THOMAS V. BOUND - 1833-1879

Tidbits I have picked up along the way about Thomas V. Bound:

Thomas V. Bound was born on 23 March 1833 in Conklin, Broome Co., N.Y.

He served in the military between 1861 and 1865 in the Civil War. Thomas was in the 8th WI Battery and was in GAR Post 197. This is on his cemetery marker.

He died on 8 January 1879 in Plainfield, Waushara Co., WI. He is buried in the Plainfield Cemetery.

In the Sparks Quarterly, Thomas was listed as the fourth child. If his parents married in 1836, perhaps the cemetery record is incorrect on his birth year.

Thomas V. Bound got 40 acres of land in Waushara Co., WI in 1857, another 40 acres in Waushara Co. on 2 Apr 1857, 40 acres in Wood Co. in 1858, another 40 acres in Wood Co. on 1 October 1858 and 42.070 acres in Wood Co. on 10 August 1859. These WI Pre-1908 Homestead and Cash Entry Patent records were on the internet in 1997.

He was married to Elizabeth P. Searle on 26 May 1858 in Plainfield, Waushara Co, WI. Elizabeth P. Searle was born in 1841 in Rutland, Tioga Co., PA. Birth location came from son Charles's death certificate. On son Charles death certificate, her last name was Serles. Other sources have Searles. Marriage record has Elizabeth P. Searle.

Thomas V. Bound and Elizabeth P. Searle had the following children:

1. Charles W. Bound
2. Carrie Bound, born 1861
3. Mary A. Bound, born 1868

Discriptive info obtained from Bound cousin Jo Orvik