church for many years. They had 7 children. Laura Gould died on June 6, 1896 and Amon T. on Mar. 15, 1899. They are buried at Sylvania Cemetery. KNOWN CHILDREN OF: Amon T. Gould & Laura B. Baker Frances Ella(Fannie) Gould-born about 1854 in Kenosha Co;married to John Mitchell in Kenosha Co on Dec. 31, 1874; lived at Somers; Ervin H. Gould-buried Sylvania Cemetery; M---- Gould-male born about 1858 Catherine A. Gould(Kittie)-born about 1860 in Kenosha Co; married to Fred W. Leonard; lived at Bristol; Myron A. Gould-born on June 25, 1864 in Somers Twp, Kenosha Co; married Adaline Heidersdorf, daughter of Christian Heidersdorf, on July 4, 1888 in Kenosha Co; had 4 children-Loren Jay, Max A., Gladys, and Bernice, who died in infancy; died 1926; buried Oakwood Cemetery, Somers, WI; Warren Elijah Gould-born about 1865 in Somers Twp, Kenosha Co; died in Racine Co on Oct. 30, 1919; Maurice LeRoy Gould-born about 1867 in Somers Twp; married to Lucelia Davis, daughter of Jason Davis, on Apr. 6, 1887; lived at La Crosse, WI; BLOCK 2-LOT 12-SD-Chauncey Kellogg, Owner INSCRIPTION Chauncey Kellogg/born Apr. 23, 1790/died Jan. 31, 1885 Hellen/wife of Chauncey Kellogg/born May 27, 1793/died Feb.1,1880 Cyrenius B./drowned July 1,1850/ae 17 yrs Julius F./died Cortland Co., NY/Aug.1, 1830/ae 2 yrs. William Angil/died Oct.3,1839/ae 26 yrs. Dorleska M./died Apr. 10, 1840/ae 14 yrs. Angeline M./wife of O.H. Collar/died Sept. 16, 1846/ae 21 yrs. Lordesk M./died Dec. 28, 1846/ae 15 yrs. Chauncey Kellogg Chauncey Kellogg was born in Goshen, Conn. on April 23, 1790. He married Helen Howe(born May 27, 1793 at Canaan, CN), daughter of Melzer & Huldah(Willoughby) Howe on September 23, 1812 at Goshen, CN. Chauncey and Helen moved to Smithfield, Bradford Co, PA; then to Racine Co, WI at what is known now as Kellogg's Corners. They had 13 children. Chauncey left Kellogg's Corners and moved to Neenah,WI near his brotherThaddeus. He died at Neenah on January 31, 1885. His wife Helen died there on Feb. 1, 1880. They are buried at Sylvania Cemetery. CHILDREN OF: Chauncey Kellogg & Helen Howe William Amil Kellogg-born July 30, 1813 at Goshen, CN; died Oct 31, 1839 in Racine Co, WI; buried Sylvania Cemetery; Seth Ransom Kellogg-born Feb 3, 1815 at Smithfield, PA; married Lucy Maria Marsh; died May 29, 1879 at Neenah, WI; buried there; Theresa Minerva Kellogg-born Feb. 12, 1817 possibly at Smithfield, PA; married James Ladd; no children; Ophelia Matilda Kellogg-born 2 Aug 1818 possibly at Smithfield, PA; married Rev. Francis Metcalf; 6 children; Aurelia Matilda Kellogg-born Oct. 14, 1820 possibly at Smithfield, PA; married Abeil W. Lindsley; several children; Angelina Malissa Kellogg-born July 16, 1822 at Smithfield, PA; married Orrin H. Collar,son of Jared & Rhoda Collar of Dover Twp, Racine Co, on Nov. 17, 1844 at the M.E. Church at Kellogg's Corners; died on Sept. 16, 1846; buried Sylvania Cemetery; daughter Angeline Leverett Steele Kellogg-born Apr. 10, 1824 in Cortland Co, NY; married Cornelia Wetmore Hovey on May 30, 1850 at Waterford, WI; one daughter Amy (Mrs. Edgar L. Morxe); Dorleska Marinette Kellogg-born Apr. 29, 1826 in Cortland Co, NY; died Apr. 10, 1840 in Racine Co; buried Sylvania Cemetery; Julius Field Kellogg-born Mar. 21, 1828 at McGrawville, NY; died Aug 1, 1830 at McGrawville; Julius Field Kellogg-born Feb. 4, 1830 at McGrawville, NY; married Elizabeth Quereau; professor of math. at Northwestern University; had 3 sons; Lordeska Marian Kellogg-born Oct 31, 1831 in Cortland Co, NY; died Dec. 28, 1846 in Racine Co; buried at Sylvania Cemetery; Cyrenius B. Kellogg-born Aug. 20, 1833 in Cortland Co, NY; drowned on July 1, 1850 in Kenosha Co, WI; buried Sylvania Cemetery; Francena Medora Kellogg-born July 5, 1836 in Cortland Co, NY; married Judge Norman Buck; lived in Washington state; SPECIAL NOTE: Angelina(Kellogg) Collar had a daughter, Angeline Margetha Collar, who was born in 1846, which is the year she died. It is possible that Angelina died in childbirth. Angeline Margetha Collar married between October 17 & November 5, 1866, to Solon Lyman Quackenbush, son of Lambert & Emely Catherine Quackenbush. He was a farmer in Rochester, Racine County, and was born in Albany, NY. BLOCK 2-LOT 13-SD-Ralph Green, Owner INSCRIPTION Ralph Green/died May 28, 1847/ae 49 yrs. Alice/consort of Ralph Green/died Sept. 18, 1848/ae 48 yrs. Ralph Green was born in Lancashire(possibly the town of Bolton), England about 1798. His wife Alice was born there about 1800. They ran a bakery in England. They came to Southport and purchased a farm on the Racine/Kenosha County Line Road just west of Interstate I-94, in Paris Township, Kenosha County, WI. It is believed that they came about 1839. Ralph died in 1847 and Alice in 1848; both of pneumonia. They had 6 children. Their son-in-law, John Webb applied for guardianship of the 4 youngest children on Aug. 22, 1850. It is not known who raised these children if he & his wife went to CA. CHILDREN OF: Ralph Green & Alice Richard Green-born about 1824 in England; married to Jane Turner(born about 1828 in Scotland) on Jan. 11, 1849 at Southport; had a son George A.(born 1849) in the 1850 census; went to CA to the Gold Rush; Ellen Green-born about 1830 in England; married John Webb; had a son George A.(born 1849); maybe more children; went with her husband & brother Richard & family to CA to the Gold Rush; Alice Green-born May 30,1835 in England; married Lawrence Arkley Easson on Dec. 4, 1854 in Kenosha Co; had 8 children; died Dec. 23, 1912; buried in Mound Cemetery, Racine; John Green-born about 1837 in England; lived in Milwaukee, WI; son Frank; Eliza Green-born about 1843 in WI; married James R. Murphy, son of James & Mary Murphy, on July 17, 1863 in Racine Co. He was a shoemaker who was born on the Isle of Barbados, West Indies; they lived in Kansas; Sarah Green-born about 1845 in WI; never married; believed to be buried in Easson lot in Mound Cemetery; BLOCK 2-LOT 14-SD-Helmont Kellogg, Owner INSCRIPTION Helmont Kellogg/died March 28, 1848/ae 86 yrs. Susannah/consort of Helmont Kellogg/died Feb. 20, 1840/ae 77 yrs. Geneological History of the Kellogg Family Helmont Kellogg Helmont Kellogg was born at New Hartford, Conn. on March 17, 1762. He served in the Revolutionary War. On January 5, 1786 Helmont married Susannah Moore (born June 1, 1763 at Windsor, CN), daughter of Josiah & Anna(Gillett) Moore. They moved with their sons to Wisconsin in 1837 and settled on the Racine-Kenosha County Line at the intersection of Hy 41 (I-94) and Racine-Kenosha County Line Rd. They had 9 children, all born in CN(possibly Goshen). Helmont died at Kelloggs Corners, Racine County, WI on March 28, 1848. His wife Susannah died there on Feb 20, 1840 only 3 years after they arrived. Helmont Kellogg is one of only a few Revolutionary soldiers to be buried in Wisconsin. They are buried at Sylvania Cemetery. CHILDREN OF: Helmont Kellogg & Susannah Moore Chauncey Kellogg-born Nov. 30, 1786 at Goshen, CN; died Apr. 27 1790 at Goshen; Luman Kellogg-born Aug. 8, 1788 at West Goshen, CN; married Hannah Tuttle pm Sept 20,1810 in Litchfield Co,CN; died in MN in 1882 in Washington Co, MN; Chauncey Kellogg-born Apr. 23, 1790 at Goshen, CN; married Helen Howe on Sept. 23, 1812 at Goshen; died at Neenah, WI on Jan. 31, 1885; buried Sylvania Cemetery; Austin Kellogg-born Feb. 20, 1792 at Goshen, CN; married Artemitia Howe on Dec. 7, 1817 at Goshen; (She & her infant son burned to death.); married 2nd to her sister Armenia Howe; died at Jessup, Iowa on Jan. 30, 1871; Elvira Kellogg-born July 10,1794 at Goshen, CN; married Almerin Stillman of Cincinnati; 2 children; died c.1825; Leverett Steele Kellogg-born Oct. 27, 1796 at Goshen, CN; married Angelina Howe on Sept. 19, 1824 at New Haven, CN; died Dec. 16, 1854 at Milwaukee, WI; Thaddeus Gillette Kellogg-born Oct 27, 1796 at Goshen, CN; married Sept. 7, 1822 to Melinda Washburn at Goshen; died at Neenah, WI on May 11, 1872; buried at Neenah; Harvey Kellogg-born Sept. 25, 1798 at Goshen, CN; married 1st to Mary Brooks on Nov. 30, 1825 at Goshen; 2nd to Elisheba Darien; died at Auroraville, Florence Co, WI on Aug. 19, 1881; Minerva Susanna Kellogg-born Sept. 24, 1800 at Goshen, CN; married Rev. Julius Field on May 4,1824 at Goshen; died Dec. 24, 1875 at Durham CN; 5 children; Seth Helmont Kellogg-born Nov. 14, 1802 at Goshen, CN; married Electa Washburn on Nov. 13, 1825 at Goshen; died in Racine, WI on July 24, 1867; Julius Field Rev. Julius Field was born on Apr. 2, 1799 at North Madison, New Haven Co, CN to Ichabod & Anna(French) Field. He was a Methodist-Episcopal minister. He married Minerva Susannah Kellogg, daughter of Helmont, on May 4, 1824 at Goshen, CN. They had 6 children. Rev. Field came to Wisconsin to be the minister at the Kellogg's Corners Church. He owned the land on the Southeast corner of Kellogg's Corners in Somer's Twp., selling it on Apr. 28, 1851 to Edward Hopkins. The Field family went back East to Durham, CN. Rev. Field died there on Sept. 22, 1884 and his wife Minerva died on Dec. 24, 1875. CHILDREN OF Julius Field & Minerva Kellogg Susan Minerva Field-born May 7, 1827 at New York City, NY; married Rev. Wm. H. Sampson on Jan 2, 1855 at Appleton, WI; died Aug. 27, 1861; Julia Ann Field-born Jan. 15, 1829 at Glen's Falls, Warren Co, NY; married Rev. Hiram P. Shepard on Dec. 30, 1858; died Dec. 20, 1863; Jane Augusta Field-born Jan. 7, 1832 at Fort Ann, Washington Co, NY; married S. S. Scranton on Aug. 30, 1860 at Durham, CN; Lucretia Elvira Field-born Aug 16, 1834 at Salisbury, Litchfield Co, CN; died Dec. 30, 1835 at Salisbury; Mary Louis Field-born Nov. 16, 1839 at Sylvania(Kellogg's Corners), Racine Co, WI; Gertrude Electa Field-born June 8, 1842 at Sylvania(Kellogg's Corners), Racine Co, WI; married Rev. Albert Harmon Wyatt; died 1931; Austin Kellogg Austin Kellogg was born at Goshen, CN on Feb. 20, 1792. He married Artemetia Howe, daughter of Melzer & Huldah Howe, on Dec. 7, 1817 at Goshen. They had one son. Artemetia & her son perished in a burning house on Jan. 28, 1820 in Smithfield Twp., Bradford Co, PA. The lint of "flaxing" caught fire by a coal from the fireplace. All but these two escaped. Artemetia grabbed the child and ran into the bedroom where she eight suffocated or was burned to death. Austin married again at Goshen to Artemetia's sister Armenia Howe, on July 29, 1821. They had 6 children. Austin & Armenia moved to New York State & evenually to Kenosha Co, WI by 1835. Armenia died at Southport(Kenosha), WI on Sept. 23, 1841 & is buried at the Green Ridge Cemetery. Austin married again to Almira Daniels on Oct 2, 1842 at Kenosha, WI. They had a son Austin & possibly a daughter who died as a child. Austin eventually moved to Jesup, Buchanan Co, IA where his third wife Almira died on Feb. 13, 1864. Austin married a 4th time to Laura Marshall on Jan 30, 1868 in Buchanan Co, IA. He died on Jan. 30, 1871 at Jesup and is buried at Littleton, IA. CHILDREN OF: Austin Kellogg & Artemetia Howe Norman Harvey Kellogg-born Dec. 31, 1819 at Smithfile Twp, Bradford Co, PA; died there on Jan. 28, 1820; CHILDREN OF: Austin Kellogg & Armenia Howe Artemetia Howe Kellogg-born May 6, 1822 at Goshen, CN; married Alonzo Burgess on July 6, 1844 in Kenosha Co, WI; died May 3, 1864 at Kellogg's Corners, WI; buried Sylvania Cemetery; Mary Susan Kellogg-born June 2, 1824 in Smithfield Twp, Bradford Co, PA; married Rev. John Crummer on Aug 17, 1841 at Southport(Kenosha), WI; died Apr. 2, 1910 at Pocahontas, IA; buried at Mount Carroll, IL; George Josiah Kellogg-born Mar. 20, 1828 at Cicero, Oswego Co, NY; married 1st to Frances Marion Platt on Sept. 7, 1854 at Bradford, Rock Co, WI; died Jan. 7, 1919 at Minneapolis, MN; buried at Janesville, WI; Maria Fidelia Kellogg-born Sept. 2, 1831 at Cicero, Oswego Co, NY; married Dr. James Ozanne on Sept. 21, 1851, possibly in Kenosha Co; died Feb. 16, 1904 at Oshkosh, WI; buried at Somers, WI; Martha Ann Kellogg-born Feb. 25, 1834 at Fulton, Onondaga Co, NY; married Hiram Gates Balcam on Oct. 21, 1852 in Mt. Pleasant Twp, Racine Co, WI; died on June 5, 1926 at Littleton, IA; Wilbur Fisk Kellogg-born Apr. 25, 1837 at Kenosha, WI; married Julia Eliza Rhodes on Aug 13, 1865; died July 28, 1908 at Rogers, AR; CHILDREN OF: Austin Kellogg & Almira Daniels A. D. Origene Kellogg-died July 29, 1845; buried at Green Ridge Cemetery next to Austin's 2nd wife Armenia; it is possible that this is Almira's child; Austin Genaro Kellogg -born Apr. 3, 1848 at Kenosha, WI; married Mary E. Seeley on Jan 1, 1876 in Lee Twp, Franklin Co, IA; died July 23, 1922 at Webster City, IA; buried there; Austin Kellogg, the son of Helmont, did not really live at Kellogg's Corners. He settled closer to Southport(Kenosha) on Pike's Creek. Austin's daughter Artemetia married Alonzo Burgess and they farmed at the Corners. Seth Helmont Kellogg Seth Helmont Kellogg was born in Goshen, CN on Nov 14, 1802 to Helmont & Susannah Kellogg. He married Electa Stratton Washburn, daughter of Ebenezer Washburn, on Nov. 13, 1825. They lived at Goshen and later at New Hartford, CN before coming to Kellogg's Corners in 1837. They had 10 children. Seth Helmont died at Racine, WI on July 24, 1867. His wife died there on Sept 17, 1868. CHILDREN OF Seth Helmont Kellogg & Electa Washburn Rudolphus Eugene Kellogg-born Apr. 20, 1827 & died Apr. 4,1833 at Goshen; Elizabeth Washburn Kellogg-born Apr. 20, 1829 at Goshen, CN; married James Harvey Fancher; Edgar Hollis Kellogg-born Apr. 11, 1831 at Goshen, CN; married Caroline Elizabeth Bailey in Kenosha Co, WI; died Dec 2, 1901 in Kenosha Co; buried Green Ridge Cemetery, Kenosha; Ann Frances Kellogg-born Aug 7, 1833 at New Hartford, CN; married Rev. Ezra Luman Scofield on May 20, 1855 at Janesville, WI; possibly died at St. Louis, MO. Emma Clifford Kellogg-born May 5, 1836 at New Harford, CN; married Flavius Luman Wickham; Jane Eliza Kellogg-born Apr. 23, 1839 at Kellogg's Corners, WI; married Isaac Frink Child Frank Eugene Kellogg-born Dec 5, 1841 at Kellogg's Corners, WI; married Kate Hall; Isabel Electa Kellogg-born June 1, 1844 in WI; married Thomas Martin Towne; Seth Alzamora Kellogg-born in winter of1847 in WI; died in infancy; Sylvester Clark Kellogg-born Jan. 29, 1849 in WI; married Mary Ann Pearson; BLOCK 2-LOT 15-SD-E. W. Washburn, Owner INSCRIPTION Rev. Washburn/died Dec. 31, 1857/ae 84 yrs. Elizabeth/wife of Rev. E. Washburn/died May 25, 1857/ae 80 yrs. E. A. Washburn/daughter of E.W. & L. R. Washburn E.A.W. died Feb. 11, 1854/ae 6 yrs. Early Residents of Yorkville Township Ebenezer Washburn Rev. Ebenezer Washburn was born on Oct. 25, 1772 at Hardwick, Worcester Co, Massachusetts. He was the son of Ebenezer Washburn(1734-1795) & and his wife Dorothy (Newhall) Washburn. Rev. Ebenezer's wife was Elizabeth Cone who was born in 1777 in CN. They came to Wisconsin in 1843 to live near their daughter Electa(Mrs. Seth Kellogg). Their son Elijah W.(born Conn.) and his wife Louisa R. were living with the Washburns in 1850 census. Rev. Washburn was one of the first ministers of the M.E. Church at Kellogg's Corners. He built a home in the SE quarter of Section 36, Yorkville Twp, Racine County, WI. He lived there until 1850, when he and his wife moved to Racine, WI. They both died at Racine in 1857 & are buried at Sylvania Cemetery. CHILDREN OF: Ebenezer Washburn & Elizabeth Cone Artemas Washburn-born 1797 in CN and died 1801; Melinda Stuart Washburn-born May 6, 1800 at Petersburg, NY; married Thaddeus ,son of Helmont on Sept. 7, 1822; died Neenah, WI in June 2, 1873; buried there; Electa Stratton Washburn-born Nov. 12, 1805 at New Haven, CN; married Seth Helmont Kellogg, son of Helmont on Nov 13,1825; died in Racine on Sept. 17, 1868; had 10 children; Clarissa Washburn-born 1808 in CN; married John Alzamora; died 1889; Jane D. Washburn-born 1811 in CN; married Sylvester Clark; died 1892; Elijah W. Washburn-born 1814 in CN; married Louisa R. Dodge; had 2 children in 1850-Augusta L.(born 1844) and Elizabeth(born 1848); daughter Elizabeth is buried at Sylvania Cemetery; Ebenezer Washburn-born 1816 in CN; married Louisa M. Hartshorn; died 1868 BLOCK 2-LOT 16-SD-Thaddeus Kellogg, Owner INSCRIPTION (There are no tombstones on this lot. It is possible that when Thaddeus Kellogg moved to Neenah, he was buried there. A grave was sold on this lot to Mr. Thomas Roberts of Milwaukee, WI in 1989. He is a descendant of Thaddeus Kellogg.) Thaddeus Gillette Kellogg Thaddeus Gillette Kellogg was born on October 27, 1796 at Goshen, Conn. He married Melinda Washburn, who is the daughter of Rev. Ebenezer and Elizabeth(Cone) Washburn, on Sept. 7, 1822 at Goshen, CN. Thaddeus and Melinda came to Wisconsin in 1837. They had 7 children. The land that belonged to Thaddeus Kellogg was located in the SW quarter of Section 33, Mt. Pleasant Township, Racine County ,WI. Thaddeus Kellogg moved to Neenah, WI in 1861. He died there on May 11,1872 and Melinda died in June 2,1873. They are buried at Neenah, WI. CHILDREN OF: Thaddeus Kellogg & Melinda Washburn Edgar Washburn Kellogg-born July 21,1823 & died Sept. 10,1824 at Goshen; Frederick Ferdinand Kellogg-born Oct. 3, 1827 at Goshen, CN; married Samantha Minerva Torrey; died July 2, 1873 at Neenah, WI; Margaret Clarissa Kellogg-born Dec. 9, 1829 at Goshen, CN; married Wildes B. M. Torrey on Apr. 16, 1854; died July 10, 1882 at Neenah; Georgiana Louisa Kellogg-born Nov. 12, 1834 at Goshen, CN; married Return Delos Torrey on Oct. 16, 1855 in Racine Co, WI; Catherine Electa Kellogg-born Nov. 16, 1839 in Mt. Pleasant Twp, Racine Co; died Mar. 16, 1841 in Racine Co; poss. buried Sylvania Cem.; Arthur Washburn Kellogg-born Mar. 26, 1842 in Mt. Pleasant Twp, Racine Co; married Isabelle Montgomery; died Oct 6, 1920 at Neenah, WI; Hollis Wolsey Kellogg-born May 30,1844 in Mt. Pleasant Twp, Racine Co; died June 22, 1864 at Nashville, TN (Civil War); unmarried; BLOCK 2-LOT 17-SD-Norman Howe, Owner INSCRIPTION Melzer Howe/died Oct 27, 1837/65 yrs., 8 das. Huldah W., wife of Melzer/died Jan. 5, 1848/ ae 74-9-16 Charles A./infant son of W.A.W. & Ann Howe/died March 5,1848/ae 3 mos. Melzar Howe Melzar Howe was born in Goshen, CN. on October 19, 1772 to Joseph & Prudence (Norton) Howe IV. He was married to Huldah Willoughby(born March 20, 1773), daughter of John & Olive (Smith) Willoughby, Jr. on May 6, 1792 at Goshen. They came to Wisconsin from Connecticutt with the Kellogg families. Melzar died on Oct. 27, 1837 at Kellogg's Corners. Huldah Howe owned land in Section 31, Mt. Pleasant Twp. Huldah Howe died at Kellogg's Corners, Racine County, on January 5, 1848. They are buried at Sylvania Cemetery. CHILDREN OF: Melzar Howe & Huldah Willoughby Helen Howe-born born May 27, 1793 at Canaan, CN; married Chauncey Kellogg on Sept. 23, 1812 at Goshen, CN; died at Winona, MN on Feb. 1, 1880; Artemetia Howe-born June 22, 1795 at Goshen, CN; married Austin Kellogg on Dec. 7, 1817 at Goshen as his 1st wife; she and here infant son were burned to death on Jan. 28, 1820 in Smithfield Twp, Bradford Co, PA; Armenia Howe-born Aug. 29, 1799 at Goshen, CN; married Austin Kellogg on July 9, 1821 at Goshen; died on Sept. 23, 1841 at Southport(Kenosha), WI; buried Green Ridge Cemetery, Kenosha, WI; Angeline Howe-born Apr. 30, 1801 at Goshen; married Leverett Steele Kellogg on Sept. 19, 1824 at New Have, CN; died Mar. 27, 1885 at Milwaukee, WI; Mary/Polly Howe-born Mar. 6, 1805; married John Sayer on Oct. 17, 1825; died Jan. 28, 1828 at Mr. Plesant, PA Joseph Edward Howe-born Feb. 5, 1808 at Goshen; married Melissa Cogswell on Sept. 29, 1829; died Nov. 24, 1886 at Geneva, WI; Marinda Prudence Howe-born Apr. 27, 1810 at Goshen; married John Gardner Whitcomb on Sept.19,1836 at Cortland, PA; died June 12, 1892 at Murphy, NC; Norman Amherst Willoughby Howe-born Dec. 29, 1820 at Goshen; married Ann Eliza Sands on Jan. 16, 1844; died Jan. 25, 1908 at Creswell, OR; BLOCK 2-LOT 18-SD-Mrs. Reuben Shephard, Owner(Gaylord Shepard, Owner later) INSCRIPTION Reuben Shepard/died June 12, 1850/age 46 yrs. 5 mos. Sarah/died Feb 16, 1848/age 16 yrs. Francis/died Feb. 8, 1847/age 16 mos. Mary A./wife of C. C. Shepard/died Aug. 27, 1857/ae 22 yrs 5 mos. Ruth/widow of Eli Whitcomb/died March 27, 1849/age 78 yrs. Early Residents of Mt. Pleasant Township Reuben Shepard Reuben Shepard was born in New York in 1804. He was married to Sarah Whitcomb (born 1807 in New York state), daughter of Eli & Ruth Whitcomb. Six of their children were born in Oswego Co, New York. This family came to WI in 1844. Son Francis was born in WI in 1845. The Shepards lived in the SW quarter of Section 32, Mt. Pleasant Township, Racine County. Reuben Shepard died on June 12, 1850 & is buried at Sylvania Cemetery. His wife Sarah married again to Theodore Woodworth on Jan. 25, 1853. Theodore was a carpenter and joiner from Bristol Twp, Kenosha Co. After Reuben died his son Chester C. Shepard seems to have occupied his farm, later acquiring more land