Taken from the Illustrated Atlas of Sault Ste. Marie by Sauer - 1888


The first paper that was published in Chippewa County was The Lake Superior News and Mining Journal. John N. Ingersoll was the editor. "As near as we can ascertain, in the spring of 1848 he removed his plant to Sault Ste. Marie, and issued from that place, it having grown to be the most central distributing point in the mining region. It is now the Marquette Mining Journal.


The Chippewa County News was the next paper published here. It was started as an amateur paper by Dr. W. Williams in 1878. On June 21, 1879, the paper was issued by J.H. Steere & Co. Mr. Steere continued to edit it until elected to the bench, when it passed into the hands of Wm. Chandler & Co., April 30, 1881. May 26, 1883, C.H. Chapman became editor and publisher -- Mr. Chandler still retaining an interest in the paper. In October, 1887, this paper, rechristened as The Sault Ste. Marie News, passed into new hands, and is now owned by C.S. Osborn, M.A. Hoyt, and A.W. Dingwall. It is published weekly, at $1.50 per year.


The Democrat was started in 1883 under the name of The Chippewa County Democrat, but soon died out. Next year, under the name of the Sault Ste. Marie Democrat, the paper was established on an entirely new basis, with a new plant, etc., by Charles R. Stuart. Mr. Stuart had long newspaper experience, and The Democrat soon began to prosper, so that in June, 1885, it was found necessary to enlarge the paper to a six column quarto. The power press and plant used in The Democrat office cost $5,000. Published weekly at $1.50 per year.


An independent newspaper of the above name was first issued October 25, 1887; edited by Dugald McKillop, and published by A.L. Faulkner. Semi-weekly. $1.50 a year. A bright, newsy sheet that bids fair to be quite popular.

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