Taken from the Story of Sault Ste. Marie

By Stanley Newton - 1923

The present county officials are:

Circuit Judge: Hon. Louis H. Fead

Judge of Probate: Hon. Chas. H. Chapman

Sheriff: Arza M. Swart

County Clerk: Sam C. Taylor

Court Stenographer: John A. France

Circuit Court Commissioners: John A. Colwell, F.B. Kaltz

County Treasurer: Anna E. McDonald

Register of Deeds: Edward Thompson

Prosecuting Attorney: M.M. Larmonth

County Surveyor: F.H. Brown

Coroners: George J. Dickinson, A.E. Lemon

Superintendents of Poor: J.W. Sparling, R.B. HOlmes, Jas A. Troutt

School Commissioner: Thoas B. Aldrich

Road Commissioners: A.J. Short, R.R. Reinhart, T.J. Watchorn

County Engineer: Louis Levin


Bay Mills: C.R. Ladd

Bruce: John A. McKee

Chippewa: Geo. W. Warner

Dafter: A.E. Curtis

DeTour: John F. Goetz

Drummond: Earl E. Bailey

Hulbert: Chas. Johnson

Kinross: Albert Curtis

Pickford: George Watson

Raber: F.X. Schuster

Rudyard: John Bergsma

Soo: Wm. H. Miller

Sugar Island: Wm. Walkler

Superior: John Gleason

Trout Lake: Wm. Hayward

Whitefish: Thomas H. Savage


Dissatisfied with the old ward and aldermanic system under which the city government had functioned from the eighties, the electors of Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, voted in 1917 for a new charter and a change to government by commission.

A Charter Commission was appointed of the following representative citizens: Francis T. McDonald, chairman; A.J. Eaton, clerk; Frank P. Sullivan, John P. Connolly, Wm. M. Snell, Edward Stevens, Goe. P. McCallum, and J.L. Lipsett. These gentlemen drew up the new charter, and at the elction following Mark Tympn became the first Mayor under the new form. Two years later he was succeeded by Francis T. McDonald. Commission government was proved a success, and few Sauleurs would consider a return to the old regime.


The present city officials, elected and appointed, are:

Mayor: George O. Comb

City Manager: Henry A. Sherman

Commissioners: J.N. Adams, R.R. Beyer, Phil Jacobs, Robert Nimmo

Board of Education: Dr. Geo R. Ritchie, President; Ghas. G. Clarke, secretary; Isaac De Young, treasurer; Jos. MacLachlan and Chas. G. Lampman

Superintendent of Schools: Geo. G. Malcolm

Officers and heads of departments appointed by the city manager:

City Engineer: V.B. Redfern

Superintendent of Streets: Samuel Horry

Water Works Superintendent: Kenneth McLay

Engineer Pumping Station: B.F. Kelly

Sexton: Andrew Sayres

Health Officer: Dr. J.J. Griffin

Sanitary Inspector: Dan O'Connell

Visiting Nurse: Eithleen Rowe

Director City Band: Thos. H. Hanson

Chief of Police: Capt. J. F. Young

Chief of Fire Department: Frank Trombley

Board members appointed by the City Commission:

Carnegie Library Board: T. R. Easterday, Chairman; K. Christofferson, secretary; John P. Wessel, L.C. Sabin, Stanley Newton, Librarian: Alice Clapp

Park Commission: L.C. Sabin, chairman; W.S. Chapin, secretary; Geo. S. Wescott, Chas. E. Chipley, V.R. Conway.

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