in Paris Twp, Kenosha Co. CHILDREN OF: Reuben Shepard & Sarah Whitcomb Chester C. Shepard-born Jan.14,1830 in Oswego Co,NY; married Mary Adelaide Varney, daughter of Nathan F. & Mary Varney at the Varney home in Somers Twp, Kenosha Co, on Feb. 22, 1853. They were married by the Rev. Ebenezer Washburn of the M.E. Church of Kellogg's Corners; wife Mary (Varney) Shepard died on Aug. 27, 1857, possibly in childbirth; She is buried at Sylvania Cemetery. Chester & Mary had a son Godfrey R.Shepard who was born on Jan. 16, 1854. He was raised by Mary's parents, Nathan & Mary Varney. Chester Shepard married again in 1864 to Agnes Carver and had 3 more children: Edwin, Will, & George; he died at Bristol, Kenosha Co on Jan. 27, 1907; buried at North Bristol Cemetery, Kenosha Co; Sarah Shepard-born about 1832 in Oswego Co, NY; died on Feb. 16, 1848; buried Sylvania Cemetery; Mary C. Shepard-born about 1835 in Oswego Co, NY; Edward R. Shepard-born about 1839 in Oswego Co, NY; was in the Civil War; died at Nashville, TN on Mar. 25, 1865; Marinda R. Shepard-born about 1841 in Oswego Co, NY; became a schoolteacher; married Gilbert O. Vincent, son of Owen & Elisa Vincent, on Mar.12, 1872 in Racine Co. Gilbert was a farmer from Bristol who was born in Onondega Co, NY; Esther Shepard-born about 1843 in Oswego Co, NY; schoolteacher; Francis Shepard-born about 1845, possibly in Racine Co; died on Feb. 8, 1847; buried Sylvania Cemetery; *****Ruth Whitcomb was the mother of Sarah (Mrs. Reuben) Shepard. She was born in 1771 and died on Mar. 27, 1849. BLOCK 3-LOT 1-SD-John Collett, Owner INSCRIPTIONS COLLETT Alexander/died Aug. 2, 1852/age 6 yrs. Isabel/died April 6, 1862/age 2 yrs. Merinda/died May 19, 1872/aged 18 yrs. Ada/died Sept. 19, 1872/age 16 yrs. Children of John & Sarah Collett Ann, wife of John Collett/died March 2, 1844/age 35 yrs. Mary Ann/died June 16, 1862/aged 23 yrs. Stephen/killed in battle July 16, 1864/aged 21 yrs. Children of John & Ann Collett John Collett John Collett was born about 1816 in England. He came to America in May of 1837 and settled first in New York. He came to WI and lived in Somers Township, Kenosha County. His first wife was Ann (born England),who died on March 2, 1844 at the age of 35 years and is buried at Sylvania Cemetery. John married again sometime between 1844 and 1846 to Sarah (born about 1820 in England), because Alexander was born in 1846. John was one of the early ministers at the Kellogg's Corners Methodist Church. John and Sarah Collett are not listed as buried in Sylvania Cemetery. CHILDREN OF: John Collett & Ann Eliza Collett-born about 1832 in England; married Dec. 25, 1853 to Ezekial W. Jacobs; John Collett-born about 1836 in England; married in Kenosha Co. on Sept. 7, 1858 to Margaret Chadwick, daughter of Samuel & Jane Chadwick; Elizabeth Collett-born about 1837 in New York; Mary Ann Collett- born about 1839 in New York; worked as a housekeeper for John & Beatrice Guest); died June 16, 1862; buried Sylvania Cemetery; Stephen W. Collett-born about 1842 in New York; died July 16, 1864(Civil War); CHILDREN OF: John Collett & Sarah Alexander Collett-born about 1846 in Kenosha Co; died Aug. 2,1852; Sarah M. Collett-born July 3, 1848 in Kenosha Co; married to Hiram Lee, son of Thomas & Ann Lee, as his first wife in Kenosha Co. on July 3, 1866; died Mar. 13, 1871; buried Sylvania Cemetery; Arabella Collett-born about 1850 in Kenosha Co; Wesley F. Collett-born about 1851 in Kenosha Co; married Marcia J. Gilbert, daughter of Wm. & Jane Gilbert on May 8, 1875 in Kenosha Co; Marcia died in a boating accident in 1877; Wesley married again in 1878; George W. Collett-born about 1853 in Kenosha Co; married on Dec. 25, 1878 in Kenosha Co to Mary C. Bluck, daughter of Cane & Sarah Bluck; Merinda(Minnie) Collett-born about1854 in Kenosha Co; died on May 19, 1872; Ada(Ida) N. Collett-born about 1856 in Kenosha Co; died on Sept. 19, 1872; Ashbury C. Collett-born about 1858 in Kenosha Co; Isabel Collett-born about 1860 in Kenosha Co; died Apr. 6, 1862; BLOCK 3-LOT 2-SD-Manus Combs, Owner INSCRIPTION Father/Manus Combs/born/March 1, 1827/died/Nov. 28, 1907/At Rest Charlotte K. Combs/born/Feb. 11, 1829/died/March 9, 1884 Manus Combs was born at Shipton, Canada on March 1, 1827 to William(Jane Nott) Combs. His 1st wife was Charlotte K. Pressey(Feb. 11, 1829-Mar. 9, 1884), daughter of Wm. & Susan Pressey. She was born in New Hampshire. The Combs family lived in Racine in 1850, but later on lived in Section 19, Mt. Pleasant. Manus was a machinist by trade. According to the 1850 census, they had a daughter Marcella A.-age 1, who was born in New Hampshire. Therefore, they probably came to Wisconsin about 1850. They had 2 sons & 2 daughters. Charlotte died in 1884 and Manus married again to Mrs. Anna(Esmus) Burr on Feb. 10, 1885 in Racine. They had one son Frederick. He lived in Racine until his death on Nov. 28, 1907. KNOWN CHILDREN OF: Manus Combs & Charlotte K. Pressey Marcella A. Combs-born about 1849 in New Hampshire; William Combs-born in 1851 in WI; married to Laura L. McClure(born Iowa), daughter of Thomas(June Roseborugh) McClure; he died Mar. 21, 1923; buried in Graceland Cemetery, Racine; Ella Combs-born about 1856 in WI; married Horace S. Benedict, son of Ethelbert (Anna) Benedict, on Jan. 1, 1872 in Racine Co; He was a farmer in Bristol; They had at least one daughter Lottie(1874).(This could be Marcella listed above, but there is a discrepancy in age.) Manus George Combs-born about 1863; married to Nellie Thompson, daughter of Daniel & H. H. Thompson, on Mar. 27, 1889 at Honey Creek, WI; CHILD OF: Manus Combs & Anna Esmus Burr Frederick C. Combs-born Jan. 25, 1886 in Racine, WI; married Violet Mary Haas, daughter of Fred & Allouise(Brill) Haas; he died Apr. 19, 1923 in Racine; buried Mound Cemetery, Racine; BLOCK 3-LOT 3-SD-John Kimber, Owner INSCRIPTION Hester, consort of John Kimber/died Sept. 15, 1848/aged 23 years John Kimber was born in England in 1821. He came to America in December of 1839. Hester Kimber, wife of John was born about 1825. She died on Sept. 15, 1848 at the age of 23 years, possibly in childbirth. It is not known where in the area that John & Hester Kimber lived at this time. Some time after Hester died, John married again to Elizabeth. He is listed as living in a section of Racine that was called Sagetown, where his house burned down on Sept. 20, 1858. Also, in 1858, he owned a grocery & liquor store called "The New York Store" on the corner of Main & 3rd St, Racine. There is a notice in the May 11, 1860 Racine Daily Journal of a Sheriff's Sale against John & Elizabeth Kimber, by John Guest(Block 3,Lot 7, SD) & James Yates(Block 3, Lot 9, SD), administrators of Joseph Dorning's(Block 2, Lot 7, SD) estate. John & Elizabeth Kimber had a daughter born on Oct. 24, 1860. BLOCK 3-LOT 4-SD-Oliver Gilbert, Owner INSCRIPTIONS Father/William Gilbert/born May 31, 1818/died 1891 Mother/Jane A.,wife of/William Gilbert/born July 22,1821/died Nov.19,1888 Drowned in Eagle Lake at a picnic excursion June 14, 1877 Olive A. Marcia J. Jennie M. Monument: Marcia J./age 24 yrs. 5 ms. 5ds. Olive A./aged 12 yrs. 6 ms. 17 ds. Jennie M./aged 1 yr. 2 ms. 17 ds. Ellen E., dau. of J. & C. Seymour and wife of O. A. Gilbert/Drowned June 14, 1877 /age 20 yrs. 4 ms. 19 ds. William Gilbert was born in England on May 31, 1818. After coming to America, he married Jane Anson on November 10, 1845 in Racine County. She was born in New York on July 22, 1821. William Gilbert farmed in the SW quarter of Section 30, Mt. Pleasant Township. Jane Gilbert died on Nov. 19, 1888 and William died on March 15, 1891. CHILDREN OF: William & Jane(Anson) Gilbert Oliver Anson Gilbert- born about 1850 in Racine Co. He was married to Ellen E. Seymour (born about January 26, 1857), daughter of John & Catherine Seymour, on July 4, 1875 in Yorkville. The Seymours lived in the SW quarter of Section 35, Yorkville Township. Oliver's wife Ellen died on June 14,1877 as the result of a boating accident on Eagle Lake. Ellen was buried in Mound Cemetery, Racine by her brother. Oliver Anson Gilbert married again in Milwaukee Co. on Sept. 12, 1893. Marcia J. Gilbert- born about January 9, 1853 in Racine Co. She married Wesley Collett, son of John & Sarah Collett(Block 3, Lot 1, SD), on May 8,1875 in Racine County. Marcia and her daughter Jennie M. (age 1 yr. 2ms. 17 ds.-born about Mar. 28, 1876) died in the boating accident June 14, 1877. Wesley Collett married again in Kenosha County in 1878. Olive A. Gilbert- born about November 27, 1864. She was also called Polly. Olive died in the boating accident as well (June 14, 1877). *****See the newspaper account of the Gilbert family boating accident on June 14, 1877 later in this book BLOCK 3-LOT 5-SD-William Gilbert, Sr., Owner INSCRIPTIONS William Gilbert/died May 15, 1853/aged 64 yrs. Ann, wife of William Gilbert/died Aug. 9, 1855/age 61 yrs. George Gilbert/Co. G, 13 Regt., Wis. Vol./died at Madison, Wis./Jan. 1, 1863/ Jos. Gilbert/died Oct. 22, 1847/ae 27 yrs. aged 33 yrs. William Tucker/died Aug. 23, 1855/age 32 yrs (This Wm. Tucker is buried in Block 3, Lot 7, SD) William Gilbert, Sr. William Gilbert was born in Wales on August 29, 1788. His wife Ann(Anna Burgess) was born in England on April 22,1794. They had 11 children; 5 sons & 6 daughters. The Gilberts came to America from Cheshire, England in 1842. Mr. Gilbert bought some govern- ment land for $1.25 per acre and other land for $3.50 per acre. The land was located in Section 36, Yorkville Twp. William Gilbert died on May 15, 1853 and his wife on August 9, 1855. They are buried at Sylvania Cemetery. CHILDREN OF: William Gilbert & Anna Burgess Jane Gilbert-born Nov. 8, 1815 at Cheshire, England; see account below William Gilbert-born May 31, 1818 in England; married Jane Anson on Nov.10, 1845 in Racine Co.; had 3 children; died Mar. 15, 1891; buried Sylvania Cemetery; Joseph Gilbert-born about 1820; died October 22, 1847; buried Sylvania; Mary Ann Gilbert-born Dec.14,1822 in Cheshire, England; married John D. Goldsworthy on Feb. 11, 1847 in Racine Co; died Nov. 5, 1889; buried in Paris Methodist Cemetery; Enoch B. Gilbert-born Dec. 28, 1825; married Jemima M. Lee,daughter of Richard (Elizabeth)Lee, on August 31, 1849 in Racine Co. died Nov. 22, 1897; buried Mound Cemetery, Racine; had a daughter Elizabeth Ann; Margaret Gilbert-born Oct. 5, 1825 in Cheshire, England; married William Dixon in Kenosha Co on Dec. 17, 1860 and lived in Union Grove; died Jan. 30, 1902; buried in Paris Corners Methodist Cemetery; George Gilbert-born about 1830; died at Madison, WI on January 1, 1863. He was in the Civil War. He had a wife Catherine. George Gilbert was farming his father's farm in Section 36, Yorkville Twp in 1858. Fannie Miriam Gilbert-born Dec. 31, 1837; married John Rhodes in Kenosha Co on Sept. 25, 1866 and they farmed in Brighton, WI; died Oct. 7, 1905; buried in Union Grove Cem; John Gilbert-was a farmer in New York State. *****It is believed that the Sylvania Cemetery was established when the William Gilbert family buried son Joseph on the land in 1847. There was a small cemetery at Kellogg's Corners and the graves were moved to this site. William Gilbert's daughter Jane Gilbert Tucker Guest deeded the land for a cemetery to the Sylvania Cemetery Association in 1876, but by this time there were many burials on the site. BLOCK 3-LOT 6-SD-William Gilbert, Sr., Owner This lot belonged to William Gilbert and is combined with Lot 4 in Block 3. BLOCK 3-LOT 7-SD-Wm. Gilbert.,Sr, transferred to Wm. Tucker,Owner INSCRIPTIONS William Tucker/died Aug. 23, 1855/aged 32 Jane Tucker Guest/died Aug. 16, 1895/aged 79 yrs. *****Jane Tucker Guest donated the land for the cemetery in 1876. (Jane Gilbert) William Tucker, Sr. William Tucker was born at Cornwall, England about 1823. His father was James Tucker. He farmed in Brighton Twp, Kenosha Co until his death. On Sept. 3, 1849, he was married to Jane Gilbert, daughter of William & Ann(Burgess) Gilbert, in Racine Co. William & Jane Tucker had 3 sons. William Tucker died on Aug. 23, 1855. His wife, Jane married again to John Guest on May 14, 1871. They lived on the William Gilbert homestead in Yorkville Twp, Racine Co. Jane died on Aug. 16, 1895 in Racine Co. They are buried at Sylvania Cemetery. Jan Tucker Guest donated the land for the Sylvania Cemetery in 1876. CHILDREN OF: William Tucker & Jane Gilbert Joseph Gilbert Patterson Tucker-born on May 11, 1851 in Brighton Twp, Kenosha Co; married to Janette(Jennie) Lloyd, daughter of John Lloyd, on Mar. 24, 1881; worked in Racine as the Superintendent of the Taylor Orphan Asylum farm; died June 9, 1937; buried Mound Cemetery; Ezra Burgess Tucker-born about 1852 in Brighton Twp, Kenosha Co; became a lawyer in Columbus Junction, IA. He was married to Irene Gray of Iowa. William Edward Tucker-born May 14, 1854 in Brighton Twp, Ken. Co; married Sarah Jean Mytton, daughter of Edward & Sarah Ann(Price) Mytton, in Oct of 1902; had 2 daughters, Margaret & Mae; William died on Aug. 28, 1939 & his wife on Dec. 27, 1941; buried Sylvania Cemetery; owned Gilbert farm after his mother; INSCRIPTIONS John Guest/died Feb. 13, 1882/aged 81-1-21 Beatrice, wife of John Guest/died March 12, 1871/age 79 yrs., 7 ms. 25 ds. John Guest was born in Lancashire, England on December 19, 1800. He was the son of Wm. & Mary Guest. He was married to Beatrice. They came to America in 1842 and farmed in Sections 19 & 30, Mt. Pleasant Twp. John & Beatrice had a daughter Rosa Ann, who married George Haidle( Block 3, Lot 8, SD), on January 5, 1858 in Kenosha County. Beatrice Guest died on March 12, 1871 and her husband married again to Jane(Gilbert) Tucker about 2 months later. John died on Feb. 13, 1882. CHILD OF: John Guest & Beatrice Rosa Ann Guest-born about Apr. 15, 1835; married George Haidle(Block 3, Lot 8, SD); see account there; BLOCK 3-LOT 8-SD-John Guest transferred to George Haidle, Owner INSCRIPTIONS George Haidle/died/Oct. 24, 1896/aged 59 yrs. 1 mo. 3 ds. Rosa Ann/wife of/George Haidle/died Oct. 22, 1873/aged 33 yrs. 6 ms. 16 ds. Al---a/died Feb. 22, 1884/ae 1 yr. 3 ms. Mary/wife of David D. Green/died Aug. 16, 1889/age 26 yrs. 10 ms. George Haidle was born about September 21, 1837 at Oberwalden, Ger. He came to America in July of 1856. George married Rosa Ann Guest(born April 15, 1835 in England), daughter of John & Beatrice Guest(Block 3, Lot 7, SD), on Jan. 5, 1858 in Kenosha County. They were married by James Ozanne, with John Guest & Busford Jenkins as witnesses. George Haidle farmed the farm originally owned by John Guest in Sections 19 & 30, Mt. Pleasant Twp. George & Rosa Ann had 6 children. Rosa Ann(Guest) Haidle died on Oct. 22, 1873. George married again to Mary Anna Steiner, daughter of John(Rosina Kawelti) Steiner of Dodge Co., on Oct 24, 1876 at Racine. Mary Anna is the niece of Leonard Steiner(Block 3, Lot 12, ND). George & Mary Anna had 6 children. George Haidle died at Racine on Oct 24, 1896. CHILDREN OF: George Haidle & Rosa Ann Guest William Haidle-born July 4, 1858 at Sylvania, Racine Co; moved to Pilger, NE where he married Eda Hinkle in 1874; had 4 children; William was a butcher by trade. He died in1906. Jessy Haidle-born about 1861 at Sylvania. He later lived in Chicago, IL. Mary Haidle-born about Nov. 1862 at Sylvania. She married David D. Green. She died on Aug. 16, 1889; She is buried on this lot. Emeline Haidle-born about 1865 at Sylvania. She was married to a man named Bordner and lived at Pilger, NE. Elsie Haidle-born about 1870 at Sylvania. Dora Haidle-born at Sylvania after 1870 because she is not listed in the 1870 census. Possibly she was born in 1873 when her mother died. Many women died in childbirth in those days. Dora was married to a man named Brong and lived at Milwaukee, WI. CHILDREN OF: George Haidle & Mary Anna Steiner Edith May Haidle-born in 1878 at Sylvania; married Charles Henry Poland on Oct. 14, 1908 at Racine; They had 2 daughters. The Polands moved to Detroit, MI where Edith died in 1944. Frank George Haidle-born June 16, 1880 at Sylvania; married Mary Adeline Bourque on June 13, 1907 in Racine. They had one daughter Catherine. Frank & his family moved to Chicago, IL where he died on Aug. 17, 1938. He is buried in Mound Cemetery, Racine. Al---- Haidle-born Dec. 1, 1882 at Sylvania. This child died of scarlet fever on Feb. 22, 1884 and is buried here. Clara Belle Haidle-born Jan. 3, 1885 at Sylvania; married Christ C.Mortenson on May 11, 1909 at Racine; had 2 children; died at Racine on June 23, 1958. She is buried in Graceland Cemetery, Racine. Florence Mable Haidle-born Apr. 25, 1887 at Sylvania;married Frank Bertram Hay on July 7, 1910 in Racine; had 3 sons; died on June 2, 1921 of TB; buried in Mound Cemetery, Racine; Mary(Mayme) Rosina Haidle-born May 20, 1890 at Sylvania; was a school- teacher in the Racine schools; She never married. Mayme died of TB at Racine on July 21, 1919. She is buried in Mound Cemetery, Racine. BLOCK 3-LOT 9-SD-James Yates, Owner INSCRIPTION James Yates/died Nov. 26, 1857/age 53 yrs James Yates(Sr.) was born in England on Sept. 9, 1804. He was married to Elizabeth Conway(born Nov. 9, 1804 in England) and they came to America with 5 children before 1845. They settled in the NE quarter of Section 25, Yorkville Twp. Two more children were born there. James Yates died on Nov.26, 1857. His wife Elizabeth died on March 21, 1876. They are born buried in Mound Cemetery, Racine, WI.(The tombstone here has his name on it.) CHILDREN OF: James Yates & Elizabeth Conway James Yates-born Apr. 17, 1835 at Manchester, England; see account below; Deborah Yates-born Mar. 20, 1836 at Manchester, England; married David Lawton, son of John & Margaret Lawton(Section 24, Yorkville Twp), on Nov. 13, 1856 at Sylvania; died on June 16, 1913 at Racine, WI; buried at Mound Cemetery, Racine; Thomas Yates-born about 1839 at Manchester, England; Samuel Yates-born about 1841 at Manchester, England; married Emma Wolfenden, daughter of Robert & Mary Wolfenden(Section 27, Yorkville Twp), on Oct. 6, 1864 in Racine Co; was a grocer in Racine; Dorothy A. Yates-born Dec. 4, 1842 at Manchester, England; married Abraham B. Hayes on Jan. 1, 1865 in Racine Co; died on Dec. 24, 1898; buried in Union Grove Cemetery; Frances Ann Yates-born about 1845 in WI; married Jonathan A. Dorning, son of Jonathan(Block 2,Lot 7,SD)& Ann Dorning, on Nov. 2, 1865 in Racine Co Elizabeth Yates-born about 1848 in WI; married Alexander B. Adams, son of John H. & Jennie(Elliot) Adams, on Aug. 27, 1867; INSCRIPTIONS James Yates died July 25, 1902/age 67 yrs. Mrs. James Yates James Yates(Jr.) was born on Apr. 17, 1835 at Manchester, England. He came to America with his parents around 1843. He married Jennie Mary Simmons, daughter of Henry & Eve(Allen) Simmons, on July 1, 1862 in Racine Co. They had 4 children. James was the mail carrier for the area around Kellogg's Corners and Sylvania. He maintained a post office in his home on the same property as his father(above) owned. James Yates died on July 23, 1902 and is buried here. His wife Jennie Mary died on Jan 4, 1925, and is also buried here. CHILDREN OF: James Yates(Jr.) & Jennie Mary Simmons Carrie May Yates-born about 1863 at Sylvania; married Robert Roberts, son of Robert & Catherine Roberts, on Apr. 8, 1891 in Racine Co; Maria(Myra F.) Yates-born Dec. 8, 1865 at Yorkville; married Jabez Payne on Nov. 25, 1886 in Racine Co; died Feb. 16, 1898; buried in Union Grove Cemetery; James H. Yates-born Mar., 1868 at Sylvania; married Anna Rasmussen(born in Denmark), daughter of Christ & Mary(Peterson) Rasmussen on Nov. 28, 1899 in Racine Co; lived on the grandfather & father's land in Section 25, Yorkville Twp; Clarence E. Yates-Nothing is known about him at this time; BLOCK 3-LOT 10-SD-Joshua Collier, Owner INSCRIPTIONS George Hurst/born Aug. 17, 1792/April 6, 1875 Alice/wife of G. Hurst/died Sept. 15, 1853/age 58 yrs. Mary, daughter of/George Hurst/died Oct. 3, 1867/age 50 yrs. George Hurst was born in Lancashire, England on Aug. 17, 1792. His wife Alice(Mort) was born there about 1795. They came to America in May of 1842. They settled on a farm in the SW quarter of Section 19, Mt. Pleasant Twp, Racine Co. There were 4 children who came to this country. His wife died on Sept. 15, 1853. He went to live with Joshua & Alice Collier(his daughter), first in Caledonia Twp, then in Mt. Pleasant Twp for 6 years before he died. He died on Apr. 6, 1875. George provided land for a schoolhouse while he lived there. He was a local preacher in the Methodist church and was the leader of the local orchestra at Kellogg's Corners. CHILDREN OF: George Hurst & Alice Mort Mary Hurst-born about 1817 in England; died on Oct. 3, 1867; buried here; John Hurst-born about 1822 in England; Sarah Hurst-married to James Mitchell; (this Sarah could be Mary listed above) Elijah Hurst-born about 1833 in England; married Sarah Eugenie Skinner, daughter of Joseph & Caroline