DAVID BOUND - 1773-1842

Tidbits I have picked up along the way about David:

Page 182 - New York State Gazateer
Broome County - Conklin-Milburn-SW Part of Conklin

The settlement of the town was commenced in 1788, at the mouth of Snake Creek, by Johnathon Bennett, Ralph Lathrop and Waples Hance. Among the early settlers were Gerret Snedeker and David Bound, etc.


David Bound from New Jersey settled near the mouth of Snake Creek in 1795. About a year later he was joined by his family, who came with a four-horse team, and occupied seventeen days in the journey. Before reaching their destination, their provisions were exhausted. Mr. Bound learned the fact and went to their relief, carrying the provisions nine miles upon his back. Soon after this, while hunting one day, Mr. Bound discovered that the water in the creek was rising rapidly, in consequence of the melting snow. He hastened home, drove his cattle on a hill and surrounded them with a brush fence to prevent them from straying. When he returned the water was running into his pig pen. He placed a plank in such a position that the pig was able to walk up it and over the top of the pen, when it was also driven up the hill. When he returned to the house the water had entered it and put out the fire. His family had retreated to the chamber, where they had built a fire in a tin pan, and had commenced the removal of thier effects. With the assistance of a Mr. Nance, Mr. Bound built a raft and crossing the stream, procured a large canoe, with which he rescued his family, whom he took from the chamber window, and escaped to the hill, where he took refuge in the house of a Mr. Corbett, and where he was obliged to remain about a week until the water subsided sufficiently to admit of his return.

David Bound married Catharine Snedeker in February 1793 in Cranbury, Middlesex Co., NJ. Catherine Snedeker was a daughter of Garret Snedeker and Euphemia McKnight/McWright.

Their marriage had to have occurred between February 7 and February 26, as the marriage records listed before and after fell between this period of time. The record is noted in the Records of the First Presbyterian Church of Cranbury - Rev. Gilbert Tennent Snowden, Minister.

David Bound and Catharine Snedeker had the following children:

01. Job Bound, Sr. (my grandfather)
02. Thomas Bound
03. David Bound
04. John Bound
05. Garrett Bound
06. Martin Bound
07. Isaac Bound
08. James Bound
09. Susan Bound
10. Euphaney Bound

David Bound died on 16 February 1842 in Broome County, NY. He is buried in the Kirkwood Cemetery, Kirkwood, Broome Co., NY.

Info Obtained from Bound Cousin Pam B.

Broome County Supervisors Book

Bound, David 1824 page 236 Conklin
Bound, Garrett 1824 page 237 Conklin
Bound, John 1826 page 271 Conklin

Bowne, David 1819 page 157
Bowne, Garrett S. 1819 page 156
From Broome County Court & Probate Records (LDS film # 0806808 )

Aug 12 1832

Sewell Corbett vs Samuel Conklin & David Bound.
The court hearing ape_ ea & reported the damages the plaintiff aught to recover in the cause at $65.96 ordered on motion of Wm M. Waterman Attny for plaintiff. Judgment for that sum

Mar 13 1832

The default of this debt having been duly entered & the death of David Bound one of the above named debtors since the filing of the name in this cause being now suggested - ordered on mention of Wm. M. Waterman Attny for Plaintiff in _____ judgment against Samuel Conklin.

Nov 26 1836

Julius W. Smith & Thomas I Conklin vs John Bound & Catherine Bound administrators of David Bound dec'd on coming in of the word of Judging in this cause where by damages an appealed as $ 42.87 ordered on mention of S. H. Ruggs Esq ____Attny in dpt final for that sum