Went the Old and New Year Last Night...


Party by Mesdames Kemp, Wheeler and Welton.

It was one of the Most Successful and Enjoyable Social Events of the Year.

(Sault Ste. Marie, MI. Paper, Saturday January 1, 1898)

The old year was merrily ushered out and the new one joyously welcomed in by a large and select party of Seoites (?) at the New Hotel Iroquois last night. The occasion was the New Year's Eve party given by the Mesdames' George Kemp, E. S. Wheeler and Guy D. Welton. It was one of the most successful and delightful social functions in the history of the city.

Although the hotel is by no means completed, the fine large dancing hall on the second floor, and the dining hall on the first floor, both on the west side of the structure and both 36X80 feet in size, together with the ladies parlor on the first, and sitting room and gentlemen's parlors on the second floor, were attractively fixed up for the occasion. Four arc lights flooded the dancing hall with a brillance that showed up the beautiful decorations of Holly, mistletoe and ground pine, bunting and flags to good advantage. Among the most conspicuous of the flags was that of Marcellous Post No. 343, G.A.R., which was loaned for the occasion, and was suspended from the ceiling in the center of the room. To the entrancing strains of music by WestCott's orchestra, with paino accompaniment by Miss Gertrude Van Horn, the assemblage of fair women, in beautiful and elaborate costume, and brave men tripped the light fantastic too until the "wee sma' hours," and joy and mirth were unrestrained. Promptly at the stroke of 12 all the guests took seats at the table which, which extended along both sides and and across one end of the brilliantly lighted and spacious dining hall, and on which were laid covers for 175. Pendant above the table were strings of ground pine, with here and there a wreath of holly and sprig of mistletoe. The favors were carnations from Detroit. The excellent luncheon, was served by young lady waiters, and was heartily enjoyed by all. Music from the orchestra added to the pleasure during the feast. After the refreshments dancing was again indulged in, until a late hour when the guests departed for home, tired but happy, and unanimously of the opinion that they had a delightful time.

Those in attendance were:

Judge and Mrs. J. A. Colwell, Dr. & Mrs. W.L. Williams.

Messrs. and Mesdames, Victor E. Metzger, A. R. Mangeldorf, D. Dosenberg, F. B. Warren, Robert Cowan, F.B. Atwood, H.L. Newton, Jas E. Wirt, L.R. O'Mara, C.E. Ainsworth, L.A. Marsell, F.L. Higgins, E. L. Stanley, C.W. Given, S.G. Carlton, C.S. Beadle, T.R. Harvey, B.M. Morris, Chase S. Osborn, Jos. Conley, Otto Fowle, F.C. Shenehoe, C.H. Chapman, J.D. Sweatt, Ab lbert Ferguson, Thos. Bailey, M.J. Maree, W.A. Rudell, J.H. More, C.H. Spalding, P.T. McKinney, H. von Schon, T.W. Burdick, T.R. Russell, H.J. LaLonde, R.C. Sweatt, L. Fleming, S. Dumond, M.J. Weaver, George R.C. Seaman, F.R. Price, H.M. Oren, J.B. Jones, J.L. Callard, F.W. Rosch, and F. E. Ferguson.

Mesdames R.K. Pine, F.W. McMillan, Jay Bursley.

The Misses Gertrude Colwell, Jessie Fowle, Henrietta Scranton, Mae Dosenberg, Mary Carpenter, Margaret Gowan, Sarah Webster, Edith Wheeler, Elsie Sweatt, Gertrude van Horne, Helen Austin, Mayme Stanford, Margaret Lemon, Mary AshmunElizabeth Macuta, Nellie Odegard, Anna Heichhold, Ella Carleton, Lou Roach, Viva and Lota McMillan, Minnie Hursley, Gertrude Old.

Messrs. John Gowan, Alford Cotwell, John Old, L.C. Sabin, D.E. Van Dusen, E. Roy Mead, Dr. E.H. WEbster, F.T. Tr****, Alfred O. Trempe, D.W. Brownell, T.D. Kemp, Harry McNaughton, Lawrence Dusenberg, F.W. Kin*** Dawson, G.G. Scranton, Maurice Wheeler, Alex, Guy and Harry Kemp, George Kemp, Guy D. Walton, W.B. Leggett, Wm. Chandler, Dr. F.W. Rundie.

The event was afitting opening of the ball-room at the most magnificent new hostelry, owned by H.T. Phillips of Detroit, and which will be managed by Guy D. Welton.

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