Skinner, on Oct. 27, 1863 in Racine Co; lived in Clear Lake, IA; Alice Hurst-born Aug. 29, 1840 in England; see account below; INSCRIPTIONS Joshua Collier/born Oct. 6, 1832/died Sept. 17, 1884 Co. G 2 Wis. Cav. G.A.R. marker Alice, wife of/Joshua Collier/born Aug. 29, 1840/died Sept. 8, 1906 Ella, daughter of J. & A. Collier/Mary 12, 1872/age 5 yrs. 3 ms. 25 ds. Joshua Collier was born in Lancashire,England on Oct.6,1832, to Wm. & Margaret Collier (Block 2, Lot 7, SD). He came to America with 3 cousins, Joseph Collier,Joshua Boydell, and Wm. Birchell, in Sept. of 1848. He worked as a ship carpenter and also as a farmhand on the John Howarth(Block 4, Lot 5, SD) farm. He married Alice Hurst on Dec. 25, 1861 in Racine Co. After his marriage, he farmed in Caledonia Twp, and later in Mt. Pleasant Twp. Joshua served in the WI Cavalry during the Civil War.He was a minister at the M.E. Church at Kellogg's Corners. Joshua died on Sept.17,1884. His wife died on Sept. 8, 1906. CHILDREN OF: Joshua Collier & Alice Hurst Joshua Zwingle(J.Z.) Collier-born June 26, 1863 in Yorkville; married on Mar. 31, 1892 to Elsie M. Scofield, daughter of Chester & Frances (Young) Scofield of Bristol; had 4 children; died May 28, 1944; buried at Union Grove Cemetery; Alice Collier-born Dec. 1, 1866 in Racine Co;married Edwin B. Skewes, son of Samuel & Ruth(Bottomly) Skewes, on Oct. 22, 1890 and lived at Ives Grove, WI; graduated from Oshkosh Normal School; died Feb. 8, 1920; buried Yorkville Cemetery; (Margaret) Ella Collier-born about 1867; died on May 12, 1872; buried here; Louisa M. Collier-born 1873 in Racine Co; graduated Oshkosh Normal School; became a teacher of Latin and English; never married; died 1953; buried Yorkville Cemetery; Effie L. Collier-born 1875 in Racine Co; graduated from Oshkosh Normal School; became a teacher; later was a missionary teacher in China; married Eddy Lucius Ford; died 1931; buried Yorkville Cem; BLOCK 3-LOT 11-SD-Cadwallader Roberts, Owner INSCRIPTIONS Cadwallader Roberts/born June 1, 1823/died Nov. 30, 1896 Josephine Roberts/born March 17, 1833/died May 18, 1897 Cadwallader Roberts was born at Merionethshire, North Wales on June 1, 1823 to Thomas & Margaret Roberts. He came to America in 1848. He married Josephine Reinicike(Renak)(born Mar. 17, 1833 in Moravia), on March 8, 1855 in Racine Co. They had 4 children. Cadwallader was a farmer and stock raiser in Mt. Pleasant Twp. until 1893 when he & his wife moved to Racine. He died on Nov.30,1896 and his wife on May18, 1897. CHILDREN OF: Cadwallader Roberts & Josephine Reinicike(Renak) Robert Evan Roberts-born Oct. 14, 1855 in Racine Co; married in Racine Co. on Apr. 2, 1884; lived in Mt. Pleasant Twp; died of typhoid fever on Jan. 24, 1912; buried Mound Cemetery, Racine; Thomas C. Roberts-born Oct. 8, 1858 in Racine Co; twin to John; married to Mary Jane Hunter(born Dec. 11, 1864), daughter of James McLean & Amanda (Graves) Hunter, on Apr. 16, 1890 ; died Dec. 5, 1932; wife died Oct. 12, 1945; had at least one daughter, Gladys; lived Mt. Pleasant Twp; John F. Roberts-born Oct 8, 1858 in Racine Co; twin to Thomas; married to Belle (Isabell) Paddock, daughter of Joseph E.(Mary Ann Parker)Paddock of Mt. Pleasant on Apr. 26, 1891; his wife is a sister to Thomas Paddock (Block 1, Lot 5, ND); lived in Mt. Pleasant Twp; had 2 daughters: Verna Strom & Mrs. James W. Olendorf; he died on July 30, 1951; wife died July 15, 1958; buried in Graceland Cemetery, Racine; Mary Jane Roberts-born May 5, 1861 in Racine Co; married George J. Longmore of Somers Twp, Kenosha Co;had a daughter Evelyn M., who married Irving Gardinier; Mary died on Feb. 2, 1938 in Kenosha Co; buried at Oakwood Cemetery, Somers, WI; BLOCK 3-LOT 12-SD-Mrs. Jason Davis, Owner INSCRIPTIONS Jason Davis/died Apr. 28, 1893/aged 76 yrs. Jane/wife of Jason Davis/died Sept. 20, 1889/aged 61 yrs. Jason E. Davis Jason E. Davis was born on June 29, 1815 in Jefferson Co., NY. He married Mary Jane Flansburgh(born about 1826 in NY), in 1845 in Jefferson Co., NY. They came West in 1846 and settled first in Somers Twp., Kenosha Co. On Mar. 1, 1851, they moved to Paris Twp. All 6 of their children were born in Kenosha Co, WI. Mary Jane(Jane) Davis died on Sept. 20, 1889 and Jason died on Apr. 28, 1893. (The Davis name was also listed as Davies.) They are buried at Sylvania Cemetery. CHILDREN OF: Jason E. Davis & Mary Jane Flansburgh Louisa Davis-born July 25, 1850 in Somers Twp; married Christopher Miller, a farmer from Paris Twp., on Mar. 11, 1868 in Kenosha Co; Martha Jane Davis-born May 22, 1854 in Paris Twp, Kenosha Co; Nina Davis-born Oct. 12, 1856 in Paris Twp, Kenosha Co; married David McRitchie Blythe on Dec. 5, 1875 in Kenosha Co; Charles Davis-born Oct. 17, 1858 in Paris Twp, Kenosha Co; Clarence Davis-born May 22, 1861 in Paris Twp, Kenosha Co; married Mary Kuehn, daughter of Fred Kuehn, on Sept. 15, 1891; lived in Somers Twp; Lucelia Davis-born Sept. 15, 1869 in Paris Twp, Kenosha Co; married Maurice LeRoy Gould, son of Amon T. Gould, on Apr. 6, 1887 in Kenosha Co; BLOCK 3-LOT 13-SD- C. Kreuscher lot *****This lot may have belonged to Carl Kreuscher, a farmer of Paris Twp, Kenosha Co. Some records of this family are recorded in the Emanuel Lutheran Church records of Paris Twp. There are no headstones on this lot. They may have bought it and decided to be buried elsewhere. Carl(Karl) Kreuscher was born on July 22, 1839 in Lollburg, Germany, to Karl & Anna Elizabeth Kreuscher. He probably came to America with his parents. They settled in Paris Twp, Kenosha Co. Carl was married to Margaretha Muller(born Dec. 25, 1842, Germany) at the Emanuel Lutheran Church, Paris Twp., on Aug. 20, 1869(not sure about this date). Known Children of: Carl Kreuscher & Margaretha Muller(from church records) Peter Kreuscher: born Oct. 27, 1864; Karl Kreuscher: born Jan. 23, 1866; Henry Martin Kreuscher: born Nov. 11, 1867; Margaret Kreuscher: born Aug. 20, 1869; Julius(?) Kreuscher: born July 28, 1872; Wilhelmina Kreuscher: born Mar. 23, 1875; Jacob John Kreuscher: born May 24, 1879; BLOCK 3-LOT 14-SD- Gort and Blan lot BLOCK 3-LOT 15-SD-Andrew Nelson, Owner An Andrew Nelson lived in Paris Twp, Kenosha Co in 1850. He was a farmer who was born in Sweden about 1801. His wife was Eliza A. who was born in NY about 1808. They had 7 children in the 1850 census. This might be the Andrew Nelson who owned this lot, but it is not known if anyone is buried here. CHILDREN OF: Andrew Nelson & Eliza A. Eliza Jane Nelson-born about 1833 in NY state; William A. Nelson-born about 1834 in NY state; Sarah A. Nelson-born about 1836 in New Jersey; Catherine M. Nelson-born about 1837 in New Jersey; Samuel S. Nelson-born about 1842 in WI; Frank A. Nelson-born about 1847 in WI; Mary E. Nelson-born about 1849 in WI; BLOCK 3-LOT 16-SD-Henry Biehn, Owner *****There were 2 Henry Biehns in the area-father & son-living in Paris Twp. Heinrich(Henry) Biehn, Sr. was born on Dec. 5, 1827 in Ketzenbach, Rheinbaum, Germany. He served 2 years in the German army before coming to America in April of 1851. He located in Kenosha Co, where he worked as a farmhand for several years. After his marriage to Margaret Myers(born Mar. 11, 1836), he bought land in Paris Twp. Henry and Margaret had 9 children. Henry died on Nov. 9, 1895 in Paris Twp, and his wife died on May 13, 1897. They are buried in the Emanual Lutheran Church Cemetery in Paris Twp. CHILDREN OF: Heinrich Biehn & Margaret Myers George Biehn-engaged in farming & fruit raising in the state of Washington; Henry Biehn-born Nov. 1, 1858; see account below; Caroline(Carrie) Biehn-born May 4, 1861; wife of Christian E. Heidersdorf ; see account in Block 1, Lot 1, SD; Jacob Biehn-born Apr. 5, 1863; a real estate dealer in Milwaukee, WI; John Biehn-born Mar. 3, 1867; a contractor in Tacoma, Washington; Mary Elizabeth Biehn-born June 17, 1869; wife of John Adams, Secretary of the YMCA at Fond du Lac, WI; Frank Joseph Biehn-born Oct. 4,1871;ran a meat market & grocery in Union Grove, WI; Margaret Biehn-born Jan. 22, 1873; married Otto Schultz, a farmer of Racine Co, on June 5, 1895 at the Immanuel Lutheran Church, Paris Twp; Emma A. Biehn-born Apr. 17, 1875; married George Kreuscher, a farmer of Paris Twp., on May 25, 1893 at the Emanuel Lutheran Church, Paris Twp; Henry Biehn, Jr. was born on Nov. 1, 1858 in Paris Twp, Kenosha Co. He worked on his father's farm until his marriage on Dec. 13, 1882 to Fannie Heidersdorf, daughter of Christian & Margaret Heidersdorf(Block 1, Lot 1, SD). He then purchased his father's farm. Henry and Fannie had 2 children. Henry was Paris town chairman, assessor, treasurer, and served on the Kellogg's Corners school board for 32 years. CHILDREN OF: Henry Biehn & Fannie Heidersdorf Camilla Margaretha Biehn-born Jul 10,1884; wife of Charles Fonk of Paris Twp Howard Biehn-born May 13, 1898; still living in 1990 at the age of 92; BLOCK 3-LOT 17-SD-William Drinkwater, Owner INSCRIPTIONS James Drinkwater/born 1798/died 1880 Jane Drinkwater/born 1799/died 1874 James Drinkwater was born at Manchester, England in 1798. He married Jane Phelps (born 1799 at Manchester, England), and had a son William. They came to America in 1842 and took up a government claim in Yorkville Twp. Jane died in 1874 and James in 1880. CHILD OF: James Drinkwater & Jane Phelps William Drinkwater-born Nov. 8, 1824; see account below; INSCRIPTIONS William Drinkwater/born Nov. 8, 1824/died Apr. 28, 1902 Elizabeth Drinkwater/born Apr. 18, 1830/died Sept. 22, 1857 Ann Drinkwater/born July 15, 1838/died Apr. 29, 1893 William Drinkwater was born at Manchester, England on Nov. 8, 1824. He came to America with his parents in 1842 and settled at Sylvania. On Dec. 25, 1847, he married Elizabeth Smith (born Apr. 8, 1830 in England),daughter of Samuel Smith of Mt. Pleasant Twp Racine Co. They had one daughter Sarah Jane. William left for the Gold Rush in CA with Isaac Bowers(Block 1, Lot 3, ND), Richard Lee(Block 2, Lot 3, SD), & Edward Lee(Block 4, Lot 14, SD). While he was there, he received word that his wife was very ill and he should hurry home. She died on Sept. 22, 1857 before he arrived home. William married again on Dec. 26, 1860 to Mary Ann Toase, daughter of Henry & Mary Toase(Block 1, Lot 3, SD). Sarah remained with her grandparents and later became a schoolteacher. William & Mary Ann had 8 children. They moved to a farm on the Racine -Kenosha Co Line in Yorkville Twp. Mary Ann died on April 28, 1893 and William died on Apr. 28, 1902. CHILD OF: William Drinkwater & Elizabeth Smith Sarah Jane Drinkwater-born Dec. 2, 1851 in Yorkville Twp; married Henry Smith, son of Samuel & Catherine Smith(lived in Section 19, Mt. Pleasant Twp), on Nov. 27, 1875 in Racine Co; they lived in Somers Twp, Kenosha Co, and had 10 children; died Apr. 1, 1931; buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Somers, WI; CHILDREN OF: William Drinkwater & Mary Ann Toase Mary Rosette Drinkwater-born Oct. 20, 1861 in Yorkville Twp; married Albert E. Murgatroyd on Apr. 3, 1895 in Racine Co; died Dec. 11,1946; had a daughter; buried at the Scotch Cemetery; Fanny Ida Drinkwater-born Aug. 15, 1863 in Yorkville Twp; married George Blackburn & divorced; had 3 children; married again to Samuel Bowers, son of Isaac Bowers(Block 1, Lot3, ND) & divorced; died Nov. 30, 1954; buried Block 4, Lot 11, ND; Ella May Drinkwater-born in 1865 in Yorkville Twp; married Henry H. Blackburn on Dec. 21, 1892 in Racine Co; died on Sept. 10, 1915 and buried in Union Grove Cemetery; William H. Drinkwater-born June 8, 1867 in Yorkville Twp; married Laura Blaine(1881-1966), daughter of Alexander & Nell(Box) Blaine, on Jan. 9, 1907 in Racine Co; had 2 daughters; was a butcher in Union Grove; died on Mar. 3, 1936; buried in Union Grove Cemetery; Charles E. Drinkwater-born on Dec. 28, 1870 in Yorkville Twp; married to Margaret(May 25, 1874-June 6, 1952) Myers, daughter of Jacob & Elizabeth Myers, on Dec. 25, 1895 in Kenosha Co; had son Irving & daughter Emma(Mrs. Roy Holmes); died Mar. 21, 1959; buried in Union Grove Cemetery; James Abraham Drinkwater-born 1873 in Yorkville Twp; married Marie (Mame) Rasmussen(1881-1979), daughter of Julius Theodore & Karen Rasmussen of Corliss, WI. on Jan. 14, 1903; had a daughter Irene Hansen Petersen; worked at Western Publishing Co, Racine; died 1967; buried in Union Grove Cemetery; Frank R. Drinkwater-born about 1876 in Yorkville Twp; lived in Atwater, OH ; Cora Drinkwater-born Mar. 12, 1882 in Yorkville Twp; married Paul Wilkins on Jan. 6, 1904 in Milwaukee Co; had 2 adopted children: Gladys & Glenn; died of a brain tumor on Dec. 29, 1923; buried Block 4, Lot 11, ND next to her sister Fanny; BLOCK 3-LOT 18-SD-Kelsey lot Augustus E. Kelsey was born in Canada about 1817. He was married to Nancy H. who was born in Vermont about 1824. They lived in Mt. Pleasant Twp, Racine Co. They had at least 4 children by 1860. Augustus Kelsey had a farm sale on June 4, 1864. It is not known what happened to him after that. Perhaps this might be the Kelsey that owned this lot. KNOWN CHILDREN OF: Augustus E. Kelsey & Nancy H. Louisa Kelsey-born about 1847 in WI; Genevieve(Geneva) Kelsey-born about 1850 in WI; Cleveland Kelsey-born about 1853 in WI; Fremont Kelsey-born about 1856 in WI;fff BLOCK 4-LOT 1-SD-Mrs. Burton lot BLOCK 4-LOT 2-SD-McHuron(original owner), now Horace Lee,Owner INSCRIPTIONS Horace Lee/1868-1946 Richard Lee/infant/1916 May Toase Lee/1879-1910 Herman W. Lee/Wis. Tec. 4, 118 Station Hosp/WW II/Oct.19, 1918-July 23, Stella Lee/1903-1919 1944 Virginia A.Lee/Sept. 13, 1938-Mar. 16, 1952 Flora Mentch/1894-1984 Horace Lee was born in Merrimac, WI to Edward & Harriet Parks Lee (Block 4, Lot 14, SD) , on July 10, 1868. He was married first to May(Lettie)Toase(born Nov. 22, 1878 in WI), adopted daughter of William & Sarah(Longwell) Toase(Block 1, Lot 3, SD) on Sept. 10, 1898. They had 4 children. She was Sarah(Longwell) Toase' sister's child. May Toase Lee died on May 31, 1910. Horace married again to Flora Zinke (born July 7, 1894 in Racine),daughter of Gus Zinke, on July 21, 1915 in Racine Co. They had several children. Horace Lee died on Jan. 14, 1946. His wife Flora remarried to Gottlieb Riemer and then to a Mentch. She died on Apr. 14, 1984. CHILDREN OF: Horace Lee & May Toase Ruth V. Lee-born Jan. 9, 1899 at Sylvania; married to Harry Erickson on Dec. 29, 1919 in Racine Co; lived in Union Grove, WI; had one daughter; died June 17, 1985; buried in Union Grove Cemetery; Stella Mae Lee-born July 16,1903; died 1919; buried here; Frances L. Lee-born Dec. 20, 1905 at Sylvania; married to Alvin Erickson on July 30, 1925 in Racine Co; lived in Union Grove, WI; no children; died June 10, 1978; buried in Union Grove Cemetery; Reuben E. Lee-born May 9, 1910 at Sylvania; wife Ruth E. Knight(born Feb. 29, 1916) on Jan. 29, 1938 in Racine Co; lives in Tucson, Arizona; one daughter Patricia Mae Lee is buried in Graceland Cemetery, Racine; 2 other daughters; CHILDREN OF: Horace Lee & Flora Zinke Clarence Harry Lee-born Dec. 12, 1913; Richard Lee-born Aug. 25, 1915; died in 1916; buried here; Robert Edward Lee-born Sept. 21, 1916; married Ellen Engel in Racine on Oct. 16, 1943; had 2 daughters; died Aug. 1, 1970; buried at West Lawn Cem; Edith Lee-born 1917; Mrs. Meryn Jacob; Herman W. Lee-born Oct.19,1918; married to Anna Zenner on July 18,1942 in Racine Co; drowned in Italy during WW II on July 23,1944; buried here; Augusta Flora Lee-born Nov. 20, 1922; Mrs. John Preston; Dorothy Lee-born Oct. 7, 1924; Mrs. James Simonsen; Marian Bernice Lee-born May 9, 1929; Mrs. John Rallo Virginia Alice Lee-born Sept. 13, 1938; died Mar. 16, 1952 as the result of an automobile accident; buried here; BLOCK 4-LOT 3-SD-Wilson and Bennett lot There are no stones or markers on this lot. One of Edward Lee(Block 4, Lot 14, SD)'s daughters was married to a Wilson. Perhaps half of this lot belonged to her. BLOCK 4-LOT 4-SD-Mrs. William(Margaret) Cockett, Owner INSCRIPTION William Cockett/died Sept. 7, 1872/age 39 yrs/GAR marker Joseph William Cockett was born about 1833 in England. His name has been listed as Cockett, Crockett, and Cockroft. He was married to Margaret Cordwell, daughter of Richard & Martha Cordwell. J. William Cockett served in the Civil War. He & his wife Margaret lived on 40 acres in the SE quarter of Section 20, Mt. Pleasant Twp. In the 1870 census, they had 2 sons John ,13 & Thomas,9. William Cockett died in Mt. Pleasant Twp. on Sept. 7, 1872. CHILDREN OF: William Cockett & Margaret Cordwell John Cordwell Cockett(Crockett)-born Feb. 5,1857 in Mt. Pleasant Twp; married Erminie E. Nobes, daughter of Robert H. & Ellen Nobes(Block 1, Lot 6, ND), on Oct. 22, 1890 in Racine Co; had 3 daughters(Erminie, Ellen, & Agnes) & one son(John); died Sept. 10, 1927; buried at Graceland Cemetery, Racine; Thomas Cockett- born about 1861 in Racine Co; INSCRIPTION Martha, wife of Richard Cordwell/died March 2, 1861/age 61 yrs. 6 ms. Richard Cordwell was born in England in 1790. He, his wife Martha(born England about 1799), and at least 6 children, came to America in May of 1844. They settled first in Paris Twp, Kenosha Co. By 1858, they had 70 acres in the E half of Section 32, Mt. Pleasant Twp, Racine Co. Martha Cordwell died on Mar. 2, 1861 and is buried here. CHILDREN OF: Richard Cordwell & Martha Margaret Cordwell-born about 1821 in England; married to Wm. Cockett; see account above; Jabel Cordwell-born about 1823 in England; Jonathan Cordwell-born about 1827 in England; Ann Cordwell-born about 1832 in England; married Eli Holden in Kenosha Co on May 13, 1852; Henry Cordwell-born about 1835 in England; Mary Cordwell-born about 1837 in England; BLOCK 4-LOT 5-SD-John Howarth, Owner INSCRIPTION Howarth(Large stone but no names or dates on it.) John Howarth was born in England in 1796. He was married to Sarah, who was born in England about 1797. They came to America in July of 1842. They had 2 adopted daughters who were born in France. John farmed in the E half of Section 26, Yorkville Twp. He was the Justice of the Peace for Yorkville Twp. He & Sarah raised Henry Howarth(Moss),who is believed to be a son of one of the adopted daughters, as his son. John Howarth died about 1878. It is not known when his wife Sarah died. They are probably both buried here. ADOPTED DAUGHTERS OF: John Howarth & Sarah Sarah Moss-born in France about 1831to Henry & Elizabeth Moss; married Ernst Caleb (born Germany), son of Ernst & Frederika Caleb on July 2, 1859 in Racine Co; had 4 children by 1870- Eliza(1861), Mary(1863), August(1864), and Ann(1868); Ernst was a tailor living in Yorkville; Elizabeth Moss-born in France about 1835 to Henry & Elizabeth Moss; nothing more has been found about her; ADOPTED SON OF: John Howarth & Sarah Henry Howarth(Moss)-born May 1, 1852; see account below; Henry Howarth Moss was born on May 1,1852. Henry used the last name Moss on the marriage license to his first wife. Henry married Annie Haigh, daughter of George & Hannah Haigh(Block 1, Lot 8, SD), on March 16, 1871 in Racine Co. They had 2 daughters. Annie must have died after the 2nd daughter was born and is probably buried here. Henry married again to Mary Lee (born May 2, 1855), daughter of Edward & Susannah Lee(Block 4, Lot 14, SD), on May 26, 1875 in Racine Co. At the time of this marriage, he was listed as Henry Howarth(no Moss). There were 4 children born to this marriage. Henry died on Oct 27, 1928 and is buried here. Mary(Lee) Howarth died on Mar. 15, 1935 and is buried in the Union Grove Cemetery. CHILDREN OF: Henry Howarth & Annie Haigh Hannah(Annie) Howarth-born Mar. 28, 1871 at Sylvania; married to John A. Harcus on Dec. 31, 1891 in Racine Co; had 9 children; died Nov. 24, 1948 in Racine Co; buried at West Lawn Cemetery; Sarah Howarth-born Mar. 29, 1873 in Yorkville; married Louis Miller Lee, son of Hiram & Elizabeth Lee(Block 1, Lot 2, ND), on Jan. 9, 1896 in Racine Co; had 2 daughters; died about Sept. 28, 1945 in Racine; buried in West Lawn Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant Twp; CHILDREN OF: Henry Howarth & Mary Lee John Henry Howarth-born July 22, 1877 in Yorkville; married to Alma Shroeder, daughter of Wm., on Aug 13, 1909; died on May 23, 1966; buried in Union Grove Cemetery; Elizabeth Howarth-born Mar. 22, 1879 in Yorkville; married Frank Haney, son of John & Kate Haney of Paris Twp, on Oct. 17, 1898 in Racine Co; died Nov. 30, 1957; buried at Graceland Cemetery, Racine; William Edward Howarth-born June 19, 1884 in Yorkville; married Ida North, daughter of Reuben North on June 15, 1915 at Rochester, WI; died July 22, 1958 in Racine Co; buried West Lawn Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant Twp; Roy Franklin Howarth-born May 10, 1890 in Yorkville; married to Hattie Teske , daughter of Max, on June 17, 1919; died Oct. 5, 1962; buried at West Lawn Cemetery, Sturtevant. *****It is not really known who is buried in this lot. It is believed that John & Sarah Howarth are here. According to his death certificate, Henry is buried here & his first wife Annie(Haigh) Howarth could be here. In 1956, Roy Howarth, son of Henry, told the cemetery association that the lot was full. Maybe Elizabeth Moss, mother of Henry Howarth, is here also. BLOCK 4-LOT 6-SD-Gregory, lot owner There are no stones or markers on this lot. It is not known who Gregory is. BLOCK 4-LOT 7-SD-Peter Hansen, lot owner There are no stones or markers on this lot. It is not known who Peter Hansen is. BLOCK 4-LOT 8-SD-Mrs. Richard Lee, Owner INSCRIPTIONS Richard Lee/died Feb. 4, 1871/aged 69-11-3 Lavinia, wife of Richard Lee/died June 1, 1909/aged 87-6-20 Richard Lee was born in Pennington, Lancashire, England about Mar. 1, 1801 to Thomas & Betty Lee. He was married to Elizabeth(born about 1792 in England). They had at least one daughter. They came to America on May 16, 1842 and settled in the NE quarted of Section 2, Paris Twp, Kenosha Co. Richard was listed in the 1850 census as a Wesleyan Methodist minister. Elizabeth died on Apr. 17, 1856 and is buried in Mound Cemetery, Racine. Richard married again to Lavinia Hitchin, daughter of Edward & Ann Hitchin, on Jan. 14, 1857 in Racine Co. They had 3 children. Richard died on Feb. 4, 1871 and Lavinia died on June 1, 1909. It is believed that Richard Lee may be a brother to Thomas Lee, Sr.