Samuel Abbott

ABBOTT, Samuel (Page 442) George Abbott, with his two brothers and sister, Mary, emigrated from England to New England, and after a short sojourn there, with his wife Mary and sister Mary, took up residence in the township of Elsinboro, Salem Co., N. J., in the year 1690. In the year 1696 he purchased of Joseph Nicholson one hundred and thirty-six acres of land, lying on the north side of Monmouth River, now known as Alloyways Creek, it being the lowest farm situate on the north side, to which were added various pieces and parcels of land in succeeding years. In 1704 he erected a brick house, and in 1724 an addition also of brick. This house is still standing in good repair. It remained in the Abbott family to the fifth generation, a period of one hundred and fifty years.

The children of George and Mary Abbott were Benjamin, Hannah, George, Sarah, Rebecca, Samuel and Mary. The will of George Abbott, which was admitted to Probate in 1729, devised his real estate to his son Samuel Abbott, and divides his personal property between his two daughters, Hannah and Rebecca Abbott, the other children having died before their father. Mary, his widow, survived him eighteen years, and died in 1747. Rebecca married into the Howell family of Gloucester County. Hannah died before her mother.

Mary Abbott, sister of George, the emigrate, married William Tyler Jr., whose father emigrated from England in 1685, and had a family of six children. Samuel Abbott, sixth child of George, the emigrant, born 1712, and the only male descendant, married in 1733, Hannah Foster, born October 21, 1715, daughter of Josiah and Amy Foster, of Burlington County, N. J., and had three children, - George, William, and Rebecca. He died November 25, 1760. He was a minister in the Society of Friends, whose exemplary and Christian life gained him a good report among men. Hannah, his widow, married Samuel Nicholson, of Elsinboro, and died 1793. William Abbott, second child of Samuel Abbott, born April 4, 1737, married Rebecca, daughter of William and Elizabeth Tyler, of Salem County, N. J., and had three children, - Samuel, George and Josiah.

William, their father, after an active life as a farmer, died in January 1800, aged sixty-three years. Rebecca, widow of William Abbott, died July 28, 1806, aged sixty-four years.

Samuel Abbott, (2d), eldest son of William and Rebecca Abbott, born November 27, 1763, married Marcia Gill, daughter of John and Amy Gill, of Haddonfield, N. J., and had four children, - William, Rebecca, Hannah and Sarah. His wife died January 2, 1798. On January 10, 1809, he married his second wife, Martha, daughter of Samuel and Mary Ann Ogden, of Pittsgrove Township, Salem Co. Of this union were born five children, - Mary Ann, Lydia, Samuel (3d), George and Martha, who became the wife of Samuel S. Willetts, of Haddonfield, N. J. Samuel Abbott, (2d), was a successful business man, a consistent member of the Society of Friends, identifying himself firmly with his interests. He died April 14, 1835, aged seventy-two years. His widow died May 4, 1848. Samuel Abbott (3d), whose portrait appears in this work, was born on the 14th of March 1815. He was brought up on the home farm obtaining much of his education at the Salem Academy, and afterwards at Westtown Boarding School, Chester County, Pa.; also at a school taught by John Bullock at Wilmington, Del. After the death of his father, in 1835, he assumed the responsibilities of the business of the farm, and for a period of near fifty years made agriculture the main business of his life. In May 1879, he removed to Salem, N. J., and retired from business. When the construction of the Salem Railroad, to connect with the West Jersey, was agitated in 1857, he took an interest in its accomplishment, and upon the organization of the company was elected a director, and in 1881, after the death of Benjamin Acton, was chosen president. He married, May 6, 1846, Sarah, eldest daughter of Caspar and Rebecca Wistar, and has four children, viz.: Mary Ann, wife of Josiah Wistar; Samuel, who is now residing in Florida; Rebecca W., wife of Charles W. Warrington, of Philadelphia; and Katherine W. Abbott.

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