Rev. Westlake, F.R. Price and R. Gregg Take the Royal Arch

Taken from the Sault Ste. Marie News of January 8, 1898

An event of especial interest and enjoyment in Masonic Circles was the taking of the Royal Arch degree Thursday night by the Rev. C.M. Westlake, F.R. Price and Robert Gregg. The occasion attracted as unusually large number of companions to the lodge rooms. The degree was beautifully given by A.E. Runnels, H.P. and the other officers. Dr. A.E. Bacon, presided at the banquet that followed, and many clever speeches were made. Mones McFadden, of the CAnadian Sault, sang the "Bauld McIntyre" in good voice and with the true ring. He also made a very taking speech. Others who contributed delightfully to the festivities of the evening were Companions Runnels, Bates, Westlake, Price, Gregg, Thoenen, M. Hotten, Crawford, Howe, Stanford, Bahge, Callard, Boyd, Thompson, Blank, Eddy, Kelly, A.B. Roach, and J.L. Lipsett.

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