(Block 1, Lot 7, SD). CHILD OF: Richard Lee & Elizabeth Jemima M. Lee-born about 1825 in Lancashire, England; married Enoch B. Gilbert (born about Dec. 28, 1824 in England), son of William & Anna Gilbert (Block 3, Lot 5, SD), on Aug. 31, 1849, in Racine Co; had one daughter Elizabeth Ann(born about May, 1850-died Feb. 1, 1865 at age 14 years, 9 mos.); Jemima died on Apr. 8, 1900; she, her husband, & daughter are buried in Mound Cemetery, Racine; CHILDREN OF: Richard Lee & Lavinia Hitchin Albert R. Lee-born about 1858 in Paris Twp, Kenosha Co; Henry F. Lee-born about 1860 in Paris Twp, Kenosha Co; believed to be in Yorkville Twp in 1880, married to Mary W. and had one daughter Cari; Mary Elizabeth Lee-born about 1863 in Paris Twp, Kenosha Co; married Edward Samuel Grimshaw, son of George & Rebecca(Caruthers) Grimshaw, on June 24, 1885 in Kenosha Co; BLOCK 4-LOT 9-SD-Benjamin Simmons, Owner INSCRIPTIONS Frederick/died March 29, 1865/age 13 mos & 29 ds Children of Benjamin & Harriet Simmons Franklin/died Sept. 26, 1867/age 2 ms. 26 ds. *****Benjamin Simmons is buried in Block 4, Lot 13, ND. These 2 babies are also listed on the tombstone there. See that account for this family. BLOCK 4-LOT 10-SD-Calvin H. Peck, Owner INSCRIPTIONS Calvin H. Peck/April 15, 1815-April 7, 1901 Lydia H., wife of C.H. Peck/died Oct. 22, 1880/aged 68-6-10 William S./died Feb. 9, 1858/aged 6 yrs. Noah B., son of C.H. & L. H. Peck/died Aug. 16, 1863/aged 16 yrs. 5 ms. Calvin Huntley Peck was born on April 15, 1815 in Burlington, Otsego Co, NY to William E. & Ruhama (Huntley) Peck. He grew up in Otsego Co and taught school there for 3 years. He started West first settling in Ohio, and in 1852 came to Walworth Co, WI. The next year (1853) he moved to Racine Co and settled on a farm in Section 13, Yorkville Twp. Mr. Peck was married to Lydia Briggs(born about 1822 in Otsego Co, NY), daughter of Noah Briggs, on June 4, 1846 in NY state. They had 3 children. Lydia died in Yorkville on Oct. 22, 1880. Calvin married again to Ida L. DeCoudres(born in Port Washington, WI), daughter of Frank A. & Sarah R. (Leffingwell) DeCoudres, on Nov. 23, 1881. The DeCoudres family lived in Section 24, Yorkville Twp. Calvin & Ida had 2 sons. Calvin H. Peck died on Apr. 7, 1901 at Racine, WI. CHILDREN OF: Calvin Huntley Peck & Lydia Briggs Noah B. Peck-born about Mar,1847 in Ohio; died on Aug.16,1863 in Yorkville; Jane(Jennie) L. Peck-born about 1850 in Ohio; married John G. Mathewson (Matheson), son of Murdock & Eliza Mathewson, on Feb. 27, 1872 in Racine Co; he was a farmer & stock dealer from Stanton Co, NE; William S. Peck-born about 1852 in WI; died Feb. 9, 1858 in Yorkville; CHILDREN OF: Calvin Huntley Peck & Ida L. DeCoudres Calvin Huntley Peck, Jr.-born Feb. 9, 1886 in Racine Co; married Irene Wagner in Racine on May 31, 1911; died Oct. 11, 1961 at Racine; Ervine Dewey Peck-born Dec. 14, 1891 in Racine Co; married Irene Schoenleben on Oct. 25, 1910 in Racine; BLOCK 4-LOT 11-SD-Samuel Foster, Owner INSCRIPTIONS Samuel Foster/born Jan. 8, 1808/died Nov. 21, 1883 Rebecca Foster/born Aug. 27, 1820/died April 13, 1903 Edward Foster/born Nov. 8, 1862/died Feb. 5, 1906 Ann Foster/born Feb. 12, 1811/died Aug. 7, 1888 William/died Feb. 11, 1881/age 42 Anna/died May 27, 1865/age 16 yrs. 6 mos. Samuel Foster Samuel Foster was born on Jan. 8, 1808 in NJ. He was married to Rebecca Barnes(born Aug. 27, 1820 in NY). There were 5 children. Samuel lived in Section 31, Mt. Pleasant Twp. He died on Nov. 21, 1883 and Rebecca died on Apr. 13, 1903. Ann Foster who is buried here died of TB on Aug. 7, 1888. Maybe she was a sister to Samuel. KNOWN CHILDREN OF Samuel Foster & Rebecca(Barnes) Foster William Foster-born about 1839; died Feb. 11, 1881; Sylvania Cemetery; Mary(Minnie) Foster-married James DeLong; buried Mound Cemetery, Racine; had 5 children; Anna Foster-born about 1848; died May 27, 1865; Sylvania Cemetery; Cordelia A. Foster-born July 18, 1852 in NY; married to Frederick A. Burgess, son of Alonzo & Artemetia Burgess in Racine Co; died Oct. 13, 1911 in Racine Co; buried Sylvania Cemetery; Edward Foster-born Nov. 8, 1862 in NJ; see account below; (Son of Samuel) Edward Foster Edward Foster was born on Nov. 8, 1862 in NJ, to Samuel & Rebecca(Barnes) Foster. He came to WI with his parents. He was married to Mathilda Gallagher(born May 29, 1862). They had 2 children. Edward died of TB on Feb. 5, 1906 and is buried here. His wife died on Mar. 13, 1958 and is buried at Holy Name Cemetery, Wilmot, WI. CHILDREN of: Edward Foster & Mathilda Gallagher Laura Foster-born Jan. 5, 1890; married to Louis Barrows; had one daughter Delores(Safransky) & a son Floyd Jacob who died as an infant on Nov. 17, 1914; died June 12,1974; buried Oakwood Cemetery, Somers, WI; George Foster-born Feb. 22, 1891; never married; died Jan. 27, 1958; buried Holy Name Cemetery, Wilmot, WI; BLOCK 4-LOT 12-SD-A. Bailey Lot There are no stones or markers on this lot. A. Bailey could be Alexander Price Bailey, who is buried on the Richard Lee lot(Block 2, Lot 3, SD). BLOCK 4-LOT 13-SD-Ernst Caleb,Owner Ernst Caleb was married to Sarah Moss, adopted daughter of John & Sarah Howarth Block 4, Lot 5, SD. They had 4 children by 1870. See account in Block 4,Lot 5, SD. BLOCK 4-LOT 14-SD-Edward Lee,Owner INSCRIPTIONS Harriet Parks Lee, wife of Edward Lee/1850-1916 Lawrence Lee/born March 24, 1871/died Jan. 13, 1951 Chas/Born Dec. 26, 1866/died Jan 2, 1891 Alex/born Feb. 19, 1883/died Apr. 19, 1883 Elizabeth/born Dec. 28, 1850/died Dec. 9, 1864 Arthur E. Lee/Sept. 3, 1889-July 4, 1974 Edward Lee Edward Lee was born in Lancashire, England on Jan. 26, 1827, to Thomas & Ann (Edwardson) Lee. He came to America with his mother & sisters & brothers in the fall of 1842. Edward married Susannah Lee(born Sept. 9, 1833 in England), daughter of James & Alice Lee, on July 9, 1850 in Racine Co. It is believed that Edward & Susannah were cousins (Marriage record intermarried). Edward went to CA in 1852 in the Gold Rush. He stayed about 2 years and came back with $2000, with which he bought farm land in Sauk Co. Edward & Susannah had 4 children. Susannah died on June 29,1858 and is buried in Columbia Co. Edward married again to Harriet Jane Parks(born Dec. 9, 1850 in Buffalo, NY),daughter of Thomas & Harriet Jane Parks, on Feb. 13, 1866. They had 12 children. Edward died on May 29, 1909 in Yorkville Twp and is buried at Merrimac, Sauk Co, WI. Harriet Parks Lee died in Brighton Twp, Kenosha Co on Aug. 19, 1916 & is buried at Sylvania Cemetery. CHILDREN OF: Edward Lee & Susannah Lee Elizabeth Lee-born Dec. 28, 1850; died Dec. 9, 1864; buried Sylvania Cemetery; Edward Lee-born Oct. 26, 1852; lived at Baraboo, WI; married; employed by the railroad; Mary Lee-born May 2, 1855; married Henry Howarth(Block 4, Lot 5, SD) on May 25,1875 in Racine Co; died Mar.15,1935; buried Union Grove Cem; James Lee-born Mar. 18, 1857; died Aug. 11, 1858; CHILDREN OF: Edward Lee & Harriet Parks Charles Lee-born Dec. 25, 1866; died Jan. 2, 1891; buried Sylvania Cemetery; Horace G. Lee-born July 10, 1868 at Merrimac, WI; married May Toase on Sept. 10, 1898; had 4 children; wife died; married Flora Zinke on July 21, 1915; had 9 children; died Jan. 14, 1946; buried Sylvania Cemetery; Martha Jane Lee-born Mar.29,1870 at Merrimac, WI; married Robert B.Wilson on June 10, 1903; died Jan. 7, 1946; buried in Burlington Cemetery; Lawrence Lee-born March 24, 1871 in Merrimac, WI; died Jan 13, 1951; Jane Lee-born July 1,1880 at Sylvania;married John Dederich on Feb.27, 1908 in Cook Co, IL; died in 1964; buried Holy Cross Cem, Racine; Alexander Lee-born Feb. 19, 1883; died Apr. 19, 1883; buried here; Myrtle Lee-born April 17, 1884 at Sylvania; married William Funk; died May 21, 1941; buried Union Grove Cemetery; Arthur E. Lee-born Sept. 3, 1889; died July 4, 1974; buried here Mabel Lee-born Aug. 22, 1893; married to Leslie W. Willmore of Union Grove; died 1960; buried in Union Grove Cemetery; BLOCK 4-LOT 15-SD-James Nelson, Owner INSCRIPTIONS Katie, wife of James Nelson/died Jan. 19, 1881/age 22 yrs. 3 ms. Anna A./died Jan. 7, 1876/age 2 ds. BLOCK 4-LOT 16-SD-(East Half)-Henry Jacobson, Owner INSCRIPTIONS Henry W. Jacobson/born April 25, 1810/died June 9, 1895 Elle, wife of H. W. Jacobson/born July 19, 1816/died Nov. or May 15, 1895 Hannah, dau. of H. & E. Jacobson/ died Jan. 22, 1874.age 16-6-0 Henry W.(Heinrich Wilhelm) Jacobsen was born on April 25, 1810 in Denmark. He was married to Elle. He was a farmer in Somers Twp, Kenosha Co. They had at least one son and one daughter. Both Henry & Elle died in 1895. KNOWN CHILDREN OF: Henry W. Jacobsen & Elle Hannah Jacobsen-born about 1857; died on Jan. 22, 1874; Christian Julius Jacobsen-born Denmark; married to Sine Caroline Ibsen, daughter of Hans & Ane Ibsen, on Dec. 12, 1878 in Racine Co; BLOCK 4-LOT 16-SD-(West Half)-George Andersen, Owner INSCRIPTION George, son of Jorgen & Karen Andersen/March 26, 1876/May 16, 1895 Jorgen Andersen was a farmer in Yorkville Twp. He was born in Denmark on Jan. 8, 1842, to Anders Jorgensen & Mare Luisdatter. In Aug., 1874 in Racine Co, he was married to Karen Larsen(born Apr. 22, 1844), daughter of Niels Moervitsen & Karen Rasmussen. George is their son. There may be more children. Jorgen died on Mar. 12, 1912 & Karen died on Feb. 15, 1921. They are buried at Union Grove Cemetery. CHILD OF: Jorgen Andersen & Karen Larsen George Andersen-born Mar. 26, 1876 in Yorkville; died of appendicitis on May 16, 1895; buried here; BLOCK 4-LOT 17-SD-vacant BLOCK 4-LOT 18-SD-vacant BLOCK 5-LOT 1-SD-Mrs. Clarence Gagnon, Owner(South Half) INSCRIPTION Carrie L. Hornecker/Mother/Nov. 9, 1863/Dec. 13, 1937 Carrie L. Hornecker was born Caroline Louise Crittenden, daughter of Jeremiah & Mary (Herndon) Crittenden, on Nov. 9, 1863, possibly in Wyoming. She married Albert Hornecker on Mar. 22, 1882. They lived at Squaw Creek, near Lander, Wyoming where they had 7 children in a log cabin. Albert & Caroline were later divorced. She came to Somers Twp, Kenosha Co, to live with her daughter Alwine(Hornecker) Gagnon when she was older. She died on Dec. 13, 1937 & is buried here. Albert died on Oct. 11, 1947. CHILDREN OF: Caroline Louise Crittenden & Albert Hornecker Charlie Booth Hornecker-born 1884 at Milford, WY; died 1935 at Powell River, British Columbia; Maude Mary Hornecker-born 1885 in a tepee in Squaw Creek, WY; died of typhoid fever in Freewater, OR in 1902; Alwine Hornecker-born Feb. 8, 1887 in Squaw Creek, WY; married Clarence Joseph Gagnon on Dec. 20, 1905; had 10 children; died on June 21, 1966 in Ojai, CA; buried in Graceland Cem, Racine; see account below; Albert Arthur Hornecker-born 1887 in WY; died 1954 or 55 at Yakima, WA; John Martin Hornecker-born Dec.1,1890 in WY; died Nov.16,1965 in Cheyenne, WY; Ralph Reynolds Hornecker-born 1892 in Wy; died Dec. 1967 in Yakima, WA; Etta Hornecker-born July 1,1894 in WY; died June 29,1975 at Richland, OR; INSCRIPTION Frieda M. Gagnon/Feb. 17, 1922/Jan. 18, 1975 Clarence Joseph Gagnon was born on Feb. 15, 1878 to January Steven & Lydia Ann (Lonzo) Gagnon, in Two Rivers, WI. He married Alwine Hornecker(account above), on Dec. 20, 1905. At one time, they lived in Section 1, Somers Twp. They had 10 children. Clarence Gagnon died on Mar. 8, 1956 in Ojai, CA. He & his wife are buried in Graceland Cemetery, Racine. Their daughter Frieda is buried here by her grandmother Carrie Hornecker. CHILDREN OF: Clarence Joseph Gagnon & Alwine Hornecker Leo Gagnon-born Nov.17,1908; died June 20,1913; buried Mound Cem,Racine; Lydia Gagnon-born July 4, 1910; married Thomas Shaflas on July 12, 1937; lived in Nevada; no children; Verna Gagnon-born Oct. 21, 1911; married Wm. Markunas on July 24, 1934; has 2 children; Merritt Joseph Gagnon-born Apr. 4, 1914 in Racine; married Margarett Connor on June 19, 1935; has 5 children; Joyce Gagnon-born Jan. 7, 1917; married L. A. Taylor on June 9, 1945 at Rossville, GA; has 3 sons; Nellie Gagnon-born Jan. 31, 1918 in Kenosha; married Francis Cousins on Dec. 20, 1938; has 7 children; Edyth Gagnon-died at birth Clarice Gagnon-born Nov. 9, 1920; married Robert Linstroth on Feb. 15, 1939; has 10 children; Frieda M. Gagnon-born Feb.17,1922 in Racine,WI;never married;lived in CA 30 years prior to her death; died on Jan. 18, 1975 at Ojai, CA; buried here; Velma May Gagnon-born May 22, 1927 at Racine; married to Lloyd Suprise in Nov.1945 in Antigo,WI; had 2 children; divorced;married Jack Holloway; NORTH DIVISION BLOCK 1-LOT 1-ND-Alonzo Burgess, Owner INSCRIPTIONS Alonzo Burgess/Aug. 27, 1820/Feb. 28, 1902 Artemetia H./wife of Alonzo Burgess/died May 3, 1864/aged 42 yrs. Martha A./dau. of A. & A.H. Burgess/died Feb. 13, 1873/aged 18 yrs 4 ms. Alonzo Burgess Alonzo Burgess was born on Aug. 27, 1820 in East Bennington,Bennington Co, VT to Benajah & Rebecca(Chase) Burgess. They moved to Oswego Co, NY when Alonzo was 3 years old. He came to Kenosha Co on Mar. 5, 1835 and worked in the sawmills in the Pike's Woods. He married Artemetia H. Kellogg, daughter of Austin & Artemetia(Howe) Kellogg, on July 6, 1844 in Kenosha Co. He purchased farmland in Section 31, Mt. Pleasant Twp, Racine Co. Alonzo & Artemetia had 5 children. She died on May 3, 1864. Alonzo married again to Mary A. Buswell, daughter of Ezra Buswell of Somers Twp, Kenosha Co on July 2, 1867. They had 2 children. Alonzo died on Feb. 28, 1902. He is buried at Sylvania Cemetery by his 1st wife. Mary Buswell Burgess is buried in Mound Cemetery by her son E. Roy Burgess. CHILDREN OF: Alonzo Burgess & Artemetia Kellogg Adelia A. Burgess-born Jan. 5, 1847; married Richard W. Wagner(born about 1850 in New Brunswick), son of John & Eleanor Wagner(born Ireland) of Somers Twp; died Sept. 5, 1899; buried Sylvania; Emeretta Burgess-born in 1848; married LaFayette Cook, son of Elijah & Elvira (Utley) Cook of Somers Twp, on Jan. 1,1868; had 4 daughters: Gertrude, Carrie, Alice, & Lula; died in 1902; buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Somers, WI; Frederick Alonzo Burgess-born Sept 20, 1850; Carrie Amelia Burgess-born Sept. 1, 1852; married Elliott Utley Cook, son of Elijah Cook of Somers Twp,Kenosha Co on Dec.15, 1875 in Racine Co; they had 2 daughters: Alma(Biehn) & Mabelle(Rhodes; she died Nov.19,1933; buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Somers, WI; Martha A. Burgess-born about 1854 in Kenosha Co; died Feb. 13,1873; CHILDREN OF: Alonzo Burgess & Mary A. Buswell Mary May(Mamie) Burgess-born May 17,1869;died Mar.26,1934; Ezra Roy Burgess-born Sept. 13, 1873; married Gretchen A.Rickeman, daughter of George Rickeman on July 29, 1909; was a judge in Racine Co; had 2 sons-Robert Roy(born Jan. 4, 1911) & John S.(born about 1914); died June 4, 1967; buried Mound Cemetery, Racine; *****Alonzo Burgess moved to Racine with his 2nd wife & 2 children, so they would be able to take advantage of the schools there. His son Frederick remained on the farm. Alonzo died at Racine. See his obituary printed later in this book. BLOCK 1-LOT 2-ND-Hiram Lee, Owner INSCRIPTIONS Hiram Lee/died Nov. 29, 1894/aged 55 yrs. Sarah M., wife of Hiram Lee/died March 13, 1871/aged 22 yrs. 8 ms. 10 ds. Elizaabeth, wife of Hiram Lee/born April 4, 1845/died Sept. 10, 1916 Ted/J. Thomas/born Mar. 4, 1871/died June 18, 1892 Hiram Lee was born in Bolton, Lancashire, England, on Apr. 5, 1839. He came to America in the fall of 1842 with his mother and brothers and sisters. His father had come about 4 months earlier. He married Sarah M. Collett, daughter of John & Sarah Collett(Block 3, Lot 1, SD), on July 3, 1866 in Kenosha Co. It was her 18th birthday. They had two children. It is believed that Sarah died as a result of childbirth, because her son J. Thomas was born 9 days before she died. Hiram married again to Elizabeth Roberts, daughter of John & Mary Ann Roberts, on Oct. 10, 1871 in Racine Co. They lived in the N half of Section 25, Yorkville Twp. It is believed that they had 7 children. Hiram died on Nov. 29, 1894 and Elizabeth died on Sept. 10, 1916. CHILDREN OF: Hiram Lee & Sarah M. Collett Fred Lee-born about 1869 in Racine Co; was living at Muskego Center, WI when Elizabeth(Mrs. Hiram) Lee died; J. Thomas(Ted) Lee-born Mar. 4, 1871 in Racine Co; died on June 18, 1892 at the age of 21; called Edward on death certificate; CHILDREN OF: Hiram Lee & Elizabeth Roberts Louis Miller Lee-born about 1873 in Racine Co; married Sarah Howarth, daughter of Henry & Annie(Haigh) Howarth(Block 4, Lot 5, SD), on Jan. 9, 1896 in Racine Co; lived at Edgar, WI when Elizabeth Lee died; his wife Sarah is buried at West Lawn Cemetery; no record of his death has been found at this time; Mary Edna Lee-born on Oct. 13, 1875 at Sylvania; married to William Frederick Fritchen on June 8, 1896 in Racine Co; died June 19, 1940; buried at Yorkville Cemetery; Edgar Lee- nothing is known about him, except that he was mentioned in a century family file; Arthur Hiram Lee(Leigh)-born about 1877 at Sylvania; married Emma G. Nelson, daughter of James & Amelia Nelson, on June 24, 1908 in Racine Co; divorced; married again on Nov. 18, 1937, to Margaret(Miller) Kinnerup; died Feb. 26, 1967; buried Mound Cemetery, Racine; Martha Ann Lee-born Mar. 19, 1879 in Racine Co; married Walter Jones on Dec. 12, 1902 in Racine; died Feb. 9, 1947; buried in Mound Cemetery, Racine; Bessie Lee-born on Apr. 10, 1881 at Sylvania; married Nicholas Cremer on Jan. 3, 1912; died in 1966; buried in Mound Cemetery, Racine; Frank W. Leigh-born Sept. 19, 1885 at Sylvania; married to Margaret Gillis; died Feb. 23, 1971; buried at Mound Cemetery, Racine; *****This Lee family changed the spelling of their last name to Leigh. BLOCK 1-LOT 3-ND-Isaac Bowers, Owner INSCRIPTIONS Isaac Bowers/born May 18, 1826/died Feb. 2, 1909 Sarah A./1829-1892 George E./1862-1881 William Bowers/March 19, 1868/July 31, 1939 *****Richard Bowers is buried in this lot with no marker(Wm.'s son) Isaac Bowers was born in Nottingham, England on May 18, 1826 to Isaac & Catharine Bowers. He came to America when he was about 16 years old(about 1842). His wife was Sarah Ann Lee (born Nov. 14, 1829 in Lancashire, England), daughter of Thomas & Ann (Edwardson) Lee(Block 1, Lot 7, SD). They were married in 1848. Isaac & Sarah had 10 children. He went to CA during the Gold Rush, with his 2 brothers-in-law, Edward(Block 4, Lot 14, SD) & Richard(Block 2, Lot 3, SD) Lee, and Wm. Drinkwater(Block 3, Lot 17, SD). The Bowers family lived at Sylvania, Yorkville Twp, Racine Co. Sarah died Jan 20, 1892 and Isaac died on Feb. 2, 1909. CHILDREN OF: Isaac Bowers & Sarah Ann Lee Charlotte Bowers-born on Jan. 13, 1850 at Sylvania; buried here; see account below; Katherine Bowers-born on Jan. 22, 1852 at Sylvania; married George Gillett in 1874 ; had 4 children; died on July 26,1931; buried Mound Cemetery, Racine; Samuel Bowers-born on July 29,1855 at Sylvania; married Mary A. Bradley, daughter of Joseph & Susan Bradley on Mar. 14, 1879; had one son Roy; married 2nd to Fanny Drinkwater Blackburn(Block 4, Lot 11, ND) and divorced; died Apr. 19, 1937; buried Yorkville Cemetery; Thomas L. Bowers-born on Dec. 9, 1857 at Sylvania; married Emma Roberts on June 14, 1887 in Racine Co; had 2 children: Albert & Frank; died Oct. 31,1932; buried at Mound Cemetery, Racine, WI; Isaac Bowers-born on Sept. 9,1858 at Sylvania; married Annie Dardis, daughter of James & Ann(Powderly) Dardis, on Sept. 13, 1882 in Racine Co; ran a haberdashery in Delavan, WI; had 2 childnren: Gladys & Bennie; died Oct. 2, 1921; burial unknown; Hiram Bowers-born on Sept. 28, 1860 at Sylvania; married Sarah J.