Taken from the Illustrated Atlas of Sault Ste. Marie by Sauer - 1888

First Baptist

Organized 18 December 1881.
1st Pastor was J. Evans Bitting - until 1883
2nd Pastor was Rev. A.B. Charpie from 1883 - 84
Rev. Jas. Goodman 1884-87
James G. Calder came in November 1887
Church located at the SE Corner of Spruce and Court Street.


The Portage Street Church was built in 1881 at a cost of $15,000.00. the school building opposite the church was erected in 1885 at a cost of $2882.00.
List of incumbents officiating since 1834:
Hatch 1834
Proulx 1836
Skolla 1845
Pedelupe 1846
S.J. Menet - 1846
Barage 1860 (First Bishop)
Terhost 1860
Between 1860 and 1864 were Fathers P. Van Paemel, Duranquet, Bourion, McLaughlin, and Ryan
Baxter 1864
Menet 1864
Bauden 1868
Blettner 1870
Vary 1871
Kottman, Oullet, Nadeau 1872
Ferrand 1873
Chartier 1878


In the Autumn of 1880, Rev. S.S. Harris, D.D.D.C.L., Bishop of Michigan, organized the Episcopal Church. He appointed Rev. Edward Seymour as the first missionary and Messrs. JOhn A. Colwell and Major Bush as the vestry.

The first services were held in the small school room of Fort Brady, and afterwards in the old school house of the village. In the fall of 1881 a portion of the present edifice was erected on the present site, corner of Spruce and Division Streets. In the spring of 1882, the present rector, Rev. P.T. Rowe, B.A., was appointed.


In the summer of 1853, the Rev. Wm. McCullock commenced preaching regularly in the school house, and the church was organized September 19th, 1853. The first church edifice was completed in 1854, at a cost of $2,815.86.

In 1855, the Rev. Mr. Porterfield became pastor, and continued for about two years. Then the preaching seems to have become intermittent, the Rev. John Glass being the pastor in 1857, and the Rev. Mr. Williams from 1859 to 1861. In 1864, the Rev. T.R. Easterday preached for a time, and in 1866 the church was reorganized. Mr. Easterday becoming the permanent pastor, in which position he continued for many years, until on account of the health of his wife he was obliged to go south. Rev. H.P. Cory has foor several years been pastor, and is greatly beloved.


The first Methodist society among the whites was organized by Rev. Isaac Johnston, in 1873. Previous to that time, however, the Mission to the Indians has been operated for many years.

The first part of the present church edifice was built on Portage Street, in 1874. It was subsequently removed to its present location, northwest corner of Spruce and Court Streets.

The following is a list of the ministers supplying the station up to date: 1873, Rev. Isaac Johnston; 1876, Rev. C.H. Church, 1877, S.J. Brown; 1879, Rev. D.B. Miller; 1882, Rev. W.E. Bigelow; 1855 Rev. G.H. Whitney. In the fall of 1887 Rev. D. Caster took charge of the church.

The question of building a fine new church edifice is mooted, and the Presbyterians also contemplate enlarging their building.


The Congregationalists have not long been organized as a church. Their first minister was John C. Van Auken, who held services both in the Cook Building and in the old Masonic Hall. In 1887, through the efforts of Mr. Van Auken, a fine new church was erected on the corner of Spruce and Sobraro Streets and in the autumn of the same year, Rev. Geo. C. Empson, of Wayne, Michigan, was called to the pastorate. In 1888 a parsonage was built adjoining the church.


The Methodist Church ws organized here in 1864 by Rev. Samuel Down. The following is a list of the ministers: Revs. Samuel Down, Samuel Fear, E.S. Curry, Thomas Cleworth, P.S. Will. A.R. Campbell, J. Anderson, N.A. McDermid, and the present minister, Rev. J.A. McClung. Their church edifice on Pim Street, cost about $2,000. Present number of communicants 53.

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