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"What responsibilities are involved as a page host?"
1. Provide data such as census transcripts, cemetery readings, marriages, deaths, births, biographies, resources ie., a list of names, addresses and phone numbers for the county court clerk, library, and genealogical and/or historical societies, county and village histories etc.
2. Provide a means for queries to be submitted to your area research.
3. Provide links to other pages that pertain to your area of research, by request or permission. Homepage links should pertain to your page area of genealogical and/or historical information. If someone donates their records for use on your pages, you are responsible to place that information online, giving copyright to the person who submitted the material.
4. Provide a link to the appropriate host site and the appropriate national page on your home page along with the appropriate main site Logo of your choice. You are free to do your page in any manner you like, as long as the above is followed.

"Are there other ways I can help?"
Topics Host - click here to be a Topics Host
If you have an idea for something and would like to host that particular topic, please let us know.

Obituary Transcriber - click here to Transcribe Obits
If you collect obituaries or have access to obituaries and would like to share them with visitors to this website, we would be happy to include them.

Maps - Click here to submit your Maps
If you collect old Plat Maps, please feel free to send them. We will post them online!!!
Photographs - Click here to submit your Photographs
If you have any old Photographs and would like to contribute them, please drop me a line.
Cemetery Records - Click here to transcribe Cemetery Records
If you live in your page area and are willing to record the tombstone inscriptions in any of the counties cemeteries, please let us know, we will add them to the site.
Church Records - Click here to transcribe Church Records
If you have access to and are willing to type pages from church records... please allow us to add them to the site.
History Transcribers - Click here to transcribe Histories. If you have access to books about history and are willing to type pages from them...please let us know.

"Help, I want to host a county but I know nothing of creating a web site.."
Many HTML editing programs are available for download or you can also create it the old fashioned way.......Visit Cyndi's List Home Page Construction Kit for a complete guide.
Or visit HTML Goodies - a great site for all the basics!!

Where do I place my pages? Does it cost me anything?"
There are many web sites that offer you the ability to create & maintain free web pages (see Cyndi's pages above). You are free to place your pages anywhere you want them. We are also willing to assist in finding free web space for your pages, if you need help.

"Who owns this data?"
If you provide it, you own it. If you request it to be removed, it will be. We hope, however, that you would never feel a need to remove material. Our only goal here is to provide the information needed to do research from home.

If you are interested in becoming a page coordinator or a topics host, please contact
Jan Cortez

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