(Jennie) Naylor, daughter of Joseph & Sarah(Henderson) Naylor, on Apr. 8, 1885; farmed in Somers Twp, Kenosha Co; had 3 children; wife died in childbirth with the 3rd child(Aug. 15, 1907); child(Hiram Kenneth) died in Sept, 1907); 2 girls: Erma(Mrs. George Leet) & Marcy( Mrs. Frank Lichter); Hiram died on July 1, 1943; buried Mound Cemetery, George E. Bowers-born on Sept. 18, 1862 at Sylvania; had epileptic seizures; died on Mar. 30, 1881; buried here; John H. Bowers-born on Oct. 22,1864 at Sylvania; married Ellen Nobes, daughter of Robert H. & Ellen Nobes(Block 1, Lot 6, ND) on June 5, 1889 in Racine Co; had 5 children; died Mar. 26, 1949; see account in Block 2, Lot 3, ND; William Bowers-born on Mar. 19,1868 at Sylvania; married to Bernice ?; had one son Richard Wm. Bowers(Feb. 13, 1918-Feb. 17, 1918), who is buried on this lot; ran hotels in several WI cities, including Delavan and Watertown; died on July 31, 1939 at Watertown, WI; buried here; Mary Ann Bowers-born on Nov. 22, 1870 at Sylvania; married 1st to Henry P. Brown(Block 3, Lot 10, ND) on Mar. 11, 1891 in Racine Co; had one daughter Sarah Lillian; married 2nd to Franklin Bulles(Block 3, Lot 12, ND) on Feb. 25, 1904 in Racine Co; had 2 children: Allen & Hazel; died on Oct. 2,1954; buried Block 3, Lot 12, ND; see account there; INSCRIPTIONS Father/Enoch Haigh/1844-1917 Mother/Charlotte, wife of E. Haigh/1850-1936 Jesse H. Haigh/1890-1910 Enoch Haigh was born in Paris Twp, Kenosha Co, on Feb. 24, 1844. His parents, John & Sarah(Lawton) Haigh had come to America in Sept. of 1841. In 1849, Enoch's father went to CA during the Gold Rush. He never returned. This left his wife Sarah with 4 children to raise: Enoch, Mary Jane(married John Henderson-Block 1, Lot 4, SD), John, and Elizabeth. Sarah married again to James Buckley and he was awarded guardianship of the children. Enoch worked on the family farm until he became of age. Then he purchased land in Section 8, Somers Twp, Kenosha Co where he remained for the rest of his life. He married Charlotte Bowers, daughter of Isaac & Sarah(Lee) Bowers, in 1871 and they had 4 children. Enoch died on Nov. 19, 1917. Charlotte died on Jan. 12,1936. CHILDREN OF: Enoch Haigh & Charlotte Bowers John Haigh-born Sept. 1, 1874 at Sylvania; married Katharine Lytle, daughter of Henry Lytle on Apr. 5, 1900; had 4 children; farmed his father's farm; died Apr. 12, 1944; buried in Sunset Ridge Cemetery, Kenosha; Charlotte Edna Haigh-born Mar. 24, 1882 in Somers Twp, Kenosha Co; married Thomas R. Birchell, son of James Birchell(Block 4, Lot 3, ND) on Dec. 29, 1904 at Somers; had 2 children: Jesse(Bud) & Gladys; died on Dec. 22, 1943; buried in Oakwood Cem, Somers, WI; Sadie M. Haigh-born July 31, 1883 in Somers Twp, Kenosha Co; married to Harry R. Dixon on Dec. 2, 1903; had 3 children: Raymond Haigh Dixon(born June 16, 1910), Doris, & Charlotte(Mrs. Buckley);died Apr. 28, 1951; buried at Oakwood Cemetery, Somers, WI; Jesse Harold Haigh-born Nov. 30, 1890; died Nov. 10, 1910; buried here; *****See the obituary for Isaac Bowers later in this book. BLOCK 1-LOT 4-ND-William Walsh, Owner INSCRIPTIONS Ann Walsh/born Dec. 10, 1790/died May 10, 1882 William Walsh/born May 11, 1831/died April 28, 1892 Frances Walsh/born May 10, 1836/died March 25, 1895 Ann Walsh and her 2 children, William and Frances were born in Ireland. They lived in Mt. Pleasant Twp, Racine Co in the 1880 census. William and Frances(Fannie) were both single. Francis Kallit, age 35, a nephew was living with them at the time. He was a carpenter. BLOCK 1-LOT 5-ND-Clark C. Gillett, Owner INSCRIPTIONS Clark C. Gillett/born Jan. 12, 1837/died June 26, 1901 Medora Gillett/Oct. 5, 1842-Apr. 25, 1925/Mother Bennie/born Oct. 16, 1880/died March 1, 1886 Frank/born April 5, 1885/died May 10, 1900 Clark Christopher Gillett was born on Jan. 12, 1837 in England. He came to America with his parents Thomas & Esther Gillett(Block 2, Lot 6, SD). He married Amanda Medora Pratt(born in Sun Prairie, WI on April 5, 1842), daughter of Benjamin & Fannie(Kaiser) Pratt, who were born in Vermont. Clark Gillett lived in Mt. Pleasant Twp, Racine Co. He died on June 26, 1901 and his wife died on Apr. 25, 1925. KNOWN CHILDREN OF: Clark C. Gillett & Amanda Medora Pratt Fannie E. Gillett-born July 3,1870 in Mt. Pleasant; buried here; see account below; Bennie Gillett-born Oct 16, 1880; died March 1, 1886; Frank C. Gillett-born April 5, 1885; died May 10, 1900; INSCRIPTIONS Thomas P. Paddock/Nov. 30, 1871-July 17, 1934 Fannie E. PaddockJuly 3, 1879-Feb. 20, 1965 Thomas P. Paddock was born on Nov. 30, 1871 in Mt. Pleasant Twp, to Joseph E. & Mary Ann(Parker) Paddock. He married Fannie E. Gillett(born July 3, 1879), daughter of Clark Christopher& Medora(Pratt) Gillett on Sept. 19, 1900 in Racine Co . They had 4 children. Thomas died on July 17, 1934 & Fannie died on Feb. 20, 1965. CHILDREN OF: Thomas Paddock & Fannie E. Gillett Eloise Paddock-born Feb. 6, 1906 in Racine Co; married to Harold Petersen, son of C. M. Petersen on Nov. 18, 1925; died Sept. 19, 1972; buried at West Lawn Cemetery; Edwin T. Paddock-born Aug. 26, 1909 in Racine Co; lived in Long Beach, CA; possibly died there; Vivian Paddock-born Oct. 31, 1911 in Racine Co; Mrs. Everett Bohm of Kenosha; Clyde Paddock-born Jan. 9, 1917 in Racine Co; married Geraldine Hanby on Oct. 25, 1947; lived in Racine; died Aug. 5, 1980; BLOCK 1-LOT 6-ND-Mrs. Ellen Nobes, Owner(2 graves on east half to Sidney Dixon) INSCRIPTIONS Robert H. Nobes/born Aug. 2, 1836/died July 30, 1891 Co. K 8th Wis. Vet. Vol. GAR Marker Ellen B., wife of/Robert H. Nobes/born Feb. 2, 1842/died Feb. 19, 1909 J. Oscar, son of/Robert H. & Ellen B. Nobes/born April 16, 1865/died Nov. 23, 1894 *****There are 2 Crockett babies buried here. Robert H. Nobes was born on Aug. 2, 1836 in Erie Co, Ohio to John & Mary(Overton) Nobes who were natives of England. He came to Racine Co with his parents in 1854. He served in the infantry during the Civil War. Robert was married to Ellen Shaughnessy, daughter of John & Ellen(McCarthy) Shaughnessy of County Cary, Ireland, on July 4, 1864. She was born there on Feb. 2, 1843 and came to America with her uncle when she was 9 years old. After living 3 years in New York, she & the uncle came to Racine in 1854. The Nobes' farmed first in Mt. Pleasant Twp and later in Yorkville Twp. They had 3 children. Robert died on July 30, 1891. Ellen died on Feb. 19, 1909. CHILDREN OF: Robert H. Nobes & Ellen Shaughnessy J. Oscar Nobes-born Apr. 16, 1865 in Racine Co; farmed his father's farm after father died; died on Nov. 23, 1894; buried here; Erminie E. Nobes-born Dec. 18, 1867 in Racine Co; was a schoolteacher; married John Cordwell Crockett(Cockett), son of Wm. & Margaret (Cordwell) Cockett(Block 4, Lot 4, SD), on Nov. 23, 1892; died on July 3, 1941 at Racine; buried Graceland Cemetery, Racine; Children of: Erminie(Nobes) Crockett John R. Crockett-married Jan. 20, 1944 to Caroline Fischer; 3 daughters; a minister; died Feb. 29, 1980 in Montana; Infant Crockett-born Dec. 20,1894; died Jan 6,1895;buried here Agnes M. Crockett-born May 31, 1896; died July 27, 1989; Infant Crockett-born Feb. 26, 1899; died at birth; buried here; Erminie E. Crockett-born Dec. 2, 1901; died Feb. 22, 1981; Ellen M. Crockett-born Mar. 6, 1905; died Apr. 19, 1985; Ellen M. Nobes-born July 28, 1870 in Racine Co; married to John H. Bowers; buried in Block 2, Lot 3, ND; see account there; INSCRIPTIONS Sidney C. Dixon/Sept. 8, 1888/Dec. 7, 1974 Ethel L. Dixon/Aug. 15, 1892/April 2, 1979 Ethel L. Bowers was born on Aug. 15, 1892 at Sylvania, to John & Ellen(Nobes) Bowers (Block 2, Lot 2, ND). She married Sidney Cecil Dixon on June 14, 1911 in Racine Co. They had 6 children. Sidney died in Mt. Pleasant Twp, Racine Co on Dec. 7, 1974. Ethel died there on April 2, 1979. CHILDREN OF: Sidney C. Dixon & Ethel L. Bowers Cecil Dixon- born Oct. 18, 1912 in Racine Co; wife Mildred; Omega, WI; Dean Dixon-born Jan. 25, 1917 in Racine Co; wife Carol; Union Grove, WI; Joyce Dixon-born Oct. 4, 1920 in Racine Co; Mrs. Larry Abel; Marietta, GA; Merle Dixon-born Jan. 31, 1922 in Racine Co; wife Gladys; Cicero, IL; Blair Dixon-born May 28, 1929 in Racine Co; wife Nancy; Hales Corners, WI; Vauhn Dixon-born Nov. 8, 1933 in Racine Co; Mrs. Allen Marouse; San Jose, CA; BLOCK 1-LOT 7-ND-Joseph Horner, Owner INSCRIPTIONS Joseph Horner/Feb. 5, 1831-Aug. 5, 1905 Irene J. Horner, wife of J. Horner/Mar. 16, 1831-Sept. 23, 1901 Joseph, son of J. & I. Horner/Sept. 26, 1870-June 10, 1900 *****Godfrey Horner/born Sept. 6, 1858/died Nov. 21, 1947(no headstone) Joseph Horner was born in Wurtemberg, Germany on Feb. 5, 1831. He came to America in Apr. of 1853. His farm was 200 acres in Sections 22 & 23 of Yorkville Twp. He was married to Irene J. Kaiser. They had at least 5 children. Irene died on Sept. 23, 1901 & Joseph died on Aug. 5, 1905. KNOWN CHILDREN OF: Joseph Horner & Irene J. Kaiser Godfrey H. Horner-born Sept. 6, 1858 in Racine Co; married Gusta Beyer, daughter of Gus Beyer of Paris Twp, on Oct. 25, 1906 in Racine Co; died Nov. 21, 1947; buried here; wife is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery, Racine; had 3 sons: Marvin, Ralph, & Fred J.(lived in Waterford); Charles Horner-born August 26, 1862; married to Christine M.; had a daughter Christine G.(Mrs. Albert A) Skakson(Aug. 10, 1909-Sept. 13, 1934) & a son William; Charles died Nov. 19, 1933; buried at Union Grove Cemetery; William Horner-his wife Catherine(Piehn) Horner is buried at Mound Cemetery in the Piehn lot; nothing more is known about William Horner; Joseph Horner-born Sept. 26, 1870; died June 10, 1900; buried here; Irene Horner-born Aug. 4, 1874; married to Peter Carlson,son of Charles & Anna Carlson, on Aug. 16, 1905 in Racine Co; he was a tiler from Union Grove; they had 2 sons: Floyd S. & Paul L. & 2 daughters; she died on Aug. 26, 1952; buried at Union Grove Cemetery; BLOCK 1-LOT 8-ND-Mrs. William Green, Owner INSCRIPTIONS William Green/died Sept. 26, 1848/aged 39 yrs. William Green was born about 1809 in New York. He was married to Mary(believed to be a Smith). They had 4 children. They came to Paris Twp, Kenosha Co about 1844. William died on Sept. 26, 1848. Mary married again on Dec. 18, 1849, to William Roddle, a farmer in Paris Twp, who became guardian of her children. CHILDREN OF: William Green & Mary Catherine Green-born about 1837 in New York; Ann Frances Green-born about 1839 in New York; Mary Green-born about 1841 in New York; Hannah Green-born about 1843 in Paris Twp, Kenosha Co, WI BLOCK 2-LOT 1-ND-Owner unknown INSCRIPTIONS Miss Elmeria Proctor/died Jan. 22, 1863/age 35 yrs. 3 ms. Miss Elmeria Proctor was born about 1827. It is not known who she was related to. There was a Proctor family in Somers Twp, Kenosha Co. and one in Brighton Twp, Kenosha Co. Also, Mr. David Holmes, who owned extensive property in Yorkville Twp, and Paris Twp. was married to Sarah Proctor. They could have been sisters. BLOCK 2-LOT 2-ND-George DeLong, Owner INSCRIPTIONS George DeLong/died Dec. 31, 1891/aged 84 yrs. 10 ms. 23 ds. Pamela Farrington, wife of George DeLong/died Jan. 22, 1880/aged 73 yrs. 2 ms. 9 ds. Matilda DeLong/ born Oct. 14, 1834/died Sept. 16, 1905 *****Alton B. DeLong, son of Horace T. DeLong was buried here. His body was exhumed in 1917 & taken to Graceland Cemetery, Racine; *****Willard DeLong, baby son of Horace T. DeLong is possibly buried here also. Minnie A. Grimshaw(Ozanne) (1870-1960) DeLong Family 4-Generation Picture Caroline DeLong Hetzler,Mary Reese DeLong, Glenn Hetzler,James Edwin DeLong George & Pamela(Farrington) DeLong came to WI from their native New York in 1838. He was born on Feb. 8, 1807 in NY and she was born on Nov. 13, 1806. They took up farming in Somers Twp, Kenosha Co. with son Horace. Pamela died on Jan. 22,1880 and George on Dec. 31, 1891. They are buried at the Sylvania Cemetery, Kellogg's Corners. CHILDREN OF: George DeLong & Pamela Farrington Matilda DeLong-born Oct. 14, 1834, in Utica, NY; died Sept. 16, 1905; Horace T. DeLong-born June 20, 1837 in Utica, NY; Horace T. DeLong was born on June 20, 1837 in Utica, NY. He came to WI with his parents in 1838. Horace married Mary Rease,daughter of Peter Rease, on Oct. 13, 1861. They had 4 children. The DeLong family settled at Kellogg's Corners in Section 6, Somers Twp, facing County Line Rd. Mary(Rease) DeLong died in Chicago, IL on Feb. 14, 1927. She is buried at Graceland Cemetery, Racine, by her son J. Edwin DeLong. It is not known where or when Horace died. CHILDREN OF: Horace T. DeLong & Mary Rease Carrie DeLong-born Aug. 16, 1862 in Mt. Pleasant Twp; married William E. Burgess, son of William E. & Jane(Leet) Burgess, on Dec. 3, 1891; died Dec. 8, 1941; buried in Oakwood Cemetery,Somers, WI; James Edwin DeLong-born Nov. 3, 1863 in Mt. Pleasant Twp; married Verna Jane Owen (Aug. 12, 1869-Dec. 4, 1948), daughter of Fritz & Caroline(Colt) Owen of Wilmot, WI, on Nov. 7, 1888 at Wilmot; died Oct.10, 1939 in Racine, WI; had at least 3 daughters: Verna Viola, Caroline(Mrs. Carl Hetzler), & Mary Irene(Mrs. Timothy Knight); James Edwin is buried at Graceland Cemetery, Racine; Willard DeLong-born May 16, 1870 in Mt. Pleasant Twp; died June1870; Alton B. DeLong-born Sept. 2, 1871 in Mt. Pleasant Twp; died April 14, 1904 in Racine, WI; buried Graceland Cemetery; BLOCK 2-LOT 3-ND-John Bowers, Owner INSCRIPTIONS Father/John Bowers/Oct. 22, 1864-March 26, 1949 Mother/Ellen M. Bowers/July 28, 1870-Oct. 6, 1947 Leland Stanford Bowers/Aug. 4, 1895/died Nov. 24, 1923 Josephine Bowers Wegmann/Dec. 29, 1896-Aug. 23, 1963 John H. Bowers was born on Oct. 22, 1864 in Yorkville Twp, Racine Co to Isaac & Sarah Ann(Lee) Bowers(Block 1, Lot 3, ND). He married Ellen M. Nobes, daughter of Robert H. & Ellen(Shaughnessy) Nobes(Block 1, Lot 6, ND) on June 5, 1889 in Racine Co. They had 5 children. John Bowers farmed in Mt. Pleasant Twp, Racine Co. Mrs. Bowers died on Oct. 6, 1947 and John died on Mar. 26, 1949. CHILDREN OF: John H. Bowers & Ellen M. Nobes Ethel L. Bowers-born Aug. 15, 1892; married Sidney Dixon; buried Block 1, Lot 6, ND; see account there; Robert Isaac Bowers-born Jan. 6, 1894; married to Elizabeth M.; no children; died June 10, 1984; buried Calvary Cemetery, Racine; Leland Stanford Bowers-born Aug. 4, 1895; married Josephine Mary Haney, daughter of Jacob & Charlotte(Hunter) Haney on Dec. 27, 1916 at Waukegan, IL; had 2 daughters, Beverly Jane & Carol Donna; he died on Nov. 24, 1923; Josephine married again to Edward R. Shore on Sept. 4, 1937 & they were divorced; she then married Clarence Wegmann(Block 4, Lot 8, ND) on May 3, 1941; Leland & Josephine are buried here; Sidney Bowers-born Dec. 13, 1897; married Florentine DeTaeye(born Mar. 18, 1907 in Louvain, Belguim)on July 22, 1930 at Antigo, WI; lived in Sturtevant; had 2 children; he died Feb. 5, 1971; buried in West Lawn Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant Twp; John Bowers, Jr.-born Apr. 6, 1906; was a chiropractor in Hope, IN; died in Bradenton, FL on Aug. 17, 1988; 2 daughters; buried in Hope, IN; BLOCK 2-LOT 4-ND-Frederick Burgess, Owner INSCRIPTIONS Frederick A. Burgess/1850-1923 Cordialia, wife of F. A. Burgess/1852-1911 Effie M./1875-1879 Guy T./1876-1880 Clara M./1883-1892 (Son of Alonzo Burgess) Frederick Alonzo Burgess Frederick Alonzo Burgess was born on Sept. 20, 1850 in Somers Twp, Kenosha Co. He married Cordelia Foster, daughter of Samuel Foster in 1874 in Racine Co. Frederick farmed in Section 31, Mt. Pleasant Twp, Racine Co. They had 5 children. Cordelia died on Oct. 14, 1911 and Frederick died on Feb. 15, 1923. They are buried at Sylvania Cemetery. CHILDREN OF: Frederick Alonzo Burgess & Cordelia Foster Effie Mabel Burgess-born Sept. 19, 1875; died Apr. 6, 1879; Guy T. Burgess-born Dec. 14, 1876; died Mar. 25, 1880; Ira Franklin Burgess-born July 3, 1878; married Mollie Ann Heddle on Nov. 7, 1906; had 3 children, Marian( Albright), David, & Delia(Bull); died Apr. 18, 1954; buried Sylvania Cemetery; Clara May Burgess-born Mar. 3, 1883; died June 1, 1892; Earl Foster Burgess-born Dec. 30, 1891; married Edith N. Gurney, on Apr. 15, 1913; had 2 children, Gordon & Margery; he died Oct 18, 1978; buried at Sylvania Cemetery; Frederick & Cordelia(Foster) Burgess BLOCK 2-LOT 5-ND-Mrs. Thomas Birchall, Owner INSCRIPTIONS Thomas Birchall/died Sept. 25, 1876/aged 69 yr. 8 ms. Ann, wife of Thomas Birchall/died May 30, 1889/aged 83 yrs. Thomas Birchall was born in Lowton Common, Lancashire, England on about 1807 . He married Ann Collier on Aug. 21, 1826 at Pennington, Lancashire, England. They had 7 children, of which 4 died in England before the Birchall family came to America. Thomas' eldest son William came to America in 1848 and worked on the Jonathan Dorning(Block 2, Lot 7, SD) farm. Thomas, Ann, and 2 children followed in May of 1853. Thomas farmed land in Section 25, Yorkville Twp, Racine Co. Thomas died on Sept. 25, 1876 and Ann on May 30, 1889. CHILDREN OF: Thomas Birchall & Ann Collier William Birchell-born July 30, 1827 in Lancashire, England; married Elizabeth Jane Kelley on May 12, 1866 in Yorkville; moved to Gypsum, Kansas; 5 daughters: Lillie(Mrs. Elburton) Chellis, Ella(never married), Louella(Mrs. Frederick) Kogler,Mabel(Mrs. Lee) Cooley, & Alice(Mrs. Clyde) Weddle; William died there on June 19, 1926; Mary Birchell-born Apr. 19, 1829 in Lancashire, England; died Apr. 28, 1832 in England; Roger Birchell-born Oct. 23, 1831 in Lancashire, England; died Dec, 1847 in England; Richard Birchell-born Mar. 19, 1835 in Lancashire, England; died Nov, 1849 in England; Elizabeth Birchell-born Apr. 15, 1838 in Lancashire, England; died June, 1847 in England; Mary Birchell-born Apr. 14, 1842 at Pennington, Lancashire, England; married Leonard Steiner, son of Johannes & Anna(Schurr) Steiner, on Nov. 20, 1864 at Yorkville; died May 10, 1910 at Sylvania; buried Block 3, Lot 13, ND; see account there; James Birchell-born Feb. 22, 1846 in Lancashire, England; married Christina K. Meinzer, daughter of John Wendell & Christina B. Meinzer of Racine, on June 4, 1867 at Racine; died Apr. 3, 1916 in Racine; buried in Block 4, Lot 3, ND; see account there; *****Ann(Collier) Birchell is a sister to William Collier(Block 2, Lot 8, SD) & Richard Collier(Block 2, Lot 6, ND). Also, William Collier, James Collier, Mary (Collier) Battersby, & Elizabeth(Collier) Hays, all of England; INSCRIPTION Gertrude C., dau. of Elizabeth A. and Alvin A. Jones/Feb. 6, 1897-Jan. 4, 1898 Gertrude C. Jones, infant daughter of Alvin & Elizabeth Jones is also buried on this lot. Her mother is Elizabeth Birchell, daughter of James Birchell(Block 4, Lot 3, ND) & grand- daughter of Thomas & Ann Birchell of this lot. Alvin & Elizabeth Jones are buried in the Yorkville Cemetery. This was their only child. BLOCK 2-LOT 6-ND-Richard Collier, Owner INSCRIPTIONS Richard Collier/born May 14, 1814/died July 20, 1897 Martha, wife of R. Collier/died Sept. 16, 1882/aged 78 yrs. Betsy Woodward/June 2, 1830/Feb. 10, 1913 Richard Collier was born in Lancashire, England on May 14, 1814. He was married to Martha in England. He had a daughter Betsey before he was married to Martha. Richard & Martha came to America in 1851. They settled first in Connecticutt, and came to Wisconsin 3 years later. Martha died on Sept. 16, 1882. Richard Collier first farmed in Yorkville Twp. He sold that farm on Sept. 5, 1889 and bought a larger farm in Section 1, Somers Twp, Kenosha Co on Aug. 28, 1894. Richard died from a farming accident on July 20, 1897. CHILD OF: Richard Collier Betsey Collier-born June 2, 1830 in Lancashire, England(she lived at Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire, England just before she came to America); married to William Woodward; had a son Henry; came to America in 1883 to keep house for Richard Collier after his wife died; Betsey died Feb. 10, 1913 ; buried here; CHILDREN OF: Betsey Collier & William Woodward Henry Woodward-born March 12, 1853; buried Block 3, Lot 14, ND; see account there; Also a daughter, name unknown who died young in England *****Richard Collier was a brother to William Collier(Block 2, Lot 8, SD) & Ann Collier Birchell(Block 2, Lot 5, ND); he also had several other siblings: William Collier (Elsby, Chesire, England), James Collier, Mary(Collier) Battersby, & Elizabeth(Collier) Hays, all of England; *****See a copy of Richard Collier's obituary later in this book. BLOCK 2-LOT 7-ND-Ebenezer Sniffin, Owner INSCRIPTIONS Ebenezer Sniffen/died Sept. 7, 1886/aged 71 yr 8 ms. ds Almira, wife of E. Sniffen/died Nov. 21, 1881/aged 57 yrs. 3ms. & 13 ds. Ebenezer Sniffin Ebenezer Sniffin was born in NY state on Dec. 23, 1813, the son of David Sniffin. He married Almira J. Titus in the fall of 1846 in NY state. They came to Somers Twp, Kenosha Co, WI in 1850 with Ebenezer's brother Solomon & his wife. They moved to Mt. Pleasant Twp, Racine Co, in 1866, where they farmed in Section 32. Ebenezer & Almira had 4 children. Almira died on Nov. 21, 1881 and Ebenezer died on Sept. 7, 1886. They are buried at Sylvania Cemetery. CHILDREN OF: Ebenezer Sniffin & Almira J. Titus Mary F. Sniffin-born on Feb. 27, 1850 in Green Co, NY; married Rufus Sniffin, son of Reuben & Mary Ann Sniffin, in Kenosha Co on Apr. 5, 1868. He was a carpenter who was born in Coxsackie, Greene Co, NY; Edwin S. Sniffin-born about 1853 in Somers Twp, Kenosha Co; died at the age of 18 years-May 19, 1871; buried in the Oakwood Cemetery, Somers, WI; David Sniffin-born about 1854 in Somers Twp, Kenosha Co; Harvey E. Sniffin-born about 1862 in Somers Twp, Kenosha Co; INSCRIPTIONS Solomon Sniffin/died Jan. 27, 1883/age 62 ys 4 ms 15 ds Sarah G., wife of Solomon Sniffin/died Aug. 20, 1890/age 70 yr 6 ms 23 ds Solomon Sniffin Solomon Sniffin was born in NY state about 1820, the son of David Sniffin. His wife Sarah G. was also born in NY state about 1819. They came to WI with brother Ebenezer & wife in 1850. Their farm was located in Section 32, Somers Twp. They had 8 children. Solomon died on Jan.27,1883 & Sarah died on Aug.20,1890. They are buried at Sylvania Cemetery. CHILDREN OF: Solomon Sniffin & Sarah G. Kitty Sniffin-married Josiah D. Merritt, a lawyer from Chicago, IL, on June 26,1877, in Kenosha Co; Emma Sniffin-born Oct. 29, 1850 in Somers Twp, Kenosha Co; married Charles T. Coonley, son of Edward & Ulellia Coonley, on Apr. 5, 1868 in Kenosha Co. He was born on Apr. 10,1846 at Stephensville, Greene Co, NY; Mary Ann J. Sniffin-born about 1853 in Somers Twp, Kenosha Co; married Francis A. Hunter, son of John & Esther Hunter, on Mar. 22, 1864 in Racine Co; Reuben N. Sniffin-born about 1855 in Somers Twp, Kenosha Co; Sarah E. Sniffin-born about 1861 in Somers Twp, Kenosha Co; C. Sniffin-born about 1868 in Somers Twp,Kenosha Co;married Lydia J.(Raines) Watkins, daughter of John & Ellen Raines, on Dec. 31, 1883 in Racine Co; he was a farmer in Somers Twp; David L. Sniffin-born about 1869 in Somers Twp, Kenosha Co; BLOCK 2-LOT 8-ND-Mrs. Betsy Grimshaw, Owner INSCRIPTIONS Joseph Grimshaw/born March 17, 1842/died July 22, 1881 Elizabeth Lee Grimshaw/born Feb. 3, 1844/died July 12, 1930 (Elizabeth Lee) Joseph Grimshaw Joseph Grimshaw was born on Mar. 17, 1842 in England to George & Jane Grimshaw. It is not known when this family came to America. They settled in Somers Twp, Kenosha Co. Joseph married Elizabeth(Bessie) Lee, daughter of Richard & Ellen(Rothwell) Lee on Feb. 17, 1864 in Racine Co. They one child: Minnie A. A son died in infancy. Joseph died on July 22, 1881 and Elizabeth died on July 12, 1930. They are buried at Sylvania Cemetery. CHILD OF: Joseph Grimshaw & Elizabeth Lee Minnie A. Grimshaw-born Dec. 8, 1870; married to Edward G. Ozanne (1854-1936) as his 2nd wife on Oct. 6, 1898 in Kenosha Co ; no children; Minnie died on Feb. 22,1960; buried Oakwood Cemetery, Somers, WI; BLOCK 2-LOT 9-ND-Mrs. Frank Steffen, Owner INSCRIPTIONS Frank Steffen/died July 27, 1881/age 48 yrs.7 mos. Wilhelmina, wife of Frank Steffen/born Sept. 9, 1841/died Aug. 2, 1898 Charles John Steffen/Husband/1874-1944 Julius E. Steffen/Wis. Pvt. 3 Inf./March 12, 1941 Josephine Steffen Koch/July 22, 1877/March 2, 1939 Otto W. Koch/Father/Sept. 13, 1876/Feb. 20, 1959 Helen, dau. of Mr. & Mrs. C. Bretzke/born Aug. 26, 1887/died Aug. 19, 1889 Frank Steffen was born in Germany about 1832. It is not known when he came to America. His wife was Wilhelmina(Minnie) Treptow, who was born in Germany on Sept. 9, 1841. They had at least 8 children. The Steffen family lived in Mt. Pleasant Twp, Racine Co. Frank died on July 27, 1881 and Wilhelmina on Aug. 2, 1898. KNOWN CHILDREN OF: Frank Steffen & Wilhelmina Treptow Henry W. Steffen-born about 1862 in IL; married Margaretha Biehn, daughter of Frederick & Bertha(Steffen) Biehn, on Jan. 8, 1885 in Racine Co; he was a farmer in Paris Twp, Kenosha Co; 2 known sons: Alfred Louis (Oct. 13,1887) & Frank Ferdinand(Sept. 30, 1888); William Steffen-born about 1863; Frank Steffen-born about 1865; Frederica Steffen-born about 1867 in Milwaukee, WI; married Charles A. T. Bretska(e), son of Frederick & Louise(Brandenburg) Bretska, on July 28, 1884 in Racine Co; 3 known children: Louise Wilhelmina(Apr. 4, 1885), Frank Carl(July 6, 1886), & Helen(Aug. 26, 1887); daughter Helen is buried here; Bertha Steffen-born about 1871 in LaCrosse, WI; married Wm. A. Smith, son of Matthew & Catherine Smith(lived in Mt. Pleasant Twp), on Mar. 9, 1888 in Racine Co; Julius E. Steffen-born about 1873; served in the Wis. Infantry; died Mar. 12, 1941; buried here; Charles John Steffen-born 1874; died Feb. 11, 1944; buried here; Josephine Steffen-born July 22, 1877; married to Otto W. Koch; died Mar. 2, 1939; buried here; had one son: Daniel S. Koch of Milwaukee, WI; BLOCK 2-LOT 10-ND-Mrs. Lucy Jane Myrick, Owner INSCRIPTION John J. Myrick/born March 9, 1815/died Feb. 21, 1895 *****Lucy Jane Myrick/born Oct. 16, 1827/died Jan. 25, 1905 John J.(Jesse) Myrick was born on Mar. 9, 1815 at Clinton, Oneida Co, NY, to Joseph & Tryphosa(Butler) Myrick. He was of Welsh descent. John's father was a farmer and ran a tannery at Clinton. John married first to Calista W. Todd(born June 12, 1814),on May 27, 1840. They had 5 children. Calista died on Jan. 30, 1854. John married again to Lucy Jane Myrick(born Oct. 16, 1827 at New York, NY), daughter of Robert & Nancy Myrick of NY state. They came to WI sometime before in 1860 and settled in Somers Twp, Kenosha Co. John died on Feb. 21, 1895 at Union Grove, WI. His wife Lucy Jane died on Jan. 25, 1905 in Raymond Twp, Racine Co. Her death certificate states that she is buried at Sylvania Cemetery, although her name has not been inscribed on the tombstone. CHILDREN OF: John J. Myrick & Calista W. Todd Luminda J. Myrick-born July 20, 1841 in NY state; died Aug. 21,1842; Luisa R. Myrick-born Mar. 21, 1843; died Sept. 21, 1843; Giles J. Myrick-born Nov. 1, 1845; married Elizabeth Gilmore on Dec. 2, 1872; died Jan. 11, 1917; buried at Paris-Bristol Cemetery; Mary Jane Myrick-born Sept. 25, 1848; married Wm. Haigh on Nov. 9, 1874 in Racine Co; buried Block 1, Lot 8, SD; see account there; Cornelia C.(Caroline) Myrick-born May 5, 1850; married Seth B. Myrick, son of Seth Butler & Lucinda(Carpenter) Myrick of Paris Twp, Kenosha Co, on Feb, 24, 1869; lived in Bristow, Butler Co, Iowa; died Jan. 23, 1900; BLOCK 2-LOT 11-ND-Peter P. Korsgaard, Owner INSCRIPTIONS Peter P. Korsgaard/1841-1908 Katherine, his wife/1838-1885 Mary/1863-1895 Peter P. Korsgaard was born on Nov. 1, 1841 in Denmark to Paul & Anna Maria Nielson. He married Katherine Margareth Hansen, daughter of Hans & Anna(Peterson) Hansen . In the 1880 census, they had 3 daughters. Peter farmed in Mt. Pleasant Twp, Racine Co. Katherine Korsgaard died in 1885 and Peter died on Dec. 5, 1908. KNOWN CHILDREN OF: Peter P. Korsgaard & Katherine Hansen Annie Korsgaard-born about 1862 in Racine Co; Maria(Mary) Korsgaard-born in 1863; died 1895; buried here; Emma Korsgaard-born about 1865; lived in Pasedena, CA; never married; BLOCK 2-LOT 12-ND-Stephen Osborn Lot INSCRIPTIONS-None *****A baby daughter of William H. Osborn is buried here. She was a twin to Harley. Stephen Hobart Osborn was born in rural Essex Co, England about 1845. He worked as a butler in England. He married Susannah Orriss(born about 1844 in Coulchester, Essex Co, England) in 1865. Two children were born in England, whith one dying in infancy. In 1873, Stephen and his 4-year-old son Albert came to America and stayed with his sister, Mrs. John Beerstead, in Yorkville, WI. Four months later, Susannah came to America with their 9 month old son William. The Osborns farmed in Yorkville Twp for the rest of their lived. 5 more children were born there. Susannah died on Feb. 10, 1922 and Stephen died on Feb. 8, 1926. They are buried in the Union Grove Cemetery. CHILDREN OF : Stephen H. Osborn & Susannah Orriss Albert Osborn-died in infancy in England; Albert Stephen Osborn-born about 1869 at Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, England; homesteaded in Logan Co, ND with his brother Leonard; married Elizabeth Hellmuth; had a son Albert H.(was living in Chicago) and Eva Hammond; Jeremiah(Jennie) Osborn-died in infancy in England; William Henry Osborn-born on May 17, 1872 in England; lived in Corliss(now Sturtevant), WI and worked at Fancher's Nursery; had 3 children- Harley, Maud, & Verne; Harley's infant twin sister is buried on this lot; Alice Maud Mary Osborn-born in 1874;married T. Edmund Acklam, son of Thomas & Martha Acklam in 1902; one daughter-Mrs. Arvil(Elva) Stark of Salt Lake City, Utah; Manley Hayes Osborn-born March 5, 1877 in Yorkville Twp; married Melvina Faith Goldsworthy; one daughter-Mrs. Roy(Audrey Mae) Stollenwark of Union Grove, WI; buried in Union Grove Cemetery; Mable Osborn-born about 1878 in Yorkville Twp; married George Williamson, an accountant in Racine; buried in Mound Cemetery, Racine; Leonard Osborn-born in 1881;homesteaded in Logan Co, ND with brother Albert; never married; later moved to Duluth, MN where he died; Florence Osborn-married Roy Bufton, son of James & Avis Bufton of Union Grove, WI; had one daughter, Joye Elaine(Mrs. Robert Cheek) of Fort Atkinson, WI; buried in Union Grove Cemetery; BLOCK 2-LOT 13-ND-William Simmons,Owner-West Half A William Simmons was born about 1817 in NY state. He farmed in Yorkville Twp. He was married to Lorahuna Vincent.(born about 1820 in NY), in 1850. Either the same William or another one married Ann Dorning(born about 1811), widow of Jonathan Dorning(Block 2, Lot 7, SD) about 1854. They had one daughter. It is not known what happened to William & Ann(Dorning) Simmons. CHILD OF: William Simmons & Ann Dorning Catherine Simmons-born about 1855 in Racine Co; married to George Hicks; *****Richard Woodward told Hazel Stecher that "old Mrs. Simmons" is buried here. Nothing has been found about this yet. BLOCK 2-LOT 13-ND-Mr. & Mrs Allen T. Christensen, Owners-East Half INSCRIPTION Allen T. Christensen/August 17, 1919/November 10, 1990 Allen Theodore Christensen was born on Aug. 17, 1919 in Somers, WI to Theodore & Johanna Christensen. He was married to Carol Donna Bowers, daughter of Leland & Josephine (Haney)Bowers (Block 2, Lot 3, ND), on Oct. 11, 1941. He served in the Army in World War II. He & Carol have 3 children. Allen worked for the Derse Advertising Co. He died on Nov. 10, 1990 at Racine, WI. CHILDREN OF: Allen Theodore Christensen & Carol Donna Bowers Dennis Leland Christensen-born July 15, 1942; married Barbara March in 1970; divorced; lives in Racine; Gary Alan Christensen-born Mar. 17, 1945; married to Victoria Labue on Aug. 11, 1973; lives in Racine; Donna Kaye Christensen-born Apr. 11, 1952; married to Tim Michna on Dec. 8, 1973; had one son Beau Christopher(Oct. 31, 1976); divorced; married again to Bart Dosedla; has 2 more children-Andrea Maria(Aug. 13, 1986) & Derek Adam(Oct. 17, 1990); BLOCK 2-LOT 14-ND-Augustus Baker, Jr., Original Owner; lot sold to John Lorence INSCRIPTION Arthur Weldon/Mar. 4, 1855/Oct. 22, 1900 Arthur Weldon was born on Mar. 4, 1855 in Ontario, Canada to Wilton(or Wilson) & Emeline (Hecks) Weldon. He was a single farmer. Arthur died on Oct. 23, 1900 of typhoid fever. He was a brother to Mrs. Augustus Baker, Jr(See Baker family account in Block 2, Lot 5, SD) INSCRIPTIONS John G. Lorence/May 3, 1866/Oct. 17, 1941 Rose M. Lorence/June 2, 1872/Dec. 23, 1949 Ruth M. Lorence/June 10, 1909/June 14, 1938 John George Lorence was born on May 3, 1866 in Caledonia Twp, Racine Co, to Frank & Mary(Grazil) Lorence. He married Rosa Mary Steiner, daughter of Leonard & Mary(Birchell) Steiner(Block 3, Lot 13, ND), on Oct. 25, 1900. John was a blacksmith in Corliss(now Sturtevant). They had 2 children. Mr. Lorence died on Oct. 17, 1941 at Corliss. His wife moved to Racine to live with her son. She died there on Dec. 23, 1949. CHILDREN OF: John G. Lorence & Rosa Mary Steiner Leonard Frank Lorence-born June 5, 1906 at Corliss, WI; married Ruth Elizabeth Parmenter, daughter of James Parmenter, on Aug. 25, 1934; they had one son, James John; Leonard & his 2nd wife Viola(Gere) live in Neenah,WI; Ruth Mary Lorence-born June 10, 1909 at Corliss, WI; worked at the Corliss (Sturtevant) Post Office for several years; never married; died at Corliss on June 14, 1938; buried here; BLOCK 2-LOT 15-ND-Vacant BLOCK 2-LOT 16-ND-Vacant BLOCK 3-LOT 1-ND-Peter Myers, Original Owner GRAVE INSCRIPTION Louisa/dau. of Peter & D. Meyers/born May 11, 1879/died Sept. 13, 1879 Peter Myers Peter Myers was born on Dec. 6, 1833 in Lollenbach(Lollburg ?), Meissenheim, Germany. He came to Somers Twp, Kenosha Co in 1855. He was married in 1860 to Dorothea M. Mohr who was born on June 28, 1842 at Marzweiler, Crumbach, Germany. He farmed in Somers Twp, Kenosha Co. Dorothea died on May 11, 1889 and Peter died on Feb. 13, 1912. They are buried at the Oakwood Cemetery, Somers, WI. CHILDREN OF: Peter Myers & Dorothea M. Mohr Katherine Myers-born Nov. 9, 1861 in Somers Twp; married Phillip Honald (born Oct. 23, 1852), son of George Honald of Paris Twp, on June 1, 1882 at Emanuel Lutheran Church, Paris Twp; Dorothea Myers-born May 18, 1863 in Somers Twp; married to Frank Mutter; died Apr. 11, 1907; buried in Paris Twp Cemetery; Ida Wilhelmina Myers-born Sept. 3,1864 in Somers Twp; died May 13,1867; Mary Catherine Myers-born June 23, 1866 in Somers Twp; married Frederick Phillip Scheckler on June 2, 1886 in Kenosha Co; Margaret Myers-born Oct. 14, 1869 in Somers Twp; married to Jacob Biehn; died Sept. 14, 1904; buried at Oakwood Cemetery, Somers, WI; Peter Jacob Myers-born Sept. 19, 1876 in Somers Twp, Kenosha; married Eda Mathilde Hansche, daughter of Frederick Jacob Hansche, on Dec. 25, 1900; died on Dec. 15, 1943 in Racine, WI; Louisa Myers-born May 11,1879 in Somers Twp; died Sept. 13,1879; MAUSOLEUM INSCRIPTIONS Armitage Buckley/Feb. 24, 1854/April 10, 1926 Anna Maria Buckley/April 16, 1855/Aug. 20, 1940 Armitage Buckley was born on Feb. 24, 1854 to James & Sarah(Lawton) Buckley. He married Anna Maria Martin(born Apr. 16, 1855), daughter of John & Mary(DeHule) Martin, on Nov. 7, 1871. There were no children. Armitage farmed his father's land in Paris Twp and Yorkville Twp. He died on Apr. 10, 1926 and his wife died on Aug. 20, 1940. They are buried at Sylvania Cemetery. It is believed that Armitage was originally buried in the James Buckley lot(Block 1, Lot 2, SD) , but Mrs. Buckley purchased this lot and erected the mausoleum. Crematory urns within the Buckley mausoleum Hensel, William E. Born November 8, 1876 Died February 12, 1947 Smith, Alfred J. Born April 28, 1868 Died March 10, 1949 BLOCK 3-LOT 2-ND-Ira Burgess, Owner INSCRIPTIONS Ira F. Burgess/July 3, 1878/April 18, 1954 Mollie A. Burgess/July 18, 1876/Jan. 18, 1954 Infants of Harold & Marian Albright David F. Burgess Born February 9, 1912 Died October 27, 1993 Ira Franklin Burgess was born on July 3, 1878 in Racine Co to Frederick & Cordelia (Foster) Burgess(Block 2, Lot 4, ND). He married Mollie Ann Heddle(born July 18, 1876 in Milburn, IL), daughter of David & Mary M.(Yule) Heddle on Nov. 7, 1906. He farmed in Section 31, Mt. Pleasant Twp, Racine Co. They had 3 children. Ira & Mollie both died in 1954. CHILDREN OF: Ira Franklin Burgess & Mollie Anne Heddle Marian Burgess-born June 20, 1909 in Racine Co; married Harold Wm. Albright(born Feb. 26, 1902), on Nov. 7, 1936; had 2 babies that died and are buried here; David Frederick Burgess-born Feb. 9, 1912 in Racine Co; married Eveline Smith on Oct. 18, 1975; Delia Burgess-born Oct. 17, 1914 in Racine Co; married Willard C. Bull on June 14, 1952; BLOCK 3-LOT 3-ND-Peter Sorenson, Owner INSCRIPTIONS Peter J. Sorenson/Nov. 10, 1858-May 25, 1923 Christine Sorenson/Aug. 27, 1865-June 24, 1935 Amelia/June 12, 1887-Sept. 12, 1887 Ella/June 12, 1887-Nov. 12,1989 Ida/Nov. 30, 1889-Aug. 12, 1953 Peter J. Sorenson Peter J. Sorenson was born in Denmark on Nov.10,1858. He was married to Christina Johnson (born Aug. 27, 1865 in Denmark). They had 3 daughters and one son. The Sorenson family lived in the N half of Section 6, Somers Twp, Kenosha Co. According to Ella Sorenson's obituary (Peter's daughter), the house on the Sorenson farm was built in 1837 and was the original parsonage for the Kellogg's Corners Methodist Church. Peter died on May 25, 1923 and Christine died on June 24, 1935. They & their 3 daughters are buried at Sylvania Cemetery. CHILDREN OF: Peter J. Sorenson & Christine Amelia Sorenson-born June 12, 1887; died Sept. 12, 1887; twin to Ella; Ella Sorenson-born June 12, 1887; died Nov 12,1989 in Kenosha, WI; Ida Sorenson-born Nov. 30, 1889; died Aug. 12, 1953; Raymond F. Sorenson-2 children, Ronald E. of Kenosha & Mrs. Bernice E. McCracken of Casseberry, FL; INSCRIPTION Elizabeth Sorenson/born at Torpenholt Sjalland/Feb. 3, 1872/ died at Racine, WI- June 12, 1895 Elizabeth Sorenson was born at Torpenholt, Sjalland, Denmark on Feb.3,1872. She may have been Peter's sister. She was a dressmaker in Racine. She died there on June 12, 1895. BLOCK 3-LOT 4-ND-Jefferson Crum, Owner INSCRIPTION Maudie/dau. of J. & M. Crum/born Feb. 18, 1885/died Mar. 27, 1901 *****I could not find any evidence of this family. BLOCK 3-LOT 5-ND-Mike Anderson, Owner INSCRIPTIONS Mike Anderson/1845-1888 Emily, wife of Mike Anderson/1847-1919 Meshenky/Fred W./1877-1940 Rose J./1881-1953 Warren F. Meshenky/S. Sgt. U.S. Marine Corps/World War II/May 9, 1914- Mar. 20, 1979 Mads Andrew(called Mike) Anderson was born in Denmark in 1845. He married Emily Connell, daughter of Matthias & Rosina(Coons) Connell of Yorkville Twp on Sept. 23, 1873 ; She was born in Yorkville on June 2, 1847. They had 4 children. They lived in Yorkville Twp. Mike died in 1888 & Emily died on Feb. 18, 1919. CHILDREN OF: Mads Andrew(Mike) Anderson & Emily Connell Henry M. Anderson-born in 1874 in Yorkville Twp; wife Jenny Mae Leach 1877-1942), daughter of John W. Leach of Paris Twp, on Dec. 6, 1899 in Racine Co; lived at Union Grove; died in 1948; buried in Union Grove Cemetery; Merritt Andrew Anderson-born Mar. 6, 1876 in Yorkville Twp; married Jennie Coad at Silvum, WI on Oct. 15, 1903; died at Orlando, Fl; worked at Union Grove Lumber Co. for many years; Lorena S. Anderson-born about 1878 in Yorkville Twp; married to Hans L. Jorgenson on Mar. 10, 1897 in Racine Co; lived at Thompsonville, Caledonia Twp; Rosalia J. Anderson-born Feb. 5, 1881 in Yorkville; married to Fred W. Meshenky(born Feb. 7, 1877); had a son Warren F.(buried here); Rose died on Mar. 17, 1953 & Fred on Sept. 6, 1940; buried here; BLOCK 3-LOT 6-ND-William E. Tucker, Owner INSCRIPTIONS Tucker/Sarah M./1868-1941 William E./1853-1939 William Edward Tucker William E. Tucker was born on May 14, 1854 in Brighton Twp, Kenosha Co, to William & Jane(Gilbert) Tucker. He was only one year old when his father died. The mother moved back to the Gilbert farm in Section 36, Yorkville Twp, with her 3 small sons. William stayed on to run the farm for his mother. He was married to Sarah Jean Mytton(born 1868 in Kenosha Co), daughter of Edward & Sarah Ann(Price) Mytton, in Oct., 1902. They had 2 daughters. William E. died on Aug. 28, 1939 and Sarah Jean died on Dec. 27, 1941. They are buried at Sylvania. CHILDREN OF: William E. Tucker & Sarah Jean Mytton Margaret Tucker-born Apr. 19, 1904 in Yorkville Twp, Racine Co; lives on the Tucker family farm; May Lillian Tucker-born Sept. 3, 1905 in Yorkville Twp, Racine Co; taught school in Milwaukee & Racine school systems; lives at Somers, WI; *****This lot was originally bought by an F. A. Lee. BLOCK 3-LOT 7-ND-Richard W. Wagner, Owner(East Half) INSCRIPTIONS Adelia A., wife of Richard W. Wagner/Jan. 5, 1847/ Sept. 5, 1899 Adelia A. Burgess was born on Jan. 5. 1847 to Alonzo & Artemetia(Kellogg) Burgess (Block 1, Lot 1, ND). She married Richard W. Wagner(born 1850 in New Brunswick), son of John & Eleanor Wagner(born Ireland) of Somers Twp. Adelia died on Sept. 5, 1899 and is buried here. Richard married again to Gertrude. He sold half of the lot to Orville & Margery Jensen. Orvilles parents are buried here. BLOCK 3-LOT 7-ND-Orville Jensen, Owner(West Half) INSCRIPTIONS Jensen/Walter Christian/1882-1972 Anna Kirstine/1892-1987 Walter Christian Jensen was born in Hjorring, Denmark on Dec. 23, 1882. He came to America about 1907, according to his obituary. On April 15, 1915, he married Anna K. Thomsen (born Aug. 19, 1892 in Sindal, Denmark). She came to America in 1910. They had 3 children. Walter was associated with the Christiansen & Jensen Tailor and Clothing Store in Uptown Racine for 29 years. Walter died on Jan. 23, 1972 & Anna died on Nov. 11, 1987. CHILDREN OF: Walter Christian Jensen & Anna Kirstine Thomsen Orville W. Jensen-born Nov. 30, 1917 at Racine; married to Margery Burgess, daughter of Earl Burgess(Block 3, Lot 8, ND) on Jan. 9, 1941; live in Green Valley, AZ; Marion E. Jensen-married to John Fodor; live Houston, TX; Clarence Arthur Jensen-born Mar. 26, 1921 at Racine; wife Jean; lives Prescott, AZ; BLOCK 3-LOT 8-ND-Earl F. Burgess, Owner INSCRIPTIONS Earl F. Burgess/Dec. 30, 1891/Oct. 18, 1978 Edith N. Burgess/May 17, 1890/July 13, 1984 Earl Foster Burgess was born on Dec. 30, 1891 in Mt. Pleasant Twp, Racine Co to Frederick & Cordelia(Foster) Burgess(Block 2, Lot 4, ND). He married Edith N. Gurney(born May 17, 1890 in Port Arthur, Canada), on Apr. 15, 1913. They had a son and a daughter. Earl died on Oct. 18, 1978 and Edith on July 13, 1984. They were both cremated and buried here. CHILDREN OF: Earl Foster Burgess & Edith N. Gurney Gordon Burgess-born Apr. 16, 1916; married to Charlene; Margery Burgess-born Sept. 17, 1918; married to Orville Jensen, son of Walter & Anna Jensen(Block 3, Lot 7, ND), on Jan. 9, 1941; lives in Green Valley, AZ; BLOCK 3-LOT 9-ND-J. E. DeLong, Original Owner(Hazel Stecher, Present Owner) INSCRIPTION Verna Viola, dau. of J.E. DeLong/Aug. 10, 1897-May 23, 1900 James Edwin DeLong is a son of Horace T. DeLong. See the description of the Horace T. DeLong family in Block 2, Lot 2, ND. Verna Viola is one of James DeLong's daughters. Daughter Caroline DeLong's husband, Carl Hetzler, was buried here, but he was moved to West Lawn Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant. Hazel Stecher bought the remainder of the lot from Caroline Hetzler. BLOCK 3-LOT 10-ND-Mrs. Henry P. Brown, Owner INSCRIPTIONS Henry P. Brown/born June 30, 1866/died Jan. 29, 1903 Lillian B. Olson/Oct. 13, 1894/Oct. 3, 1978/Internment in Calif. Henry P. Brown was born on June 30, 1866 in Denmark, to Peter R. & Dorothea (Hansen) Brown. He married Mary Ann Bowers, daughter of Isaac & Sarah Ann(Lee) Bowers (Block 1, Lot 3, ND), on Mar. 11, 1891. They had one daughter (Sarah) Lillian. Henry died of TB on Jan. 29, 1903 and Mary Ann married again to Franklin Bullis(see Block 3, Lot 12, ND). CHILD OF: Henry P. Brown & Mary Ann Bowers Sarah Lillian Brown-born Oct. 13, 1894; married James Collins on Apr. 3, 1913; had a son Hibbard R. Collins; Lillian remarried to Severt Charles Olsen on Oct. 24, 1923; son Hibbard changed his name to Olsen; Hibbert lived in CA and Lillian went there to live; she died there on Oct. 3, 1978; She is buried in California. INSCRIPTION Frank M. Haney/Husband/Aug. 29, 1898/May 30, 1949 Frank M. Haney was born on Aug. 29, 1898, to Jacob & Charlotte(Hunter) Haney. The Haney family lived at Kelloggs Corners. Frank's mother was a daughter of Adam Hunter(Block 4, Lot 7, ND). Frank married Hazel Elizabeth Bullis, daughter of Franklin W & Mary Ann(Bowers) Bullis, on April 6, 1935. Hazel Bullis & Lillian Brown were half-sisters. The Haneys had no children Frank M. Haney died on May 30, 1949 and Hazel remarried to Gilbert Stecher. BLOCK 3-LOT 11-ND-Mrs. Lavina Bailey, Owner INSCRIPTIONS Norman Bailey/died March 21, 1875/aged 58 yrs. 8 ms. 9 ds. Lavina, wife of Norman Bailey/died April 23, 1904/aged 78 yrs. Frank, son of N. & L./ died Aug. 11, 1900/aged 37 yrs. & 10 ms. Norman Bailey was born about 1826 in New York State to Mr. ? & Abigail(Price) Bailey. He was married to Lavina Remington(born about 1826 in NY) in NY. Norman Bailey came to Kenosha Co, WI in 1841 and bought land from the government. He went back east for his family & returned in 1848. One son was born in New York. Three more children were born in Kenosha Co. The Norman Bailey family lived in Paris Twp, Kenosha Co. Norman died on Mar. 21, 1875 and Lavina died on Aug. 11, 1900. CHILDREN OF: Norman Bailey & Lavina Remington Alexander Price Bailey-born Mar. 25, 1846 at Auburn, NY; buried in Block 2, Lot 3, SD; see account of there; Jay LeRoy Bailey-born Dec. 4, 1854 in Paris Twp; married Annie Dorflinger, daughter of Jacob & Katherine(Sights) Dorflinger of Somers Twp, on Oct. 28,1886; children: Lavina Katherine(Mrs. Roy Nisen)(Sept. 6, 1889), Norman Carl(Oct. 5, 1896), & Edwin George(Jan. 25, 1899); Jay died on Aug. 15, 1938; buried at Sunset Ridge Cemetery, Kenosha Co; Sophronia Bailey-born about 1857 in Paris Twp; married Floyd Worthington Pierce,son of Orson & Sarah Pierce, on May 2, 1876 in Kenosha Co; Frank Ney Bailey-born Nov. 11,1862 in Paris Twp, Kenosha Co; died Aug. 11, 1900; buried here; ***** Norman Bailey is a brother to Adaline(Bailey) Baker, wife of Elisha Baker(Block 2, Lot 10, SD). His mother Abigail is probably buried here or on the Elisha Baker lot. BLOCK 3-LOT 12-ND-James Bullis, Owner INSCRIPTIONS James Bulles/Father/1845-1904/Pvt. Co. B 48th Wis Inf. Vol. Leannah A., his wife/Mother/1853-1922 Hattie May Bullis/died May 1, 1903/aged 16 yrs. 26 ds. James Bullis was born on May 31, 1845 in New Jersey to Thomas & Elizabeth(Buck) Bullis, just 6 weeks after his parents arrived in America from England. The Thomas Bullis family came to WI and bought government land in Dover Twp, Racine Co, on Feb. 10, 1848. James grew up there on the farm and later enlisted in Co. B, 48 Reg., of the WI Infantry Volunteers and served in Kansas during the Civil War. After coming back from the war, James he married Leannah Alexander Saunders on Feb. 7, 1878 in Dover Twp. They went to Mitchell Co., Iowa for 3 years, where 2 of their children were born. They came back to WI and lived the rest of their years on farms in Kenosha & Racine Counties. Three more children were born in WI. James was kicked by a horse while living on the Wm. Tucker farm(Block 3, Lot 6, ND), and his death resulted on May 31, 1904. His wife died in 1922. CHILDREN OF: James Bullis & Leannah Alexander Saunders Franklin W. Bullis-born Nov. 25, 1878 in Mitchell Co, IA; buried here; see account below; Ella E. Bullis-born Aug. 21, 1880 in Mitchell Co, IA; married to Louis R. Price; daughter Elsie(Mrs. Henry Erickson); died Nov. 7, 1955; buried at the Paris Corners Cemetery; Burton E. Bullis-born Nov. 24, 1885; married to Clara A.; no children; died Jan. 25, 1949; buried Union Grove Cemetery; Hattie May Bullis-born Apr. 11, 1887; died on May 1, 1903 at the age of 16; buried here; Arthur Allen Bullis-born May 9, 1889 in Brighton Twp, Kenosha Co; married Clara Eddy, daughter of Ozro Eddy of Wheaton Twp, Kenosha Co, on Nov. 10, 1915; lived on a farm at Paris Corners, Kenosha Co; had one daughter, Ella Mary(Dec. 24, 1916); Arthur died on Mar. 17, 1961 at Milwaukee, WI; buried Union Grove Cemetery; INSCRIPTIONS Bullis/Mary Ann/1870-1954 Franklin W./1878-1954 Franklin William Bullis, son of James & Leannah, was born on Nov. 25, 1878 in Mitchell Co, IA. He married Mary Ann(Bowers) Brown, daughter of Isaac & Sarah Ann(Lee) Bowers(Block 1, Lot 3,ND) on Feb. 22,1904. They had 2 children. They ran a grocery store at Sylvania for several years. Franklin died on June 14,1954 and Mary Ann died on Oct.2, 1954. CHILDREN OF: Franklin William Bullis & Mary Ann Bowers Allen Franklin Bullis-born May 2, 1905; married Mable Fohr on Sept. 25, 1923; had 4 children: Charles, Mary Jane, Wayne, & Joyce; Allen died on July 30, 1968; Hazel Elizabeth Bullis-born July 31, 1906; married Frank M. Haney(Block 3, Lot 10, ND), son of Jacob & Charlotte(Hunter) Haney, on Apr. 6, 1935; no children; after Frank Haney died, Hazel married Gilbert Stecher; she lives in Sturtevant, WI; BLOCK 3-LOT 13-ND-Leonard Steiner, Owner INSCRIPTIONS Leonard Steiner/March 12, 1836/Aug. 2, 1901 Mary, wife of Leonard Steiner/April 14, 1842/May 10, 1910 John T. Steiner/Aug. 14, 1865/May 28, 1930 Elizabeth Frenier/March 16, 1868/April 11, 1934 Leonard Steiner was born on Mar. 12, 1836 in Oberwalden, Goppingen, Wurtemburg, Germany, to Johannes & Anna(Schurr) Steiner. He came to America with his parents in May of 1847. His parents settled in Greenfield Twp, Milwaukee Co, but Leonard came to Racine Co by the early1850's to work on farms in the Sylvania area. On Nov. 20, 1864, he was married to Mary Birchell(born Apr. 14, 1842 at Pennington, Lancashire, England), daughter of Thomas & Ann (Collier) Birchell(Block 2, Lot 5, ND) of Yorkville. Leonard bought a farm in Section 19, Mt. Pleasant Twp. He & his wife had 4 children. Leonard died on Aug. 2, 1901 & Mary died on May 10, 1910. CHILDREN OF: Leonard Steiner & Mary Birchell John Thomas Steiner-born Aug. 14, 1865 in Mt. Pleasant; farmed with his father; also worked for the railroad; never married; died on May 28, 1930; buried here; Christina Elizabeth Steiner-born Mar. 16, 1868 in Mt. Pleasant; married John William Frenier, son of O.H. Frenier of Ohio, on Nov. 25, 1907 at Waukegan, IL; had one daughter; Christina Elizabeth died on Apr. 11,1934; buried here; CHILD OF: C. Elizabeth & William Frenier: Catherine Elizabeth-born Feb. 16, 1909; married Bernhart Larson in 1934; died Feb. 21, 1979 at Canoga Park, CA; had one daughter Margaret Elizabeth; Anna Barbara Steiner-born May 3, 1870 in Mt. Pleasant; married Fred E. Anderson, son of Carl F. & Maren Christina Anderson, on Oct. 25, 1905 in Racine; operated the Steiner farm; had one daughter Elva Christine (born June 10, 1911); Anna Barbara died on June 23, 1950; she is buried at West Lawn Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant Twp; CHILD OF: Anna & Fred Anderson Elva Christine-born June 10, 1911; married John J. Culshaw on June 20, 1936; has 3 children: John, Mary Anne, & William; Rose Mary Steiner-born June 2, 1872 in Mt. Pleasant; married John G. Lorence(Block 2, Lot 14, ND); see account there; *****Mary(Birchell) Steiner, wife of Leonard, is a sister to James Birchell(Block 4, Lot 3, ND) & daughter of Thomas Birchell(Block 2, Lot 5, ND) BLOCK 3-LOT 14-ND-Mrs. Betsy Woodward, Owner INSCRIPTIONS Woodward/Mother/Betsy/1854-1937 Father/Henry/1853-1903 Son/William Woodward/1875-1924 Woodward/James/Dec. 22, 1873/July 10, 1956 Annie/July 16, 1874/Oct. 9, 1945 Carrie Marie, wife of James Woodward/May 30, 1883/Jan. 28, 1904 Mother/Margaret Woodward/wife of Otto Melcher/May 14, 1884/March 23, 1918 Fred Woodward/Nov. 29, 1894/Aug. 7, 1979 Henry Woodward was born at Bedford, Leigh, Lancashire, England on March 12, 1853 to William & Betsey(Collier) Woodward. His wife Elizabeth(Betsy) Mathers was born at Bolton, England on April 30, 1854. They came to America in 1883 and lived with Richard & Martha Collier on a farm in Section 6, Somers Twp, Kenosha Co. Henry & Betsy had 7 children: 6 boys & one girl. Henry died on May 20, 1903 and Betsy died on Feb. 2, 1937. CHILDREN OF: Henry Woodward & Betsy Mathers James Woodward-born Dec. 22, 1873 at Bolton, Lancashire, England; married first to Carrie Marie Peterson; had one son Earl; married 2nd to Annie Kamrath;he died on July 10, 1956; James & 2 wifes are buried here; CHILD OF : James Woodward & Carrie Marie Peterson Earl Reynolds Woodward-born Dec. 18, 1901 in Racine Co; married Frances Peterson, daughter of Julius Peterson; died June 30, 1978; see account in Block4, Lot 9, SD; William Woodward-born Dec. 8, 1875 at Bolton, Lancashire, England; died Mar. 28, 1924; never married; buried here; John Woodward-born Oct. 29, 1878 at Bolton, Lancashire, England; married Wilhelmina(Minnie) Heidersdorf, daughter of Christian & Margaret Heidersdorf(Block 1, Lot 1, SD) on Dec. 1, 1922; died May, 23, 1950; buried at West Lawn Cemetery; Margaret Woodward-born May 14, 1884; married to Otto Melcher; died Mar. 23, 1918; no children; buried here; Thomas Woodward-born Feb. 29, 1888 at Sylvania(a twin died in infancy); married to Jennie Hansen(1892-1973), daughter of Christ(Christina Anderson)Hansen on Oct. 13, 1909 in Paris Twp, Kenosha Co; had 6 children; he died on Feb. 21, 1973; buried at West Lawn Cemetery; CHILDREN OF: Thomas Woodward & Jennie Hansen Ruby Lucille Christine -born Oct. 10, 1910; died at age 17; buried Mound Cemetery; Muriel Margaret Georgia-born Feb.9,1912;married Carl Hansen; Marjorie Janet Hazel-born Dec. 22, 1914;married John Haney; Marion Florence Alice-born Mar. 31, 1917; married Ben Kline; Gordon Thomas Albert-born June 15, 1918; died May 27, 1923; buried Mound Cemetery; Doris Jean Elaine-born Mar. 10, 1930; married Louis Siegel; Richard Woodward-born Apr. 26, 1890 at Sylvania; buried in Block 3, Lot 16, ND; see account there; Fred Woodward-born Nov. 29, 1894 in WI; died Aug. 7, 1979; never married; buried here; BLOCK 3-LOT 15-ND-Billy Woodward, Owner INSCRIPTION Jean Woodward/November 9, 1926/September 17, 1990 William H. Nichols Born September 8, 1948 Linda Nichols Born October 6, 1949 Died August 4, 1995 Billy Jack Woodward was born on Dec. 5, 1925 in Racine Co., to Richard & Mathilda Woodward(Block 3, Lot 16, ND). He was married to Jean Davidson, daughter of David & Gertrude (Vahldick) Davidson of Chicago, IL on Dec. 11, 1948. She was born in Chicago on Nov. 9, 1926. She graduated from the Racine Co Normal School in Union Grove. Billy & Jean had 3 children. Jean died in Burlington, WI on Sept. 17, 1990. CHILDREN OF: William J. Woodward & Jean Davidson David Woodward-lives in Largo, FL; wife Debra; Linda Woodward-lives Union Grove, WI; husband William Nichols; Marlene Woodward-lives Racine, WI; husband Randy Schmidt; BLOCK 3-LOT 16-ND-Richard Woodward, Owner INSCRIPTIONS Woodward/Richard/April 26, 1890/Jan. 31, 1973/Father Mathilda C./Dec. 20, 1900/August 4, 1977/Mother Daughter/Joyce Woodward/Nov. 12, 1930/Jan. 29, 1940 David H. Woodward Born February 3, 1936 Died September 3, 1995 Richard Woodward was born on April 26, 1890 at Sylvania, WI to Henry & Betsy (Mathers) Woodward. He married 1st to Hannah Marie Hansen(born Feb. 9, 1887), daughter of Christ (Christina Anderson) Hansen on Dec. 28, 1909 at Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Paris Twp, Kenosha Co. They had 4 children. Hannah died of flu complications on Oct. 7, 1918 (Her tombstone is inscribed 1919, but that is wrong). She is buried in Mound Cemetery, Racine. On Oct. 6, 1923, he married Mathilda Johnson in Waukegan, IL. They had 8 children. Richard died on Jan. 31, 1973 & his wife Mathilda died on Aug. 4, 1977. CHILDREN OF: Richard Woodward & Hannah Hanson Helen Florence Christine Woodward-born Aug. 3, 1910; married to Arthur Ludvigsen on May 1, 1934; had 2 children; George Richard John Woodward-born Dec. 11, 1911; married to Hazel Clauson; had 2 children; married 2nd to Grace ?; died July 10, 1981; Glenn Floyd Clifford Woodward-born July 14, 1915 in Racine Co; married to Florence Roman; had 2 children; Margaret Leona Pearl Woodward-born Mar. 23, 1917; married to Nels Rasmussen; had 2 children; CHILDREN OF: Richard Woodward & Mathilda Johnson Floyd Woodward-born Apr. 21, 1924 in Racine Co; wife Pearl; divorced; 2 daughters; Billy Jack Woodward-born Dec. 5, 1925 in Racine Co; married on Dec. 11, 1948 to Jean Davidson; see account in Block 3, Lot 15, ND; Howard LeRoy Woodward-born Mar. 5, 1928; wife Dorothy; no children; Vernon Donald Woodward-born May 2, 1929; wife Irene Harcus; lives on the Woodward farm in Section 6, Somers Twp, Kenosha Co; 4 children; Lillian Joyce Woodward-born Nov. 12, 1930; died Jan. 29, 1940; buried here; Wayne Richard Woodward-born Dec.18,1931; divorced; 8 children David Henry Woodward-born Feb. 6, 1936 in Racine Co; married twice; 2nd wife was Jean Van Swol; divorced; one child; lives Union Grove; Nancy Christine Woodward-born May 28, 1941 in Racine Co; was married to Thomas Heinen; divorced; 4 children; BLOCK 4-LOT 1-ND-Hans A. Hanson, Owner INSCRIPTIONS Hans A. Hanson/Nov. 15, 1831/May 17, 1923 Anna M., wife of H. A. Hanson/Nov. 24, 1845/Sept. 15, 1898/Not Dead But Sleeping Hans Anthon Hanson was born on Nov. 15, 1831 near Varde, Denmark, in the Peninsula of Jutland. He was the youngest of 9 children. He came to America when he was 22 years old (about 1853), first settling in Milwaukee, WI. On Mar. 21, 1857, he married Anna Jesperson, a native of Denmark. They had a son & a daughter. Anna died on Nov. 20, 1861. Hans married again to Mary Jacobson(born Denmark) on July 30, 1863. They had 2 daughters. His wife Mary died on Mar. 28, 1866, and is buried in a Raymond Twp cemetery. He married a third time to Anna Mogensen(born Nov. 24, 1845 in Denmark), on May 8, 1868. They had 4 children. Hans had a 61 acre farm in Section 26, Yorkville Twp. His wife Anna died on Sept. 15, 1898 & Hans died on May 17, 1923. They both are buried here. CHILDREN OF: Hans Anthon Hanson & Anna Jesperson Son-name not known Daughter-name not known CHILDREN OF: Hans Anthon Hanson & Mary Jacobson Anna Hanson-born June 21, 1864; married to Courtland Balsley, a farmer; died Feb. 25, 1932; buried Yorkville Cemetery; Mary Hanson-married to Fred Coleman, a stone & brickmason of Lake Geneva, WI CHILDREN OF: Hans Anthon Hanson & Anna Mogensen Emma Hanson-became a teacher; married Elmer Shelding(also seen listed as Sheldon), a horticulturist of Caledonia Twp; later lived at Bristol, CN; Jennie Hanson- a bookkeeper in Racine, WI; James Hanson-born Feb. 13, 1875; married to Anna J.(May 2, 1875-Aug. 13, 1966); four children: Louise, J. Alton, Arthur, & Martin G.; died Mar. 5, 1943; farmed father's farm; Anton Hanson-not sure about this name; BLOCK 4-LOT 2-ND-Roland Lee, Owner INSCRIPTIONS Lee/Roland E./Father/1878-1959 Ada J./1883-1960 Roland Lee Jr./June 28, 1918/March 15, 1923 Chester Lee/1909-1910 Edith Lee-Jacox Born February 16, 1921 Died March 7, 1996 Roland Edward Lee was born on Oct. 13, 1877 at Merrimac, WI to Edward & Harriet (Parks) Lee(Block 4, Lot 14, SD). He married Ada Johnson(born Feb. 15, 1883 in Racine Co), on Dec. 10, 1902 at Sylvania. Mr. Lee farmed in Yorkville Twp, in the Sylvania area. Roland & Ada had 11 children. Roland died on Sept. 1, 1959 & Ada died on Nov. 29, 1960. CHILDREN OF: Roland Edward Lee & Ada Johnson Gladys Ada Lee-born Oct. 8, 1903 in Racine Co; married Lawrence Reidenbach of Paris Twp, Kenosha Co on Oct. 10, 1925; taught school for 3 years; died of TB on Apr. 27, 1928; no children; buried Green Ridge Cemetery, Kenosha, WI; Rodney Roland Lee-born Dec. 27, 1904 in Racine Co; see account in Block 4, Lot 12, ND; Infant Daughter Lee-born Aug. 18, 1906; died at birth; Marshall E. Lee-born Aug. 27, 1907 in Racine Co; married to Mildred Christiansen on Nov. 23, 1935 in Racine Co; 5 children: Barbara Ann (Jan 11, 1937), Marshall, Jr.(Apr. 10, 1938), John (Apr. 14, 1941), Peter(born ?) & Infant girl (born & died on Sept. 7, 1945); Chester Lee-born Dec. 26, 1908; died 1910; buried here; Elmer LeRoy Lee-born Aug. 1, 1910 at Sylvania; married to Agnes Beach on Dec. 8, 1933; died Jan. 20, 1983; 5 children: Donna Jean(Nov. 14, 1935), Nancy Carol(May 28, 1937), Wayne Irving(Sept. 11, 1940), Larry Dean (Aug. 29, 1946- Apr. 7, 1947), & Mary Kay(Oct. 28, 1948); Earl Edward Lee-born Mar. 28, 1916 in Racine Co; married to Helen Zeiler on Apr. 5, 1941; has 3 children: Paul Earl(Mar. 19, 1943),Leslie David (Feb. 28, 1945), & William Allen(June 11, 1947); Roland Lee, Jr.-born June 28, 1918 in Racine Co; died Mar. 15, 1923; buried here; Grace Agnes Lee-born Feb. 1, 1921 in Racine Co; married to Clifford Wolfe on Jan. 20, 1941; 5 children: Sandra Joan(July 12, 1942), Randall Lee (Sept. 27, 1943), Danny Dean(June 8, 1945), Cathy Lynn(Sept. 8, 1949) & Jayne Sue(May 12, 1958); Margaret Jane Lee-born May 12, 1923 in Racine Co; married to Ted Welch on June 26, 1953; divorced; had 2 children: Cynthia Sue(May 17, 1959), & Marybeth Elaine( Aug. 9, 1964-Feb. 25, 1965); Donald Boyd Lee-born Feb. 5, 1926 in Racine Co; married to Carol Rhodes on Nov. 4, 1950; had 5 children: Jeffrey Don(Mar. 14, 1953), Terry Jon (Mar. 26, 1954), Dennis J.(June 15, 1956), Baby Girl, & Mark W. (Aug. 9, 1963); BLOCK 4-LOT 3-ND-James Birchell, Owner INSCRIPTIONS James Birchell/born in Lancashire, Eng./Feb. 22, 1846/died April 3, 1916 Christina K./ wife of James Birchell/Feb. 18, 1843/April 16, 1902 Charles M. Birchell/Dec. 4, 1886/May 8, 1932 James Birchell was born at Pennington, Lancashire, England on Feb. 22, 1846, to Thomas & Ann(Collier) Birchell(Block 2, Lot 5, ND). He came to America with his parents in May of 1853. He married Christina K. Meinzer(born Feb. 22, 1846 in Baden, Germany), daughter of John Wendell & Christina B. Meinzer, on June 4, 1867 in Racine. The Meinzers came to America from Baden, Germany in 1847. James farmed in parts of Sections 25 & 26 in Yorkville Twp. James & Christina had 7 children. Christina died on the family farm on Apr. 16, 1902. James later married again to Anna ? and lived in Racine. He died there on Apr. 3, 1916. His 2nd wife Anna is buried in Mound Cemetery, Racine. CHILDREN OF: James Birchell & Christina K. Meinzer Elizabeth A. Birchell-born Apr. 26, 1868 in Yorkville Twp; married Alvin B. Jones(Feb. 22, 1866-Nov. 23, 1957), on Dec. 6, 1893; had one daughter Gertrude, who died of meningitis as a baby(buried Block 2, Lot 5, ND); Elizabeth died Aug. 6, 1950; buried in the Union Grove Cemetery; Wendell Thomas Birchell-born July 7, 1870 in Yorkville Twp; married Minnie F. Jones(Nov. 22, 1876-Feb. 2, 1904), on Dec. 25, 1899(she was Alvin Jones' sister); had one daughter Ella Florence(born May 18, 1901); Wendell died on July 20, 1956; buried in Yorkville Cemetery; Katherine H. Birchell-born Mar. 26, 1872 in Yorkville Twp; married Anthony Jackson(June 12, 1878-Aug. 13, 1945); no children; she died on Dec. 17, 1950; buried Mound Cemetery, Racine; Frank A. Birchell-born May 14, 1875 in Yorkville Twp; married Lulu Bell Woolfenden(Mar. 1, 1874-May 30, 1948), daughter of James & Lucy (Vincent) Woolfenden, on Dec. 25, 1898 at Stratton, NE; had one daughter Helen(Oct. 9, 1908-Mar. 4,1980); Frank died as the result of an automobile accident at Douglas, WY on Aug. 19, 1932; buried in West Lawn Cemetery, Gering, NE; Thomas Richard Birchell-born June 29, 1877 in Yorkville Twp; married Charlotte Edna Haigh(Mar. 24, 1882-Dec. 22, 1943), daughter of Enoch & Charlotte(Bowers) Haigh(Block 1, Lot 3, ND), on Dec. 29, 1904 at Somers, WI; had 2 children: Gladys(Mrs. Archie Bush) & Jesse Enoch; Thomas died in Somers Twp on Nov. 2, 1955; buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Somers, WI; Ada F. Birchell-born Mar. 27, 1879 in Yorkville Twp; married William P. Pultz(July 7, 1877-June 22, 1946) on Nov. 28, 1905; no children; died Jan. 24, 1932 at Racine; buried Mound Cemetery, Racine; Charles M. Birchell-born Dec. 4, 1886 in Yorkville Twp; never married; died in Somers Twp on May 8, 1932; buried here; BLOCK 4-LOT 4-ND-Annie Nelson(South Half) & White(North Half) INSCRIPTION Sena M. Johnson/1881-1949 Mother/(This is the stone for Anna Nelson) *****Anna Nelson is Sena's mother who is buried here without her name on the headstone. (death certificate) April 6, 1852-Feb. 3, 1918 Anna Nelson was born in Denmark on Apr. 6, 1852. On her death certificate, her father is listed as Christ Anderson. She had at least 2 daughters. Anna died on Feb. 3,1918 in Racine Co. CHILDREN OF: Anna Nelson Sena Marie Johnson-born Aug. 25, 1882 in Denmark; never married; died on Feb. 19, 1949 in Racine Co; Fred Woodward(Block 3, Lot 14, ND) put the headstone on her grave; Sarah Christiansen-married to Emil Kapaun on Oct. 21, 1907 in Waukegan, IL; lived in Sturtevant & later in Racine; died in Racine about 1973; buried West Lawn Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant Twp; BLOCK 4-LOT 5-ND-Rasmus Anderson, Owner INSCRIPTIONS Rasmus Andersen/Father/1835-1909 Inger K. Andersen/Mother/1841-1914 Hans B. Andersen/1879-1903 *****Baby Andersen(buried without a headstone.) This baby was a child of Edward & Olive Anderson(Block 4, Lot 6, ND) Rasmus Andersen was born in Feb. 11,1835 in Denmark. He came to America in April of 1891. His son John Adolph had come first and wrote for the rest of the family to follow. Rasmus was a tailor in Denmark and sewed clothes for the royal family. His wife Inger K.(Johansen) had a grocery store in the front of the house and he had a tailor shop in the back. It is believed that this family lived at Hennle, Denmark, because John Adolph listed it as his birthplace on his marriage license. Although their Emmigration records from the Copenhagen Police list their home as Humble, Svendborg, Denmark. After coming to America, he & his wife spent the remainder of their years living with one or another of their children. Rasmus died on Mar. 25, 1909 and Inger K. died in 1914. CHILDREN OF: Rasmus Andersen & Inger Kirstine(Christine) Johansen John Adolph Andersen-born about 1867 in Denmark;came to America in May of 1887; married on Dec. 26, 1894 to Anna Maria Theodora Christensen Holm, daughter of Hans(she was called Dora); 3 daughters-Cora(Mrs. Carl Jorgenson), Roma(Mrs.Alphonse Martin), & Martha(Mrs. Ralph Heath); Inger H. Andersen-born 1865;married Knud Hansen in Denmark; died Nov. 21, 1904 in Milwaukee Co; ; buried here; see account below; Christina Andersen-born Denmark; married to Godfried Jensen; lived in Nebraska; had 7 children: Luella, Amanda, Esther & Orlando(twins), Andrew, Harland, Norman, & Rebecca; Laura Andersen-born Denmark; married Christoffer Martinsen on June 17, 1893 in Racine Co; he was a blacksmith; lived in Mt. Pleasant; 2 adopted children-Rose & Martin; Petra Andersen-born Denmark; Mrs. Peter Nelson; lived in Kenosha; 2 daughters-Carrie & Anna; Anna Marie Andersen-born Denmark; married Jens Peter Jensen on Oct. 10, 1894 at Emmaus Lutheran Church, Racine; lived in Coloma, WI; 2 children-Mabel & James(lives in Milwaukee); Robert P. Andersen-born Oct. 15, 1872; died Feb. 25, 1965; married to Meta M.(Jan. 20, 1877-July 17, 1917); one adopted daughter Meta; buried Mound Cem; Rasmine(Minnie) Andersen-born on Nov. 25, 1876 in Denmark; married Julius Herman Glad-Peterson)on Dec. 12, 1898; had 6 children; died Dec. 2, 1937; buried West Lawn Cemetery; see account in Block 4, Lot 9, ND; Hans B. Andersen-born July 13, 1879 in Denmark; died of TB on July 13, 1903 in Racine Co; buried here; Edward Anderson-born June 27,1885 in Denmark; buried Block 4, Lot 6, ND (see account there); INSCRIPTIONS Knud Hansen/1866-1955 Inger H. Hansen/1865-1904 Knud Hansen was born on Apr. 26, 1866 in Jutland, Denmark. He married Inger H. Andersen, daughter of Rasmus & Inger(Johansen) Andersen(this lot) in Denmark. They came to America in 1891, with Inger's parents. He farmed in Somers Twp. They had 2 daughters. Inger died on Nov. 21, 1904. Knud died on Nov. 13, 1955. CHILDREN OF: Knud Hansen & Inger H. Andersen Ingrid Hansen-born Oct. 6, 1890 in Denmark; married Joseph Valley; had 4 children; died Mar. 16, 1970; Minnie Hansen-born Feb. 20, 1894 in Somers Twp, Kenosha Co; married to Fred Janecek on Apr. 27, 1935 at Waukegan, IL; died Jan. 6, 1983; INSCRIPTIONS Robert W. Anderson/1908-1937 Kenneth A. Anderson/April 9, 1915/June 24, 1967 Robert, Lucille, & Kenneth were children of Edward & Olive(Roberts) Anderson(Block 4, Lot 6, ND). They are included in the family account there. They are also grandsons of Rasmus & Inger Kristine Anderson of this lot. BLOCK 4-LOT 6-ND-Edward Anderson, Owner(North Half) INSCRIPTIONS Anderson/Edward/1885-1952 Olive/1888-1953 Edward Anderson is the son of Rasmus & Inger(Johansen) Andersen(Block 4,Lot 5, ND). He was born in Denmark on June 27, 1885. He married Olive Helen Roberts(born July 10, 1888 at Sylvania), daughter of William H. & Myrtle Roberts of Yorkville Twp on May 27, 1906 in Milwaukee Co; Edward & Olive lived in Yorkville Twp. Edward died on Nov. 20, 1952 & Olive died on July 8, 1953. CHILDREN OF: Edward Anderson & Olive Roberts Robert William Anderson-born May 8, 1908 in Racine Co; married on Aug. 12, 1933 to Vila Murrock;worked at American Skein & Foundry Co, Racine, WI; no children; died in 1937 at Racine; buried Block 4, Lot 5, ND; Lucille Anderson-died in infancy; buried in Block 4, Lot 5, ND; Francis LeRoy Anderson-born Jan. 30, 1913 in Racine Co; married Gerda Petersen on Apr. 27, 1935; 3 children; died in CA; Kenneth A. Anderson-born Apr.9,1915 at Sylvania;married Elizabeth Helding on Sept. 2, 1939 at Dubuque, IA; 2 children, Wayne & Roberta; worked at Racine Hydraulics & Machinery, Inc.,Racine, WI; died on June 24, 1967 at Racine; buried Block 4, Lot 5, ND; Arthur Henry Anderson-born Jan. 23, 1918 in Racine Co; married to Evelyn Krenz on Sept. 2, 1939 at Dubuque, IA; Maxine Myrtle Anderson-born Nov. 11, 1921 in Racine Co; married Earl Petersen, son of Mr. & Mrs. C. M. Petersen, on Dec. 2, 1939; lives in Yorkville Twp; 9 children; Mary Louise Anderson-born Mar. 3, 1925 in Racine Co; married to William Griffin on July 19, 1941; 9 children(includes twins that died as babies) Viola Mae Anderson-born Nov. 21, 1927 in Racine Co; married to Willie Swindle on Jan. 14, 1946; 2 children; was married again; BLOCK 4-LOT 7-ND-Adam Hunter, Owner INSCRIPTIONS John C. Hunter/1875-1917 William J. Hunter/May 10, 1869-Apr. 11, 1948 *****Adam Hunter/Aug. 1830-July 22, 1905(no headstone) *****Charlotte K. Hunter/Dec. 10, 1837(no headstone) Adam Hunter was born in Dumfriesshire, Scotland in 1833, to James & Jean(Heisty) Hunter. He came to America in July of 1853 with his sister and brother, William & Mary Hunter. His father & mother followed in Aug. of 1858. The Hunters located in Yorkville Twp just north of Union Grove. After his father's death in 1877, Adam sold the farm and moved to Section 35, Yorkville Twp, where he had 80 acres. Adam married Charlotte Whitcher(born Dec. 10, 1837 in London, England), daughter of John C. & Sarah Ann(Holden) Whitcher, on Apr. 10, 1869 in Yorkville. The Whitchers came to America in 1840, and also settled in Yorkville Twp. Adam & Charlotte Hunter had 5 children. He died on July 22, 1905. It is not known at this time when Charlotte died. CHILDREN OF: Adam Hunter & Charlotte Whitcher William James Hunter-born May 10, 1869 in Yorkville Twp; worked the family farm; never married; died Apr. 11, 1948; buried here; Sarah Jane Hunter-born Nov. 28, 1871 in Yorkville Twp;married to Charles William Christensen on Oct. 25, 1889; ; lived at Lake Mills, Iowa; had 8 children; died Jan. 15, 1944; Martha Elizabeth Hunter-born Nov. 15, 1873 in Yorkville Twp; buried here; see account below; John Charles Hunter-born 1875 in Yorkville Twp; never married; died as the result of a fall on Dec. 31, 1917; buried here; Charlotte Maria Hunter-born May 7, 1879 in Yorkville Twp; married to Jacob J Haney; had 7 children-Josephine(Block 1, Lot 3, ND), Frank(Block 3, Lot 10, ND), Edwin, Ruth(Blackburn), & Lenora(Frances), John, & Harold; died at Racine on Feb. 26, 1944; buried in St. John's Catholic Cemetery, Kenosha Co; INSCRIPTIONS Emil Hansen/July 29, 1878/Feb. 13, 1950 Martha Hansen/Nov. 15, 1873/Nov. 5, 1959 *****Evelyn Hansen/infant(small stone next to Wm. Hunter) Martha Elizabeth Hunter was born on Nov. 15, 1873 in Yorkville Twp, to Adam & Charlotte Hunter. She married Emil Hansen(born July 29, 1878 in Denmark) and lived in Paris Twp, Kenosha, WI. They had 2 children. Emil & his son were killed when hit by a train at Union Grove, WI on Feb. 13, 1950. Martha died in a Kenosha hospital on Nov. 5, 1959. CHILDREN OF: Emil Hansen & Martha Elizabeth Hunter Edwin Emil Hansen-born Feb. 14, 1913 in Paris Twp; married to Pauline Permann on June 22, 1940; died on Feb. 13, 1950; buried in Sunset Ridge Cemetery, Kenosha, WI; Evelyn Hansen-died in infancy; buried here; BLOCK 4-LOT 8-ND-Vacant BLOCK 4-LOT 9-ND(EAST HALF)-Julius Peterson, Owner INSCRIPTIONS Jennie/1902-1905 Alice/1901-1916 Julius Peterson was born on April 5, 1870 at Sjślland, Denmark He was born Julius Herman Glad, son of Johan Glad (Died in Denmark before July 1876)& Karen Sophia Fredericksen (buried at Mound Cemetery, Racine). His father Johan Peter died in Denmark. Mother Karen Sophie brought her 5 children to America, settling in Raymond Twp, where she worked out for other families. She wasn't able to keep her children with her, so they were farmed out to other families. Julius went to live with the Matt Peterson family and assumed the name of Peterson. His brothers & sister remained Peter, Fred, & Cecilie Marie (Mary) and Henriette Glad. Julius' mother married again to Hans Larson with whom she had two more daughters. Julius was married to Rasmine (Minnie) Andersen (born Nov. 25, 1876 in Denmark), daughter of Rasmus & Inger Kristine (Johansen) Andersen (Block 4, Lot 5, ND), on Dec. 12, 1898 in Racine Co. She had come to America with her parents when she was 15 years old. She worked for the Pillsbury family in Racine until her marriage to Julius. Julius farmed in the SE quarter of Section 24, Yorkville Twp. They had 6 children. Julius died on May 9, 1957 at Racine. His wife Rasmine(Minnie) died on Dec. 2, 1937 at Sylvania and was originally buried here. When Julius died her remains were moved to West Lawn where he is also buried. CHILDREN OF: Julius Peterson & Rasmine(Minnie) Andersen Julitta Florence Peterson-born Sept. 10, 1899; married to Oscar Scheel, on Jan. 13,1923 in Racine Co; had 4 children: Warren, Shirley, Russell, & Bonnie; died Dec. 23, 1975 at Racine; buried at West Lawn Cemetery; Alice Peterson -born Sept 17, 1901; died Sept,1916 of infantile paralysis; buried here; Jennie Viola Peterson -born Dec.16,1902; died June 25,1905; buried here; Frances Glad Peterson -born Sept. 17, 1904 at Uncle Knud Hansen's home in Somers Twp,Kenosha Co; married Earl Woodward, son of James & Carrie Marie(Peterson) Woodward(Block 3, Lot 14, ND), on Aug. 10, 1929 at the Julius Peterson home at Sylvania; had 4 children and one adopted child: Bob, Jane, James, Lee, & Bruce(adopted); died May 10, 1992 buried at West Lawn Cememtery Russell Glad Peterson -born Apr 14, 1906; lived with father & mother; never married; died on June 20, 1959; buried at West Lawn Cemetery; Jeanette Viola Peterson -born June 18, 1908 at home; married Norman Wilkin on Nov. 26, 1929; lived for many years at Menomenie Falls, WI; had 3 children: Pat, Marilee, & Ralph; lives at Bellingham, WA near her daughter; BLOCK 4-LOT 9-ND(West Half)-Josephine Wegmann, Owner(now her daughters) INSCRIPTION Clarence Wegmann/1907-1979 Clarence Wegmann was born in Racine, WI on Mar. 3, 1907. He was married to Josephine Haney Bowers(Block 1, Lot 3, ND) as her 2nd husband. He worked at the Hartman Trunk Co, Racine, for 25 years. Clarence died on Jan. 25, 1979 at the High Ridge Health Care Center. BLOCK 4-LOT 10-ND-Elisius Christiansen, Owner INSCRIPTIONS Elisius Christiansen/Father/Jan. 20, 1857/Feb. 23, 1920 Mary M. Christiansen/Mother/April 28, 1875/Feb. 14, 1958 Elisius Christiansen was born on Jan. 20, 1857, probably in Denmark. He was a blacksmith at Kellogg's Corners, residing on the south side of Racine-Kenosha Co Line in Somers Twp. He & his wife Mary Magdalene Smith(born April 28, 1875 in Denmark), had 2 sons & one daughter. Elisius died on Feb. 23, 1920. Mary died in Mesa, AR on Feb. 14, 1958. CHILDREN OF: Elisius Christiansen & Mary Magdalene Clarence Helmar Christiansen-born July 2, 1902 in Somers Twp; see account below; Arthur Norman Christiansen-born Feb. 25, 1905 in Somers Twp; lived Mesa, AR; died before brother Clarence; Edith Christiansen-born Somers Twp; Mrs. Earl Sauer; lived Mesa, AR; died before Clarence; INSCRIPTIONS Clarence H. Christiansen/July 2, 1902/Feb. 23, 1920 Rose F. Christiansen/Oct. 14, 1905/Aug. 26, 1989 Clarence Christiansen was born on July 2, 1902 in Somers Twp, Kenosha Co. He married Rose F. Soukup(born Oct. 14, 1905 in Racine), on Sept. 16, 1943 in Racine. They had no children. Clarence worked for Massey Ferguson & Twin Disc companies in Racine. Clarence died in Racine on Dec. 19, 1988 & Rose died there on Aug. 26, 1989. BLOCK 4-LOT 11-ND-Fanny Blackburn(South Half) & Paul Wilkins(North Half) INSCRIPTIONS Fannie I. Blackburn/Mother/1862-1954 Baby/Blackburn/ Fannie Ida Drinkwater was born on Aug. 15, 1863 in Yorkville Twp, to William & Mary Ann (Toase) Drinkwater(Block 3, Lot 17, SD). She was married to George Blackburn & had 2 children & the baby here that was stillborn. She & George were divorced. Later in life, she married Samuel Bowers, son of Isaac & Sarah(Lee) Bowers, as his 2nd wife. This marriage also ended in divorce. Fannie died on Nov. 30, 1954 in Racine. CHILDREN OF: Fannie Ida Drinkwater & George Blackburn Della Marie Blackburn-born May 11, 1892 in Union Grove, WI; buried Block 1, Lot 3, SD(see account there); Ellsworth Blackburn-born Sept. 10, 1896 in Racine Co; married to Ruth Haney (sister to Frank,Block 3,Lot 10, ND) on Nov. 30, 1921 in Waukegan, IL; died Sept. 17, 1988; buried at St. John Cemetery, Paris Twp; INSCRIPTION Cora/Sister/1882-1923 Cora Mabel Drinkwater was born on Mar. 12, 1882 in Yorkville Twp, to William & Mary Ann (Toase) Drinkwater(Block 3, Lot 17, SD). She was a sister to Fannie Ida who is buried here. She was married to Paul Wilkins. They lived in Yorkville Twp. They had 2 adopted children. Cora died of a brain tumor in a Racine hospital on Dec. 29, 1923. ADOPTED CHILDREN OF: Cora Mabel Drinkwater & Paul Wilkins Gladys Wilkins- Glenn Wilkins- BLOCK 4-LOT 12-ND-Rodney Lee, Owner INSCRIPTIONS Rodney Lee/Father/1904-1974 Daisy Lee/Mother/1906-1940 Gordon Lee/1936-1960 Glen Lee/1934-1973 Rodney R. Lee was born on Dec. 27, 1904 in Racine Co, to Roland E & Ada(Johnson) Lee. He married Daisy Schimmelpfennig(born May 17,1906), on Oct. 4, 1928. She was living with the Henry Howarth family.(Block 4, Lot 5, SD) and listed her name on the marriage license as Daisy Howarth. Rodney & Daisy had 8 children. Daisy died in childbirth on Nov. 22, 1940. The baby was adopted out and the other 6 children were raised on the Roland Lee farm where Rodney worked. Rodney died on Sept. 6, 1974. CHILDREN OF: Rodney R. Lee & Daisy Schimmelpfennig Roland R. Lee-born Dec. 25, 1928; died Jan. 3, 1929; buried in the children's lot(Block 4, Lot 14, ND); Marian Grace Lee-born Dec. 23, 1930 in Racine Co; married to Harvey Wilsey & lives in Racine; Raymond Rodney Lee-born June 14, 1932 in Racine Co; lives in Racine; wife Geisela; Glenn Boyd Lee-born Aug. 9, 1934; never married; died on May 22, 1973 in Yorkville Twp; buried here; Gordon Lee-born June 26, 1936 in Racine Co; died Aug. 3, 1960; buried here; Loretta Mae Lee-born Dec. 21, 1937 in Racine Co; married to Bernard Diverley & lives in Chesterton, IN; Vernon Gilbert Lee-born Oct. 29, 1939 in Racine Co; married to Sandra Springsteen; lives in Racine; Donald Lee Christensen-born Nov. 21, 1940 in Racine Co; adopted by Gordon Christensen, brother of Mildred(Marshall Lee's wife); married; BLOCK 4-LOT 13-ND-Benjamin Simmons, Owner INSCRIPTIONS Benjamin Simmons/died Jan. 29, 1884/59 yrs. 5 ms. Harriet M. Simmons/died Feb. 20, 1912/aged 80 yrs 6 ms 11 ds *****Bennie/died Mar. 25, 1861/ae 6 ds *****Frederic/died Mar. 29, 1865/ae 1 yr 1 ms 21 ds *****Franklin/died Sept. 26, 1867/ae 2 ms 6 ds Children of B. & H. M. Simmons (These last 3 babies are also listed on another headstone in Block 4, Lot 9, SD.) Benjamin Simmons was born in Canada about 1824. He was a foreman on the railroad in 1870. He was married to Harriet M.(born about 1831 in New York. They had one son James W. & 3 babies that died. They lived in Dover Twp, Racine Co, in 1880. Benjamin died on Jan. 29, 1884 & Harriet died on Feb. 20, 1912. CHILDREN OF: Benjamin Simmons & Harriet M. Bennie(Benjamin) Simmons-born Mar. 19, 1861; died Mar. 25, 1861; Frederic Simmons-born Feb. 8, 1864; died Mar. 29, 1865; James W. Simmons-born 1865 in Racine Co, WI; see account below; Franklin Simmons-born July 20, 1867; died Sept. 26, 1867; INSCRIPTIONS James W. Simmons/Father/1865-1947 Emma A./Mother/1868-1950 Edna A. Simmons/1887-1965 Lynn A. Simmons/Son/1889-1937 320th Co. M. Field Signal Battalion Camp Fremont Cal. James W. Simmons was born in Racine Co in 1865 to Benjamin & Harriet M. Simmons. He married Emma A. Schroeder(born Burlington, WI on May 11, 1868). They had 3 children. James died in Racine Co on Dec. 25, 1947. Emma died there on May 25, 1950. CHILDREN OF: James W. Simmons & Emma A. Schroeder Edna Arletta Simmons-born Sept. 3, 1887 in Kansasville, Dover Twp worked for the Milwaukee Road railroad for 58 years; lived in Sturtevant, WI; never married; died Dec. 8, 1965 in Racine, WI; buried here; Lynn A. Simmons-born Dec. 30,1889 in Racine Co; married to Helen Worthington; divorced; had one daughter Gertrude; was an internal revenue agent; died Mar.5,1937; buried here; James W. Simmons-born Aug. 19, 1903 in Racine Co; married to Mary E. Bowers (born 1904), granddaughter of Samuel Bowers(Block 1, Lot 3, ND); was an electrical engineer; lived at Oconomowoc, WI; 3 children; died 1989; buried at West Lawn Cemetery,Mt. Pleasant Twp; BLOCK 4-LOT 14-ND-Designated as single grave lot(also as Children's lot) One blank headstone on this lot. Child of Rodney & Daisy Lee(Block 4, Lot 12, ND) Roland R. Lee/born Dec. 25, 1928/died Jan. 3, 1929 There are 3 children of Erick & Edna(Green) Fohr buried in this lot. Erick Lester Fohr, Jr.-died Nov. 25, 1925; David Charles Fohr-died Jan. 9,1934; William Donald Fohr-died at birth in 1928; BLOCK 4-LOT 15-ND-Vacant BLOCK 4-LOT 16-ND-Fred W. Burrows, Owner INSCRIPTIONS Fred W. Burrows/Sept. 24, 1893/May 1, 1965/Wisconsin/Pvt 1 Co 161 Depot Brigade/World War I Eva M. Burrows/1901-1939 Fred W. Burrows was born on Sept. 24, 1893 in Wilton, WI. He was married first to Eva May Stebbins(born Mar. 8, 1901 at Mathers, WI). They had 3 children. Eva died of TB on June 2, 1939. Fred married again on Dec. 11, 1943 to Viola Smith. He was a farmer, last living in Sturtevant, WI. He died at Veteran's Hospital, Wood, WI on May 1, 1965. CHILDREN OF: Fred W. Burrows & Eva May Fred Burrows, Jr.-born May 7, 1927; married Margaret Pauline Heidersdorf, granddaughter of Christian Heidersdorf(Block 1, Lot 1, SD), on Dec. 5, 1947; had 6 children: Kathleen, Dennis, Elsa, John, Lori, & Bradley; divorced; Deloris Burrows-first married to Harold Haney, brother of Frank(Block 3, Lot 10, ND), & Josephine(Block 2, Lot 3, ND); divorced; then married to a Bodo; lived in Marshfield, WI Jeannette Burrows-Mrs. Earl Meyers, Jr. of Racine; BLOCK 4-LOT 17-ND-Vacant BLOCK 4-LOT 18-ND-Vacant BLOCK 5-LOT 1-ND-Mrs. Katie Christiansen, Owner(East Half) INSCRIPTIONS Niels Christiansen/born Denmark/Oct. 8, 1859/died Apr. 10, 1904 Katie Christiansen/1855-1947 Niels Christiansen was born in Denmark on Oct. 8, 1859. His wife Katie was born in Randers, Denmark on Aug. 18, 1855. Niels died on Apr. 10, 1904 & Katie died on May 23, 1947. BLOCK 5-LOT 2-ND-C. Johnson, Owner(East Half)